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British Dogs

Meet Ezra

Ezra helped Katy through her post-natal depression and now he is a patient and gentle companion for her two-year-old son

Ezra is our whippet, our first dog and my first ever dog. He makes us laugh every day with his scattiness and crazy zooming and he gives the best cuddles. He also steals any bit of food available and he has the perfect pointed snout for sniffling the last of my tea, even when I think he's fast asleep.

Ezra was four years old when our little boy was born, two months before the pandemic started. At first, Ezzy was scared of the crying, but he soon came to be a doting big brother.

He’s always there for me

That crying felt like it didn't stop for 13 months though as our son had severe colic, and I spiralled into severe post-natal depression and anxiety. Ezra was, and still is, always there for me. He’s a constant calm support and he’s so patient and gentle with our now two-year-old little boy.

Ezra has really helped put a smile on my face every day, and he got me out of bed or out the house, even when I really didn't want to. I will love him always.

Meet Buddy

Laura couldn’t wait to get her first dog, and as soon as she saw Buddy she knew it was meant to be.

Earlier this year my partner and I moved into our own home, and I couldn’t wait to rescue a furry friend to join us. I am a massive dog lover and was never allowed one as a child. We searched local dog homes for months to no avail, the dogs were always reserved. I was then informed about a charity which rescues street dogs from Cyprus. The first picture I saw on their Facebook page was Buddy! It was love at first sight – his eyes just capture your heart.

His eyes just capture your heart

When he arrived in the UK he was very nervous, but such a sweetie who just wanted to be loved. A few months down the line and I couldn’t imagine life without him! He is my best friend, making each day brighter. You would never know he had a hard start to life. He’s so friendly and gentle (he’s never even barked) and makes friends wherever he goes! He also loves going on adventures, especially the beach.


Meet Macy

Lucinda is so proud of the way Macy is helping others to cope during lockdown

Macy is a very special Labrador. She was once an unwanted delinquent puppy, but as soon as I met her, I knew we shared a special connection. She still has issues from her past and can scare easily, but together we’vedeveloped her confidence and now she has a unique way of communicating with me.

I suffer from a debilitating hearing condition called Hyperacusis and it makes everyday life difficult. Macy has learnt to alert me to sounds that she knows will affect me. She stays by my side no matter what.

She’s helped so many people and their pets

Throughout lockdown, Macy has worked with me to provide free training tips and exercises that people can do at home with their dogs. She’s helped so many people and their pets to stay motivated during this time.

At 11 years old, Macy is showing no signs of slowing down. She’s always agreat foster sibling to the rescue dogs we look after and cares deeply not just for her family, but for all those around her.

Meet Whiskey Sox

Yvonne was at a low point, but the moment Whiskey Sox bounded into her life, things changed for the better.

I was off work after being diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression and had been thinking about getting a dog for a while. We decided it would provide me with a focus, and since I would be at home, I’d have the time to help with the house training.

My husband, sister in law and I went to the breeders. She had a room of six-week-old puppies. As we talked, her 'house' dogs and a three-month-old pup wandered into the room. She was the runt of the previous litter, and the breeder had kept her back to build her up, but the arrival of the new puppies meant no one wanted her. Well, I did!

You couldn’t get a playing card between us

We took her home and named her Whiskey. From the very first day she was 'my' dog. She slept next to me, snuggled with me on the sofa (you couldn't get a playing card between us) and followed me everywhere.

I have since returned to work, but she is still my security blanket, my treasure and my dog. When I’m at work she stays with my husband, but I’m still her favourite. In a household of men, we stick together!

Meet Amber

After joining Julie’s family during the pandemic, Amber has quickly adapted to their active lifestyle, offering endless cuddles and support

Amber joined our family in May 2020, just after the first Covid-19 lockdown. She made our Sprocker very happy as we had lost her previous companion in February. She had been a farm dog with two previous owners and she had never had a collar or been walked on a lead, so she was a little barrel on legs!

She has been a godsend to our family

She soon adapted to our active lifestyle, enjoying Canicross, hiking, canoeing and camping. Although she is not a trained therapy dog, she has been a godsend to our family – always there for a cuddle, looking out for us and keeping us happy all the time.

Her favourite things are sleeping in the full washing basket and lying upside down for belly rubs. She also forms the Canicross dream team with my youngest son and they have a magical bond.

Meet Tilly

Tilly may seem cute and innocent, but she definitely reigns supreme in Anna’s house!

I wouldn’t be without my dog Tilly. Last year I had a nasty car accident and she got me through the low times. She’s full of mischief and such a great character. She’s not perfect – she’s got a crossbite so often shows off her tiny teeth – but she’s perfect to me.

She got me through the low times

Tilly is very affectionate. She loves to have a cuddle and be carried around. Though she’s also a very stubborn girl. She’s very much the boss of the family and has to be first with everything. She’ll often bite her ‘brother’ Scrappy’s ears, but he loves her just as I do. During the spring days, she loves to garden – digging holes and rolling in the mud!


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