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British Dogs

Meet Harvey

Zoe’s adorable furry friend Harvey is such a happy-go-lucky lad that even losing his tail didn’t stop him

Harvey came into the family as a brother to Diesel (they both have same parents) and as a wedding present. He soon found his place in the home. The ability to fit under the sofa and charge out at your slippers if he had chance kept us on our toes!

A real Jack the lad character

Unfortunately, he was so happy when we came home that the hallway began looking like a crime scene as his wagging tail split, so it was amputated for his welfare. Nowadays it’s all about playing hide and seek, a routine we have to do when we get up and before bed. He will wait patiently before pouncing round and trying to sniff the toy out when hidden. A real Jack the lad character and whirlwind member of our family.

Meet Izzy

Jacky lives on her own, but thanks to her dog Izzy, she knows she’ll always have a reason to smile every day.

Izzy is my whole world. I’m 64 and live alone with multiple health issues, so Izzy gives me a reason to get out of bed in the morning. She always puts a smile on my face and is adored by everyone who meets her. She's the most affectionate dog I've ever met, showering everyone with kisses and cuddles.

She always puts a smile on my face

Izzy is just amazing and has an enthusiasm for everything in life – especially playing with other dogs!


Meet Mickey

With non-stop kisses, it’s no surprise that Claire has given Mickey the nickname ‘Licky Mickey’!

Mickey is my sons’ best friend. As teenage boys go, that dog certainly gets his fair share of cuddles and kisses off them!

If any of us feel down, sick or just want to have a cuddle, then Mickey is there. Mickey is the best companion to all of us and he is not happy unless he is sat with – or on top of – someone.

He just loves to share his love!

He has a soft caring nature and always wants a kiss. I'll admit his nickname is ‘Lickey Mickey’ because we get non-stop kisses from him. He just loves to share his love!

Let's just say, Mickey also likes the finest thing in life as you can see in his picture!

Dog of the Month

Meet Tara

Through helping her dog Tara to come out of her shell, Sharon has learned how important it is to look after herself

Three years ago, I decided to adopt a rescue dog. Fate led me to a forlorn little puppy who had been saved from a life of cruelty – her name was Tara.

It was a bumpy start. She was totally terrified and barely moved, having been mute the whole 12-hour car journey home. But with time, a lot of patience and unconditional love from me and my two gentle cats, she started to come out of her shell. She took two weeks to bark and it was months before she could sleep on her own, but slowly, her confidence grew and her beautiful fun, cuddly character emerged. She still prefers other animals to humans, but if you give her the time to get to know you, gaining her love and affection is a feeling like no other.

Together, we’ll walk through life

Adopting Tara has changed my life. I have Type 1 diabetes, which brings with it a realm of challenges. By focusing on protecting this vulnerable little pup and working to make her happy, I was distracted from my own dark thoughts. Through her I met fantastic new people in my area and got out and about, spending my days walking in nature instead of hiding at home.

Now we are a team and together, we’ll walk through life, looking out for each other and helping each other to grow. We are both the perfect example of how much good comes from accepting imperfection, and celebrating differences.

Meet Lenny

Emma had always been scared of dogs, but Lenny quickly changed all of that. Now, you’ll find them snuggled up on the sofa together.

We rescued Lenny from an animal sanctuary when he was 16-weeks-old. He had been born there and was adopted at 10 weeks, but the family eventually brought him back.

I have always been frightened of dogs, but my husband and children absolutely love animals. We initially went to the sanctuary to adopt a cat, to see how I would get on with my first pet. But instead, we came home with Lenny.

Loves being a part of the family

Lenny is a 32kg Lurcher cross, who thinks he is the size of a Jack Russell! Our nickname for him is ‘little Lenny longlegs’. He spends most of his time cuddling and dozing on the sofa – he loves being a part of the family. He has no concept of personal space, and often just jumps up onto your lap. He also enjoys playing with the kids in the garden and going for long walks in the forest, where he spends his time looking for squirrels.

Not long after he joined our family, we found out my husband’s friend had rehomed Lenny’s mum a few months before. This means Lenny is able to visit her on a regular basis.

He’s so loved and has brought a lot of joy into our family life. He’s soft and affectionate with all of us, and it’s safe to say I’m now a converted fan of dogs! You’ll often find me sat on the sofa, enjoying a long cuddle with Lenny.

Meet Rags

Rags loves to play and meet new people, and keeps constantly keeps Kathryn on her toes!

Since we got Rags, she’s been through the mill a bit, but you would never know it due to her zest for life!

She’s the most beautiful and sociable dog

She’s the most beautiful and sociable dog – we can’t walk five yards without someone wanting to fuss her. Her favourite things to do are zoomies in the garden (and if I am feeling brave, the local forest) and digging sand on the beach.

She loves being fussed over by members of the public and having play dates with her doggy friends in the village.


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