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Meet Doris

Doris supported Alice through her struggles with depression, and now she continues to fill her life with love and laughter

Doris is my rock. She is the four-legged love of my life and my absolute best friend. She was by my side through my depression and just understood – she knew I needed her.

She was, and still is, my reason to get out the house each day, even though she is a complete princess and HATES wind and rain. She’s the reason I laugh and smile so much.

She is the four-legged love of my life

She’s also a complete sass queen and will always refuse to leave the beach. She’ll walk round any puddle and go to extreme lengths to avoid mud, but will charge straight into the sea!

Doris will shred a tennis ball in seconds, but will treasure any cuddly toy for months – or years. Her favourite game is chase but, if no one’s around to play, she’ll take a toy to the top of the stairs and launch it down by herself on repeat!

Meet Holly

Resilient rescue collie cross Holly has brought owner Kathryn 15 years of joy.

We brought our rescue dog Holly, a collie cross, home on 17 December 2005 when she was about one year old. She was very jumpy and bouncy and her tail wagged in a circle. 14 years later she's a grand old lady and has to cope with an awful lot.

She's the love of my life

She has fatty lumps which make it uncomfortable to lie down, she has a sebaceous cyst on her neck which she lets us clean and bandage, under sufferance, every day. She is losing her hearing but has adapted quickly to hand gestures instead. She has arthritis, she has episodes of vestibular disease and recently we have discovered that she has heart disease too. So these days she isn't so jumpy and bouncy, but she's still so affectionate and loving, faithful, gentle, placid, laid back and beautiful.

She'll still rip the post up if she gets there first and can be stubborn and contrary. She doesn't like the rain, and she's happiest exploring the garden, eating her tea or her favourite game sausages, sleeping or having big cuddles. She loves being pampered at the groomers, which is a real treat for her that she thoroughly deserves. She's a real battler and as long as she's got her favourite things – and all her medication – she's happy. She's the love of my life.


Meet Wolfie

Wolfie has brightened up Tatiana’s life with his playfulness and friendliness, and he has even helped her to make the office a happier place!

We rescued Wolfie six months ago, and since then he has made our life so much better and happier. Wolfie is perfectly trained, super intelligent and has managed to learn six new tricks even though he is an old dog!

He is sensational at the park and we often get stopped because people want to say hello and take pictures of him. He even comes with me to work and is our office pet.

Everyone that meets him loves him

He also has the cheekiest but funniest personality. You would never guess that he’s 10 years old, and everyone that meets him loves him. He adores playing with all dogs in the park and sometimes forgets how big he is – it’s so funny seeing him play with a tiny puppy!

He is affectionate and loves children, and has made our little family so much happier.

Meet Woody

Woody might not be the most well-behaved dog, but John knew that he had strength of character as soon as he saw him

Woody is a dog in a million. I’ve had him ever since he was a pup. When I visited the Dog’s Trust centre, I chose him because he was the only one to approach me and with head held high. I thought to myself – he's got gumption and he likes me!

His head held high

It was hard work at first, because he chewed everything in sight, including my furniture – but he was so worth it. I took him to training classes and he did well, but at the formal assessment, he took off around the room when he was told to stay. He ran round and around at full pelt, chairs a-rattling, while all looked on – even the judges laughed!

My gorgeous dog began to have awful seizures a few months ago, including cluster fits. I was so scared for him but his enormous strength of character and resilience carries him – and me – through. I'm so proud of him, and could not love him more. And he still holds his head high!

Meet Maximus

Maximus has made his owner Louise so proud, by helping to care for her poorly sister and offering everyone never-ending affection.

Maximus is a 7-year-old German Shepherd, a gentle giant with a heart of gold.

We are so proud of him!

Over the lockdown period we have had to care for my sister, who is currently receiving chemotherapy for bowel cancer. I can honestly say that Maximus has been like a magnet to her. On chemotherapy days he waits for her to return, and then doesn’t leave her side once she’s home. He has amazed us all and we are so proud of him!

He is a delightful boy, and is obviously very sensitive to how people are feeling. We love him dearly.

Meet Amber

After joining Julie’s family during the pandemic, Amber has quickly adapted to their active lifestyle, offering endless cuddles and support

Amber joined our family in May 2020, just after the first Covid-19 lockdown. She made our Sprocker very happy as we had lost her previous companion in February. She had been a farm dog with two previous owners and she had never had a collar or been walked on a lead, so she was a little barrel on legs!

She has been a godsend to our family

She soon adapted to our active lifestyle, enjoying Canicross, hiking, canoeing and camping. Although she is not a trained therapy dog, she has been a godsend to our family – always there for a cuddle, looking out for us and keeping us happy all the time.

Her favourite things are sleeping in the full washing basket and lying upside down for belly rubs. She also forms the Canicross dream team with my youngest son and they have a magical bond.


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