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Dog of the Month

Meet Jax

Ian knows that he’ll never find another dog as loving and loyal as Jax

Jax is the happiest, craziest dog I have ever met.He has an abundance of energy, but as soon as one of our young children enters the room, he’ll instantly calm down and settle with them.

He loves everyone and everything

I had a serious accident not long after adopting Jax, and though I was still fairly new to him, he never left my side. He loves everyone and everything, including our other dogs and cats. He’s even great friends with our rabbit!

I have always been canine-crazy and very close to all my past dogs, but I’ve never had a bond as special as the one I have with Jax. He’s my sidekick, my rock and my very best friend.

Meet Rocky

Whether he’s making her laugh or looking after her, Rocky is an important part of Shirley’s life

My husband and I used to manage a private residence. It was a Tudor farmhouse set in almost 30 acres. We started working there when our dog Rocky was just 12 weeks old. At first, he would chase birds, squirrels and bunnies around the lawns, but on one particular occasion he actually followed a rabbit all the way into its warren. There I was, out in the pouring rain searching all over for him, only to see him clamber out of the rabbit hole like something out of Alice in Wonderland!

Rocky lives for adventure. He used to make it his mission to save the cockerels from foxes, who he would chase away from his feathery friends. Once, he even managed to pry a bird straight out of a fox’s mouth.

Rocky lives for adventure

Of course, Rocky is also extremely protective of his human companions. Last year, we were awoken really early one cold February morning by the sound of Rocky barking. We woke up and told him to stop, but within a moment he was at it again. Something didn’t feel right as this really wasn’t like him, so my husband got up and looked through the curtains. He realised the barn door was ajar, so I grabbed the phone and rang the police – it turns out we had intruders. Without Rocky to wake us up, who knows what could have happened that night.

In March we were made redundant and had to move back to our property in Wales. Losing my job and my ties to the cottage has been really hard for me, but thankfully, I have Rocky to keep me company and take me on long, relaxing walks along the beachfront.


Meet Forrest

Forrest picked Danielle up when she was feeling low and transformed her life, even if he does give her a run for her money sometimes…

I had hit rock bottom before I picked up Forest. I felt like I had no purpose in life and he completely saved me. I have never felt a love like it. Getting up and walking with him each morning has been incredible for my mental health and I have loved taking him to all my favourite National Trust spots.

The most loving dog

He loves his walks but is a little bit of a diva in this weather and manages to skirt his way around all the mud and puddles. I love the way he lies down when he sees other dogs coming almost as if he’s ready to pounce and play with them, and also his little squeaks every time he yawns. His walk has been described as more of a strut – cute and he knows it!

His name came from my favourite film, Forrest Gump, and we have had many a laugh shouting ‘run Forrest run!’ while working on his off-the-lead training.

He’s very foxy looking and it’s been so funny hearing everyone walk past him and gasp about how much he looks like one. He’s the best thing to every happen to me. Without a doubt he saved my life and I’m already so excited to take him on many more adventures.

Meet Holly

Resilient rescue collie cross Holly has brought owner Kathryn 15 years of joy.

We brought our rescue dog Holly, a collie cross, home on 17 December 2005 when she was about one year old. She was very jumpy and bouncy and her tail wagged in a circle. 14 years later she's a grand old lady and has to cope with an awful lot.

She's the love of my life

She has fatty lumps which make it uncomfortable to lie down, she has a sebaceous cyst on her neck which she lets us clean and bandage, under sufferance, every day. She is losing her hearing but has adapted quickly to hand gestures instead. She has arthritis, she has episodes of vestibular disease and recently we have discovered that she has heart disease too. So these days she isn't so jumpy and bouncy, but she's still so affectionate and loving, faithful, gentle, placid, laid back and beautiful.

She'll still rip the post up if she gets there first and can be stubborn and contrary. She doesn't like the rain, and she's happiest exploring the garden, eating her tea or her favourite game sausages, sleeping or having big cuddles. She loves being pampered at the groomers, which is a real treat for her that she thoroughly deserves. She's a real battler and as long as she's got her favourite things – and all her medication – she's happy. She's the love of my life.

Meet Tara

Through helping her dog Tara to come out of her shell, Sharon has learned how important it is to look after herself

Three years ago, I decided to adopt a rescue dog. Fate led me to a forlorn little puppy who had been saved from a life of cruelty – her name was Tara.

It was a bumpy start. She was totally terrified and barely moved, having been mute the whole 12-hour car journey home. But with time, a lot of patience and unconditional love from me and my two gentle cats, she started to come out of her shell. She took two weeks to bark and it was months before she could sleep on her own, but slowly, her confidence grew and her beautiful fun, cuddly character emerged. She still prefers other animals to humans, but if you give her the time to get to know you, gaining her love and affection is a feeling like no other.

Together, we’ll walk through life

Adopting Tara has changed my life. I have Type 1 diabetes, which brings with it a realm of challenges. By focusing on protecting this vulnerable little pup and working to make her happy, I was distracted from my own dark thoughts. Through her I met fantastic new people in my area and got out and about, spending my days walking in nature instead of hiding at home.

Now we are a team and together, we’ll walk through life, looking out for each other and helping each other to grow. We are both the perfect example of how much good comes from accepting imperfection, and celebrating differences.

Meet Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear has majorly improved Larissa’s quality of life, and she loves him to infinity and beyond.

I adopted Buzz Lightyear when he was a puppy. He has become an amazing therapy dog, who has helped improve my mental health. He has helped me with living on my own independently, and I couldn’t go a day without him by my side.

He has improved my life drastically

He loves a good run around, and if you throw a ball that’s his favourite thing to do. He loves the outside, and although it’s difficult for me to sometimes get about because of my MS, he relaxes my state of mind with that smile on his face.

He has improved my life drastically and I love him so much. I can live independently and do as I wish, as I know I have him to help me along the way. He is the best dog, always friendly, energetic, full of personality and there to cheer me up when I am not in a good place. I couldn’t wish for a better companion, I adore him. Whoever you are Buzz will always greet you with a smile — he is just one happy, loving dog.


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