Meet Daisy

Meet Daisy

Daisy has been a real support for owner Dot.

My husband bought me Daisy after I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. She’s not been specially trained, but within a couple of months she was picking up on my hypos (when my blood sugar level becomes too low), especially at night. When I’m sleeping, Daisy wakes me up to get out of bed, then sits with me until my blood sugar level returns to normal. She is such a special little dog!

She is such a special little dog!

I’ve had Daisy since she was four months old, and she understands everything I say to her. She has a soft toy that she loves, and at night I have to take it away from her and put it into another room. The next day, when she’s looking for it, I just tell her where it is, and she knows to go straight there and collect it.

She also loves to go fishing with my husband, and will sit for hours watching him. She gets so excited when he catches something!