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British Dogs

Meet Gracie and Sophie

Julian has learnt a lot from his two dogs Gracie and Sophie, who brighten up his every day

Gracie is a lovely Golden Retriever, who lives with her daughter Sophie. Sophie turned two years old on the first of December, but she didn't take much notice of her birthday celebrations. She was much more interested in chasing the pheasants that roam across the fields near our house – they make a wonderful chucking sound when they leave the ground, and Gracie loves nothing more than to watch her run after them.

Dogs are an example to us all

On one occasion, the pair of them decided to chase after a herd of about 50 deer. Of course, they never manage to catch anything, but it is quite entertaining to watch them try!

Dogs are an example to us all. While we moan and groan, dogs are always positive and happy to be here. In the morning, we have to have a cup of tea or coffee before we can get anything done – but dogs are up with a shake of their head and a wag of their tail, bright and happy whatever the weather and however early it is. We can learn so much from our four-legged best friends.

Meet Misty

With plenty of medals and accolades to her name, Misty has shown Courtney that she’s not just a one-trick pony.

I know it sounds so cliché but my dog Misty really is one in a million. She is so smart and intelligent. Sometimes I think she’s human! I have two young children at home and needed to find something to mentally and physically challenge her, so we took up trick training.

We had no previous experience but by the time she was 11 months old, she’d already achieved her novice, intermediate, advanced and expert trick dog titles. She knows more tricks than I can count! She’s also got her silver good citizen award and is working towards her gold.

Misty stares straight into your soul

She’s such a brilliant family dog. She always knows when I’m down and will nuzzle her face into me to cheer me up. My children were arguing the other day over a toy and she jumped on the sofa, picked up the toy and brought it to me.

I couldn’t imagine my life without her. She brings everyone so much happiness. I know dogs don’t like direct eye contact but Misty stares straight into your soul! She has such mesmerising eyes.


Meet Maia

Natalie has always wanted a dog, but Maia has brought her more happiness than she could have ever imagined.

We bought Maia because everything in our life was going so right, and the only thing that was missing was her! We went around and looked at a few litters, but nothing felt right until she climbed into our arms. I was never allowed pets growing up, so to have her in my life now is a love I never knew. She is so loving and loyal. Truly one of a kind, she loves to lie at one end of the room rolling the ball to me and enjoys laying on the sofa with her head in my lap.

One of a kind

She’s the best dog a person could ask for. She pulls us up on our down days and brings us higher on our good ones. A dog is the only thing in life that loves you more than itself.

Meet Archie

Archie loves taking his owner Phoebe (and his duck toy) on new adventures.

Archie went into the RSPCA at just three months old after his owner had abused and neglected him. He had broken his back leg, which was left to heal naturally, so he now has one leg slightly shorter than the rest, but he’s still a happy boy!

When we met him, we fell in love with him instantly

When we met him, we fell in love with him instantly and couldn't wait to bring him home. He’s incredibly intelligent and will run for hours, so he’s a handful but a very fun one at that! We spend a lot of time hiding treats, playing puzzle games and finding new exciting walks for him to run and sniff to his heart’s desire! He’s such a loving dog considering his difficult start in life – he loves people and other dogs. His favourite things in life are his duck toy, his bone, laying out in the sun and exploring new places.

We’re not sure if he’s ever been to the coast and I just know he would love it! Anything new is so exciting for him, so we’d love the opportunity to take him away for a mini break and experience beach walks. Holidays have changed for us and we’re excited to explore more of the UK with Archie in tow instead of travelling abroad.

Meet Fynn

It’s all aboard for Claire and her sailing buddy Fynn, who has a tendency to make his co-sailors a little seasick…

Fynn is our sailing buddy. As a Labrador, he delights in all forms of water!

He splashes through the waves

Since he was a puppy he has come on board with us on our dinghy, and has always enjoyed every moment of it. We love his company as he splashes through the waves, trying his hardest to catch flotsam and jetsam and make other water users smile.

His company is somewhat less enjoyable in our canoe due to his excited dashes from side to side in order to look over into the water. He is indeed a water dog through and through, and a sail would not be the same without him!

Meet Patch

Christine’s dog Patch likes to keep her on her toes sometimes, but she knows he’ll always be there for her no matter what

Patch is such a loving dog. He enjoys nothing more than a good cuddle – but don’t be fooled, because he can also be a cheeky little rascal! One of his worst habits is unplugging things from their sockets. Once, he even managed to unplug my freezer! I’ve had to strategically place objects around the house now in an effort to deter him.

He can also be a cheeky little rascal!

One of the things I love most about Patch is his quirkiness. He likes to make himself comfortable, so every day he jumps up onto the sofa and rearranges the cushions so he has a stack of pillows to rest his head on. It makes us laugh every time!

He’s also extremely protective of me. Patch loves to sit and look out of the window, but if he sees someone approaching the house he barks like mad at them. Of course, that’s not to say he doesn’t know how to behave – every evening after I’ve done the dishes, he sits and waits patiently for me to give him his treat.


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