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British Dogs

Meet Denham

Denham is thrilled that Laura is at home to keep him company all day long

Denham is an English Springer Spaniel. We like to joke that he only operates at two speeds – full steam ahead and zero power!

He is such a loving dog, always there for a cuddle and forever brightening up our day. We just can’t imagine being without him. One of his favourite pastimes is pestering the local wildlife. He likes to bark at the squirrels, and every time he sees a pheasant he’s so sure that he’ll be able to catch it, even though he’s yet to succeed! It makes me so happy that nothing seems to deter him from trying and giving it his all.

We call him our little shadow

Denham loves to spend time with us, which is why we call him our little shadow. He’s really enjoying the fact that I’m working at home now, and always snuggles up to me to keep my feet warm. He also likes to sit on the kitchen window ledge, where he’ll stretch out and keep an eye on the world outside.

Meet Duke

Since adopting him, Natalie has watched Duke grow from a timid puppy into a cheeky, happy dog.

I met Duke when I was on holiday in Zante, visiting the dog shelter we often volunteer at. The day we arrived, a little dog was running around inside, clearly terrified. We had to use our ham sandwiches to try and coax him towards us! Luckily it worked, and we got him back into his pen. We kept an eye on him for the next week or so, but sadly, on the last day of our trip, he became ill and had to go to the vets. We sat with him right up until we had to get on our plane home – it was heartbreaking.

The vet kept us up-to-date and a week later, Duke had recovered and was allowed back to the shelter. By this point, we had decided to adopt him and bring him home to live with us when he was ready.

Duke is now a solid part of the family

He arrived three months later, extremely nervous and unsure of everything. We took him to meet my parents’ three other dogs, who are also from Greece. He was nervous at first but he did well, soon becoming best friends with one of the dogs Ella. Ten months on and Duke is now a solid part of the family. Since I work from home, he’s had to learn how to deal with my constant company. He likes to come and poke his head into the camera while I’m on a call to say hello to my colleagues!

He still has his moments and he's a very skittish boy, but once he's approved you (he does this by sticking his nose in your face and licking your ears), he’ll happily sit on top of you and wait for a tummy rub!

Like all the other rescues we work with, Duke has his 'quirks', some of which will stay with him forever and some that will disappear the more confident he gets. It’s lovely to watch his character grow as he gets more comfortable around us. He’s come such a long way already, both physically and mentally, and I can’t wait to watch him blossom even more.


Meet Vali

Everyone needs someone to remind them that life is full of little joys, and that’s exactly what Vali does for Julia.

My boy has had a hugely positive influence in my life. I’d already owned two dogs before I got him last November. I sadly lost one in January and getting Vali helped me to deal with my grief.

A hugely positive influence in my life

During these recent tough months, he’s been my reason to go out each day. I love photography and he’s inspired me to get back out into the world and pursue my passion, since he enjoys coming with me.

Vali is an amazing dog – he is very sweet-natured and a bit of a clown, so he keeps me smiling and laughing each day.

Meet Brutus and Monty

When Mel was at her lowest, her dogs Brutus and Monty helped her to find the strength she needed to keep going

Not long ago, I was going through a very tough time both physically and emotionally, and had to take some time off work. My husband and I had recently bought a French Bulldog pup called Brutus for my daughter as a 21st birthday present. She works full time, which meant that during the week I had to get up each morning to look after him. Spending time caring for Brutus helped to give me some structure in my day, and soon I started to find a new sense of purpose and happiness in my life.

Brutus helped enormously to give me some structure

He is so full of character, and has brought nothing but love and joy into our lives. Of course, I had to remind myself that he wasn’t actually my dog, but my daughter’s. I think my family realised what a huge impact he was having on my life though, because a few weeks ago, they gave me my very own little French Bulldog, Monty, as an early birthday present!

Monty has fast become a member of our family. He’s full of energy and a very different dog to Brutus, but just as loving and affectionate as his older brother. He gets me up and moving every day and gives me the motivation I need to keep going. I owe so much to my two furry friends.

Meet Dexter

Dexter has perked up Elaine’s home life with his cheeky grin and outdoor escapades.

After losing my previous Labrador after 13 and a half years, life was far too quiet. Enter Dexter to shake it up again – a loveable, cheeky, friendly puppy who’s now seven months old now. He's very loyal, loves to please and will do anything for a hot dog sausage. He loves to play ball, chase the birds, collect sticks and run in the fields. Then its home for a bath and some chill out time on his sun lounger. With Dexter, life is now rich again and far from quiet!

With Dexter, life is rich again and far from quiet!

Meet Abbie

Abbie is Andrea’s fitness buddy and green-pawed assistant

Abbie is a beautiful dog with such a lovely temperament. She is the reason I exercise every day. With her by my side, I can walk for miles. My husband was chief walker until I started exercising for weight loss. Abbie keeps me focussed on my goal.

With her by my side, I can walk for miles

She is constantly fascinated with the veg I started growing last year. She’salso very friendly and enjoys regular cuddles with all the delivery drivers.


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