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British Dogs

Meet Harvey

Zoe’s adorable furry friend Harvey is such a happy-go-lucky lad that even losing his tail didn’t stop him

Harvey came into the family as a brother to Diesel (they both have same parents) and as a wedding present. He soon found his place in the home. The ability to fit under the sofa and charge out at your slippers if he had chance kept us on our toes!

A real Jack the lad character

Unfortunately, he was so happy when we came home that the hallway began looking like a crime scene as his wagging tail split, so it was amputated for his welfare. Nowadays it’s all about playing hide and seek, a routine we have to do when we get up and before bed. He will wait patiently before pouncing round and trying to sniff the toy out when hidden. A real Jack the lad character and whirlwind member of our family.

Meet Seero

Seero may be small in size, but he’s made a big impact on Ashleigh and her fiancé

In February 2020, my fiancé and I were looking to adopt a shelter/rescue dog. We live in an upstairs apartment so wanted a small dog. None of the shelters around us had any though, so we took to searching through Facebook.

Adopting Seero was the best decision we’ve ever made

My partner came across an appeal for a little black dog in Cyprus. He had four separate posts from the charity hoping someone would take an interest in this little boy, but nobody seemed to. That broke our hearts – he looked absolutely perfect to us and we fell in love with the photos of him. We thought it would never happen. How would we get him to North East Scotland from Cyprus? I messaged the shelter's page to enquire. A week later we were picking Seero up from a drop-off point in Glasgow. We couldn't believe our luck.

I've had a horrible year due to poor health and being unable to work for the time being, and Seero has definitely saved me – and my partner – more than we saved him. Waking up to his little face, a wagging tail and big kisses has been amazing. He really seems happy now. His eyes were once sad, but now they’re full of love. Adopting Seero was the best decision we've ever made. I would advise everyone to consider adopting.


Meet Bowie

Bowie has a huge heart and a kind soul, and the effect he’s had on Carina’s life is nothing short of transformative.

Bowie is a ‘Huskador’ – his mum was a Siberian Husky and his dad was a chocolate Labrador. Bowie has chocolate fur with a Husky tail and ruff around his neck and chest. He also has one brown eye and one blue eye!

I got him after my daughter took her puppy, who had been living with me, back to live with her after the first lockdown. There was a huge empty space in our lives, which Bowie has filled for us all.

Has even learned to kiss on command

He has quite the fan club going in the village where we live. It’s not surprising, given he has so many adorable traits – like when he barks and it sounds like he’s shouting 'Hello' at us and our cat! He’s got such a gentle nature that he never barks at other dogs, doesn't chase cats and has even learned to kiss on command.

I’ve had two spinal surgeries, and this in addition to lockdown meant I stopped going on walks. Since Bowie is always keen to go out and explore, he’s succeeded in getting me out for walks up to three times a day!

Meet Mei

Charlotte had always been scared of dogs, but Mei helped her to overcome her fears

When my parents first came home with a hyperactive Springer Spaniel puppy in their arms, I was sceptical to say the least. I have struggled with a phobia of dogs since I was a child, crossing the road whenever I came within barking distance of a dog, no matter how small they were. So, the day they adopted Mei I sat alone by the backdoor, watching my family interact with this tiny, floppy-eared being rolling in the grass and scampering under the garden furniture.

I stopped flinching at every bark

Eventually, my mother dragged me out into the garden and sat me on a deck chair, in the centre of all the action. Mei immediately bounded over to me, sniffing and biting my shoelaces. It was the closest I had been to a dog my whole life. She must have liked the smell of my shoes because she soon fell asleep on them. While she slept, I felt brave enough to strokeher fur.

Over the coming months, I stopped flinching at every bark, and I even played with her and taught her a few tricks. Now, when I come across a dog in the street or park I react with interest and joy, rather than the fear and anxiety I had always lived with.

Meet Bella

Debbie couldn’t be without her gorgeous dog and best friend Bella

Bella is a seven-year-old Corgi crossed with a Sheltie. I have Borderline Personality Disorder, which means my moods can change at any given time. Bella senses when I am very low and will jump up and put her paw on my arm to comfort me.

Put her paw on my arm to comfort me

As my Emotional Support Dog, Bella goes everywhere with me and even helps me in the shops. She’s really smart – she always knows when it is time for breakfast, and will come out of the bedroom and head to her foodmat in preparation.

She loves going out in the car and also enjoys her walks, especially in the long grass. Bella is very good with wild animals and won't ever chase them. Her favourite place is the beach, as she likes to feel the sand between her paws. I have so much love for her, and I know she loves me too. I simply can't imagine life without her.

Meet Millie

Mille will do anything to help owner Claire’s elderly parents

Millie is a 13-year-old Border terrier who looks after my elderly parents. You can see that she really cares about them. Every morning, she gets up and goes into their bedroom to check they they’re ok. When she goes on awalk with them, she never walks too fast because she knows they can’t keep up

She really cares about them

Once, my dad collapsed in the living room, and Millie lay by his side and would not move until the ambulance came. We basically had to force her to step aside, and once he’d been taken away, she became very sad and lay in her bed until he arrived back home. She didn’t perk up until he came back home, when she became so excited and happy again.


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