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British Dogs

Meet Janey

After a difficult start, Janey is finally living the life she always deserved with Maria and her family

Our Janey is a rescue dog from Romania, who was saved from living life on the streets and brought to the UK by Blind Dog Rescue UK. She had experienced dreadful cruelty and was fostered by a wonderful lady in Derby.

She brightens my day every day

We drove from Essex to Derby to collect her. She was very quiet at first but soon settled in with us and our cats. She’s cheeky, funny and very cuddly. Our cats trust her, and my grandchildren adore her.

She’s so gentle and sweet-natured despite her rough start in life. She’s very precious to us and brightens my day every day.

Meet Dennis

Dennis is the dog of Gillian’s dreams – and he’s even won round her husband, too!

After many years of persuasion, my husband finally agreed to get a dog, which was great news for my son and daughter who had always wanted one.

Not long after, I found Dennis, an adorable Border Terrier. It felt like it wasmeant to be. He has been the best thing to happen to our family since thechildren were born. Dennis has helped us get through lockdown, and to deal with our grief, as my mother-in-law sadly passed away not long before we brought him home.

Dennis has helped us get through lockdown

He’s also been my daughter’s home-school buddy and has boosted her confidence when she’s had down days. Our adorable pup has even brought a smile to my fathers-in-law’s face, for which we’ll be forever grateful.

All that being said, it’s surprisingly my husband who is Dennis’s biggest fan!

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Meet Bobby

Gordon has suffered tremendous loss. And though nothing will ever truly ease the pain, Border Collie Bobby has been his rock.

I lost my daughter 11 years ago on 12 June 2009 and Bobby came into my life four years later. I already had a wonderful black and white Border Collie called Sky who sadly passed away due to sarcoma cancer. After losing my daughter, I felt I needed another companion to compliment the companionship of my Border Collie Sky.

He has bought untold joy into my life

Bobby is such a loving, intelligent character. He has bought untold joy into my life and helps me get through difficult periods such as the anniversary of my daughter’s passing and her birthday. I can always rely on Bobby's loving nature to help me through difficult times.

He loves to lick everyone’s ears and is everyone's friend. He really enjoys our walks and retrieving the ball. Bobby is constantly by my side and brings so much joy into my life. I love him dearly. He's part of our family. Bobby really could do with some recognition because of what he has done for me. I'm extremely proud of him.

Meet Honey

Liz’s dog Honey is quite unusual, but that’s what makes her so special

We rescued Honey when she was just three months old. She has a very unique personality and hates all other female dogs but is very friendly with people.

She has a very unique personality

Honey has kept my husband and I sane during lockdown, and together we’ve discovered new walks and how therapeutic it can be to spend time outdoors. Honey is getting old now and so we can’t walk as far as we usedto, but we still have a lot of fun together. She loves playing ball and especially enjoys being around water.

Honey also has a cheeky side and is not afraid to let you know when she wants food!

Meet Pippy and Mollie

Mary’s loveable dogs, Pippy and Mollie, have helped her to get through lockdown

I had to shield during lockdown, and I found it really hard. Without the love and care l got from Pippy, l don't think l would have made it through.She made me laugh with her funny antics, cuddled me all night and checked up on me during the day.

Basically a real-life Scooby Doo

Pippy is hilarious and obsessed with food. Not a day goes by when she doesn’t steal a spoonful of my porridge in the morning! She also loves playing with her ball and is basically a real-life Scooby Doo. If my other dog Mollie loses her ball, Pippy usually finds it and points to it with her nose so Mollie knows where it is, but sometimes, Pippy will just steal it andrun away.

The past twelve months have been so tough, but with my dogs by my side, I’ve got through it all.

Meet Daisy

From her garden patrols to her endless games of fetch, Daisy has always been a light in Fiona’s life

Daisy is a typical Jack Russell, or not so! She’s half human, or more. We have had her since a tiny pup with a squished nose resembling a guinea pig, only smaller. She has grown into the most enchanting, loving dog, who’s very much part of our family.

She loves tummy rubs, ‘special biscuits’ aka treats, and sleeping on our bed (she hardly moves but occasionally creeps up for a cuddle). She patrols our garden with aplomb, chasing pigeons and crows away and protecting our hedgehogs so gently. Rats? Well, she routes them out fearlessly and fast and brings her catch into the house with great pride.

She has grown into the most enchanting, loving dog

Daisy is an absolute darling. She is hyper intelligent and knows many words, including the obvious ‘walkies’, as well as ‘greenhouse’, ‘summerhouse’ and ‘orange ball’. The orange ball is a practice soft cricket ball that’s her absolute favourite and she fetches it endlessly, until I'm exhausted and she's still going!

Sadly, she's developed a heart murmur, so exercise is now a little restricted and she sleeps a lot. We hope to get her a Jack Russell puppy next spring. She is so friendly with other dogs, and I think it would be a real bonus in her life and might very slightly help our grieving when she passes. Daisy is simply the best!

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