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British Dogs

Meet Fibee

Even though some people didn’t think Fibee was beautiful, it was love at first sight when Kat became her dog sitter

Fibee came to me through a dog sitting site, five years ago now. Her owners were French and wanted somebody to look after her when they went back to France, sometimes for weeks at a time. At first, Fibee was very nervous, but I took her everywhere with me and she slowly became more confident. She trusted me.

I didn’t even notice what bad shape she was in. She had decayed teeth, a scabby eye and no hair. I don’t really know how to explain it. Everyone else reacted with a slight recoil, but I thought she was lovely. And love is blind.

The more time she spent at mine, the happier she seemed to be there. Three years ago, her owners asked me whether I’d like to look after her full time. They were having babies so she was being more and more neglected, and she just loved her visits to mine.

I can’t believe how lucky I am

I honestly couldn’t believe it – I could have never imagined such an outcome when I first met her. But I said yes, without hesitation.

Before Fibee, I was a bit wild, spending weekends out with mates. Nothing too crazy, but nothing too healthy either. Fibee changed all that. She gave me a routine. I knew I needed to take care of her and make her feel safe.

No vets could tell me what was wrong with her skin. But I got her teeth sorted and slowly, with a grain-free diet, her eye got a lot better.

Now it’s like she’s had a second lease of life. She comes on hikes with me, 5+ miles on the trot. She’s a favourite at the leisure centres I work for, and she just helped me propose to my fiancée.

Sometimes I just stare at her and can’t believe how lucky I am that she chose me.

Meet Teddy

From the moment Beth saw Teddy, she knew he was going to be part of her family

Teddy came into the vets where I work needing a home. My little girl had been desperate for a dog for so long, and I knew straight away he was theone for us.

I knew straight away he was the one for us

We brought him home just before the first lockdown and he is the best thing that could have happened to us. He became my daughter’s best friend and helped her get through a really tough time. He also gets us out for walks in all weathers, which has been amazing for our fitness. He is like a snuggly little bear, and we feel like the luckiest dog owners in the world.


Meet Waffle

Since joining the family in 2021, Waffle has kept Julie and her husband busy with her escape acts

Waffle unexpectedly bounded into our lives after meeting her with Foxhound Welfare UK at Dogs Unleashed last September 2021. She has boundless energy and loves taking part in Canicross runs and hikes. She loves to sing in the evening and always likes a snuggle.

She keeps us on our toes all the time

She is an escape artist so keeps us on our toes all the time. She even took herself for an unscheduled run on Christmas morning, followed by my husband wearing his slippers. She's certainly made herself feel at home and we couldn't imagine life without her now (even when she does empty the kitchen bins).

Meet Max and Millie

Max and Millie might be chalk and cheese, but they are the perfect pair and together they’ve brightened up Charli’s life.

We had not long moved into our first home, and decided to adopt a rescue dog from the local rescue centre. After looking at a couple, we eventually went to Birmingham dogs home where we set our eyes upon Max. He looked so sad in his kennel, he had no name and apparently, he was a stray. After getting him out of the kennel into the exercise area, he loved being outside and running around. He gave us that ‘feeling’ and four days later we brought him home.

We noticed an instant change

It was the start of a journey — he was scared of everything. However as soon as you let him off his lead, his half-greyhound side comes out and boy does he love to run! The woods are his favourite place to explore and chase the squirrels and rabbits. Although we had made progress with him, it was clear he needed a friend so we were advised to get another dog— and this is where we welcome Millie!

From the same rescue home, Millie was six when she came home with us. We noticed an instant change in Max. He was more confident, not so scared of the big wide world. As Millie likes to socialise with other dogs (typical Labrador trait) we started to meet with other dog owners in the local park, and now at least once a week we meet up and let the dogs play.

Meet Chester

Chester has helped Sarah-Louise and her husband to stay positive in challenging times

Chester is a two-year-old Pomsky. My husband is a doctor and I’m a nurse,and we decided to get Chester when I was having a particularly hard time at work.We had recently moved to Wales and taking Chester out for walks encouraged me to make new friends with other dog owners.

He melts our stress away

I really believe Chester’s constant happiness and endless love saved me from a dark place. After a long day at work, he’ll always greet us with so much excitement. Both my husband and I feel as though he melts our stress away. Our mental wellbeing has improved greatly since having Chester, and so has our fitness, as he loves to be outside and run around.

One of Chester’s favourite hobbies is helping out in the garden. I’ve started creating new boarders and as soon as I get my spade out, he gets his paws ready and digs wherever you’re digging. He’s truly wonderful.

Meet Tilly

Tilly may seem cute and innocent, but she definitely reigns supreme in Anna’s house!

I wouldn’t be without my dog Tilly. Last year I had a nasty car accident and she got me through the low times. She’s full of mischief and such a great character. She’s not perfect – she’s got a crossbite so often shows off her tiny teeth – but she’s perfect to me.

She got me through the low times

Tilly is very affectionate. She loves to have a cuddle and be carried around. Though she’s also a very stubborn girl. She’s very much the boss of the family and has to be first with everything. She’ll often bite her ‘brother’ Scrappy’s ears, but he loves her just as I do. During the spring days, she loves to garden – digging holes and rolling in the mud!


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