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British Dogs

Meet Jenna

Judy will always be grateful for how much Jenna has helped her daughter, Hannah

Jenna is three years old now, though we’ve had her since she was a puppy. She is a beautiful Springer Spaniel. Her best friend is a Labrador called Max, who she loves to chase around. Jenna has many funny habits and is a massive counter-surfer. Once, when she was extra hungry because of the steroids she had to take, she managed to steal a steak pie, an entire cake and a chicken breast from the table!

Stay by her side

Jenna has helped my daughter, Hannah, to cope with her poor mental health. She seems to know when Hannah is having a bad day and will stay by her side or drop a ball into Hannah’s lap, so she has to throw it and play. This really helps to bring her out of a low mood. We all love Jenna so much, and I don’t know what we’d do without her.

Meet Bailey

Amy couldn’t be without her dog Bailey, who’s stuck by her side through it all

Bailey is amazing. I have severe mental health issues and last year I underwent some treatment at a hospital. Although this meant Bailey and I had to spend a prolonged period of time apart, he came to visit me regularly. Whenever he came, he’d bounce around and brighten not only my day, but all of my fellow patients’ too.

He came to visit me all the time

When at home, Bailey and I walk for miles, which really helps improve my mental health. He always greets everyone we meet with a huge smile and a waggy tail, and they fall head over heels for him. If I’m going through a low episode, Bailey cuddles me close to let me know he’s there.

Since being out of hospital, my mobility has been limited but Bailey is still just as attentive. He’s so loving, and truly is the best friend anyone could wish for.


Meet Bourneville

Tihany’s four-legged companion and best friend, Bourneville, is always around to make her smile

Bourneville is the best thing to ever happen to me. Every morning when I’m baking, he sits patiently waiting for a crumb to fall or for me to give him my leftover ingredients. He’s so funny and very clumsy, and he’s always tripping over his own paws.

He’s so funny and very clumsy

He considers every dog he meets his friend, no matter who they are. Not only is Bourneville the most affectionate dog there is, but he’s also stunning, thanks to his beautiful brown fur. We named him after chocolateof the same colour!

Meet Max

With Max around, Barry doesn’t get much peace and quiet – but he wouldn’t have it any other way

Max is my West Highland Terrier. He’s always making us laugh, especially when he tries to be at one with nature – he spends hours watching the birds in our birdbath, and loves playing with the squirrels in the garden.

He likes to keep me company on the charity walks that I take part in. Last year, my wife and I completed a 16-mile walk for the British Heart Foundation. We came home absolutely shattered, but energetic Max lay down for a grand total of 10 minutes, before running around like a sprinter again! This year, I’ve completed a 3.4 million step challenge for Diabetes UK, with my little mate Max by my side all the way.

Max gets excited by anything and everything

Max gets excited by anything and everything, which is a joy to see. The first time he visited the beach, he ran around and around in circles, to the point where my wife was crying with laughter! When he first saw snow he rolled over until he was soaked through – he just has so much energy and finds happiness in everything.

He makes us smile every day. One of the things he loves most is cuddling with his mum (my wife). He’ll jump up and paw at her until she gives in and lets him flop onto her lap. He gets jealous when we’re snuggled up without him, and will even wedge his way in-between us so as not to miss out!

Meet Dennis

Dennis is the dog of Gillian’s dreams – and he’s even won round her husband, too!

After many years of persuasion, my husband finally agreed to get a dog, which was great news for my son and daughter who had always wanted one.

Not long after, I found Dennis, an adorable Border Terrier. It felt like it wasmeant to be. He has been the best thing to happen to our family since thechildren were born. Dennis has helped us get through lockdown, and to deal with our grief, as my mother-in-law sadly passed away not long before we brought him home.

Dennis has helped us get through lockdown

He’s also been my daughter’s home-school buddy and has boosted her confidence when she’s had down days. Our adorable pup has even brought a smile to my fathers-in-law’s face, for which we’ll be forever grateful.

All that being said, it’s surprisingly my husband who is Dennis’s biggest fan!

Meet Forrest

Forrest picked Danielle up when she was feeling low and transformed her life, even if he does give her a run for her money sometimes…

I had hit rock bottom before I picked up Forest. I felt like I had no purpose in life and he completely saved me. I have never felt a love like it. Getting up and walking with him each morning has been incredible for my mental health and I have loved taking him to all my favourite National Trust spots.

The most loving dog

He loves his walks but is a little bit of a diva in this weather and manages to skirt his way around all the mud and puddles. I love the way he lies down when he sees other dogs coming almost as if he’s ready to pounce and play with them, and also his little squeaks every time he yawns. His walk has been described as more of a strut – cute and he knows it!

His name came from my favourite film, Forrest Gump, and we have had many a laugh shouting ‘run Forrest run!’ while working on his off-the-lead training.

He’s very foxy looking and it’s been so funny hearing everyone walk past him and gasp about how much he looks like one. He’s the best thing to every happen to me. Without a doubt he saved my life and I’m already so excited to take him on many more adventures.


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