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British Dogs

Meet Gibson

Carley loves watching how much Gibson helps the children in her care to feel better

I work in a special needs school and regularly do respite work with children who have severe disabilities and autism. Gibson often comes with me because he’s so gentle, and his easy-going nature helps the pupils to feel calmer and more relaxed.

He’ll join us for long walks around the park, and if one of the children his holding the lead he’ll purposely not pull, just so he doesn’t startle them. He knows that he should always stay close and is so perfectly well-behaved every time.

His easy-going nature helps the pupils

Recently, a child in my care became quite distressed and started crying uncontrollably. Gibson looked concerned, grabbed a toy and lay down with this child until they had calmed down. He even allowed them to stroke his paw which he usually doesn’t enjoy, but I think in this case, he knew how much it was helping.

Gibson is my hero, and I couldn’t ask for a better companion.

Meet Forrest

Forrest picked Danielle up when she was feeling low and transformed her life, even if he does give her a run for her money sometimes…

I had hit rock bottom before I picked up Forest. I felt like I had no purpose in life and he completely saved me. I have never felt a love like it. Getting up and walking with him each morning has been incredible for my mental health and I have loved taking him to all my favourite National Trust spots.

The most loving dog

He loves his walks but is a little bit of a diva in this weather and manages to skirt his way around all the mud and puddles. I love the way he lies down when he sees other dogs coming almost as if he’s ready to pounce and play with them, and also his little squeaks every time he yawns. His walk has been described as more of a strut – cute and he knows it!

His name came from my favourite film, Forrest Gump, and we have had many a laugh shouting ‘run Forrest run!’ while working on his off-the-lead training.

He’s very foxy looking and it’s been so funny hearing everyone walk past him and gasp about how much he looks like one. He’s the best thing to every happen to me. Without a doubt he saved my life and I’m already so excited to take him on many more adventures.


Meet Lola

Gill is so proud of how kind and intuitive her dog Lola is, especially around those who need her most

Lola, a white and black Staffie, burst into our lives in 2018 as a seven-year-old rescue dog. Our other dogs had died that year and Lola was the bundle of joy we all needed. She came on a visit from the Rescue centre and never left.

She gets super excited every time she sees an adult and always greets them with enthusiasm. When she sees children, however, she’s much calmer and more relaxed. Lola is our granddaughter’s best friend.

Lola is our granddaughter’s best friend

Once, a little lamb found its way into our garden and got its head stuck in the fence. Lola stayed beside the lamb and started to bark until I came to find her. She helped me to save that small creature’s life, which is just another example of how loving and sensitive she is.

Meet Skye

Blair has suffered with depression for many years, but since Skye came into her life, things have started to turn around for the better.

Skye is the best thing to ever come into my life. I have suffered with depression since I was 14, I am now 28 but the past four years with her have been a game changer.

Because of my dog, I wake up with a smile on my face every day. She understands when I'm down, comes and gives me a comforting paw and then gives me all of the loose socks around the house. As its socks that make her the happiest, I assume she thinks they will make me happy too. Along with her beaming and infectious smile, they’re enough to turn even the hardest person into a melted puddle.

Skye has changed my life

Skye has changed my perspective so much that I'm able to see the positive side to life nowadays. I can see the simple things that make a dog happy and that has changed the way I think about things. I'm now a happy person who enjoys going out and socializing. I went through periods where I wouldn't leave the house for weeks on end, struggling to deal with my thoughts. Having Skye has given me the strength to be able to leave the house and also engage with people.

She doesn't allow me to avoid people as she is the most sociable dog anyone has ever seen. She loves people so much that it’s rubbed off onto me. Skye has done more for me than I will ever be able to express in words. She is everything to me. Every moment I get to spend with such a beautiful creature is a moment cherished.

Meet Lottie

Niki adores her kind, caring and hilarious dog Lottie, who never fails to make her smile

Our pooch Lottie has got bucket loads of character. Whenever anyone comes round to visit, she automatically thinks they’re there to see her andgets her toys out to show off!

She’d just lie there with me

When I was off work a couple of years ago, she never left my side. I’d spend all day resting on the sofa and she’d just lie there with me. Lottie has three feline companions who she adores, and regularly tries to round up as though they’re hers to look after.

Meet Mac

Mac is constantly making his owner Grace laugh with his hilarious antics

Mac is a two-year-old Golden Retriever and he is the most wonderful boy. He loves toys, especially stuffed animals. His favourites include a shark, a teddy bear, two hedgehogs, two sheep plus many more.

He loves toys, especially stuffed animals

Whenever someone comes to our front door, Mac always greets them witha toy, regardless of whether they want it or not. He’s got such a friendly nature that he insists we say hello to all of the dogs and people we see on our walks. He also adores running, sliding and rolling around outside, particularly when it’s snowy or if he’s near the water.

Working from home has been a strange adjustment but having Mac around has made it so much easier, and he gives me the motivation I need to carry on each day. It’s amazing the difference a happy dog can make to your life. Mac is a bundle of joy.


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