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British Dogs

Meet Dolly

Dolly has come a long way to find her forever home with owner, Caroline

Dolly is a rescue dog from Merlin's Haven Rescue in Cyprus. I got her in 2020, at a time when my mental health wasn’t great, as my boyfriend had suddenly passed away.

His dad gave me some money from his pension, and since he was a lover of dogs and always tried to help the homeless, rescuing a stray dog seemed like a good way of spending it.

She’s such a lovely dog

When Dolly first arrived, she was very timid and nervous after giving birth to two litters of puppies. It took a long time for her to settle in, but she’s such a lovely dog and has given me a reason to get up in the mornings.

I spend most Saturdays on long country walks with her and my friend (sometimes my teenage daughter, too – if she's out of bed!). Dolly is now a Velcro dog, and very rarely lets me out of her sight. She’s very relaxed for most of the day, but loves walkies and squirrel chasing!

Meet Lizzy

Eris loves everything about her dog Lizzy, who might appear a bit grouchy on the outside, but is the kindest, most loving dog on the inside.

Lizzy is all the things you don't want. She's stubborn, always thinks she knows best and incredibly grumpy if her dinner is late.

Despite all that, she's been my rock since we rescued her at three years old. She's seen me through clinical depression and anxiety, and still is there for me when I need her. With the isolation the current climate has brought, taking her for walks and spending lots of time cuddling has been my therapy.

She’s been my rock

Lizzy never fails to make me laugh, and she remains bouncy and energetic, lighting up whenever she gets a sniff of agility equipment. I'm honestly not sure how she keeps going, behaving like a dog half her age, the only real sign being that after her mad romps she does need to sleep for a while. But, as soon as that's done, she's ready to go again!

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Meet Dovah

Four years after their first meeting, Keiba finally managed to rescue Dovah from her negligent owner and welcome her into the family

Dovah inspires me to live every day to its fullest. When she was six, I was asked to foster her for one month by her current owner who was going out of the country to study. I met Dovah once and her absolute love for life and instant desire to sit on my lap made me happily agree to help out.

One month quickly turned into six with little to no contact from her owner. By this point, myself and the cats living in the house had bonded deeply with Dovah. We were offered the chance to adopt her by the uninterested owner and, after we ecstatically agreed, the owner went back on her word and came and collected our sweet Dovah. She lived in a flat and Dovah was left for long hours daily, or sent to different dog sitters.

Dovah inspires me to live every day to its fullest

Eventually, after two years, I got the message I had always hoped for – Dovah was finally being rehomed. Right away I went to get her. By this time, we also had a second dog called Kleo. Although the cats came running to Dovah as soon as they saw her, she had returned to us with a whole host of behavioural issues. Adding to that, Kleo was in pain while waiting for surgery on her cruciate ligaments. Unfortunately, the girls would fight and we all had to work very hard to make things work out.

Fast forward to just days before Dovah’s 10th birthday and, after several surgeries for mammary cancer, she is fully bonded with Kleo in her forever home.

Despite this journey, every day Dovah gets up full of life. She loves harder, making you dedicate time in your day to cuddles and opening your heart to her. She runs out on the hill with more love for the outdoors than any dog or person I have ever met. She inspires me to live in the moment and keep my chin up.

Meet Jerry

No matter what life throws at them, Jerry and owner Ruth can always find strength in each other

We adopted Jerry, an emergency rescue dog who was a bad way after being cruelly treated. Since then, he has come on leaps and bounds.

He’s been a real lifeline to me

He’s very sociable and friendly with other dogs and people and has been a real lifeline to me, especially when my husband passed away from cancer. He gives me a reason to get up and brings me such joy. He is also a brilliant guard dog, as well as being so loving and caring. He loves backs rubs – and running 40 laps around the garden!

Meet Piker

Zoe’s dog Piker is the perfect mix of affectionate and mischievous!

Piker has a beautiful temperament and she’s extremely clever, even though she is still young. She is a firm part of our family now and loves being with us all the time – so much so that she follows us around constantly, and even waits patiently for you if you’re busy.

She is a firm part of our family

Something that makes her unique is her love of rain. We practically have to force her inside when it’s wet so she doesn’t get too cold! Piker is very agile and super speedy, so she loves jumping and vaulting over the back of our sofa.

She is a bundle of fun and mischievous in the best possible way. We’re always amused by her funny antics!

Meet Skye

Skye’s impaired hearing doesn’t stop her from living her best life with Alison and her family

Skye is a Border Collie who was born deaf. As she was unable to work the sheep, she was handed over to a shelter as a puppy for rehoming. We have three other rescue Border Collies so we knew she would feel safe with us.

No one notices Skye is deaf – they just see a happy, healthy, loving dog

She was in Northern Ireland at the time, so the adoption agency arranged for her to travel to us in Wales. Sadly, Covid hit and we had to wait seven months until she could travel. But we were so excited when she finally arrived.

Skye is now part of our family, and she makes us laugh every day. Her birthday is 1st January, so it’s always a happy new year. She sleeps on the back of the sofa and regularly falls asleep on her nose. She also understands sign language and loves her twice daily walks through the woods, where she’s able to run free of the lead. No one notices Skye is deaf – they just see a happy, healthy, loving dog.

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