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British Dogs

Meet Jenna

Judy will always be grateful for how much Jenna has helped her daughter, Hannah

Jenna is three years old now, though we’ve had her since she was a puppy. She is a beautiful Springer Spaniel. Her best friend is a Labrador called Max, who she loves to chase around. Jenna has many funny habits and is a massive counter-surfer. Once, when she was extra hungry because of the steroids she had to take, she managed to steal a steak pie, an entire cake and a chicken breast from the table!

Stay by her side

Jenna has helped my daughter, Hannah, to cope with her poor mental health. She seems to know when Hannah is having a bad day and will stay by her side or drop a ball into Hannah’s lap, so she has to throw it and play. This really helps to bring her out of a low mood. We all love Jenna so much, and I don’t know what we’d do without her.

Meet Bear

From the moment Lisa met Bear, she knew he was supposed to be a part of her life

When we got Bear, I was in a tough place. I was unemployed and coming out of a long period of depression, but he brought joy into my life. He gave me a reason to get up in the morning and structure to my day. His eagerness to learn and his excitement at doing new things is just brilliant.

It was love at first sight

When you see him in the morning or after coming home, he'll grab his favourite toy to show you and have a cuddle. The way he looks at me, it’s like he’s really trying to understand what I'm saying – it’s so adorable!

Bear may be my pet, but really, he’s my buddy and best friend.


Meet Bandit

With Bandit around, there’s never a dull day for Karla and her family

We'd been looking for a rescue dog for a while, but were having no luck. We eventually found Bandit through a site linked with dogs in Romania and Serbia.

Bandit was due to come to us at the end of the month. We hadn’t told our children yet, so it would be a surprise for them – though our youngest son was still afraid of cats at this point, so we were a little apprehensive at how it would all work out!

Bandit has really helped him to come out of his shell

Fast forward to a few months later, and they are the best of friends. They spend lots of time together, snuggling and playing. Bandit has really helped my son to come out of his shell.

Bandit is a great asset to our family in more ways than one and has definitely brought us closer together with all the walks we now take, though it would be nice if he stopped chewing threw his leads – I think we’re onto number 16 now!

He loves everyone and everything and is so happy to play with the other dogs in the park. He even adores our cat, but the feeling isn't mutual!

Meet Daisy

Daisy brings owner Lynn so much joy each and every day, and she’s even friends with the cat.

Daisy is a Jack Russell and a total bundle of joy. She makes me laugh out loud many times a day. Her favourite trick is early in the morning – as soon as she knows we are awake she sneaks out of her bed searching for socks to steal. She then rushes outside and takes the socks for a tour of the garden. She then comes in and sits by the cupboard where her treats are waiting for an exchange!

She makes me laugh out loud many times a day

Beside socks she steals pencils, letters and we have to warn workmen that she will steal tools. In the evening she climbs on my knee so she can be nursed like a baby.

Daisy loves Tasha, our 17-year-old cat, and is always following her round the garden, and if she’s not on my knee she’s next to Tasha on the settee. I’m truly blessed to have a lovely little dog called Daisy.

Meet Vienna

Rose and Vienna have had so many adventures together, and they can’t wait for what the future holds

I had wanted a Collie for a long time, and when Vienna came into my life everything fell into place. We started attending puppy classes, which she loved, so we moved onto bigger things such as ring craft, which trained her up to become a show dog.

We’ve had an amazing time travelling around the country, meeting so many wonderful people and dogs along the way. I’d never experienced anything like it before, and neither had Vienna, so I’m really glad we got to do it together.

We had an amazing time travelling around the country

Our favourite pastime is to go on walks. Vienna has taken me to some incredible places, and our hikes just get longer and better the more we branch out. No matter what the weather is, she’ll be there with a smile. I don’t know where I’d be without her.

Meet Darcy

Darcy’s zest for life has helped Kiri to get back on her feet and feel her best again

When we first got Darcy, my family was in turmoil. My partner and I had both been made redundant and I was pregnant with our son. It felt as though we had lost everything, and I was feeling very low. Things got so bad that I even stopped leaving the house, and experienced high stress levels nearly every day.

She instantly became his loyal protector

With the very last of my redundancy pay, we decided to get Darcy – and that was the best decision we could have made. Looking after Darcy gave me the boost I truly needed to feel like myself again. She had to be taken for lots of walks, which helped me to leave the house for fresh air regularly. Looking after her also meant I had a loving companion to keep me company when my husband was out.

Darcy really did pull me out of my darkest hour, and when our son was born, she instantly became his loyal protector. Many said we were insane to have a dog and a baby together, but the pair of them have grown up with each other (they’re only six months apart in age) and have formed the strongest bond.

Now we’re in a better place, we’re able to spoil Darcy with everything she deserves – which is the world!


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