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British Dogs

Meet Daisy

Daisy brings owner Lynn so much joy each and every day, and she’s even friends with the cat.

Daisy is a Jack Russell and a total bundle of joy. She makes me laugh out loud many times a day. Her favourite trick is early in the morning – as soon as she knows we are awake she sneaks out of her bed searching for socks to steal. She then rushes outside and takes the socks for a tour of the garden. She then comes in and sits by the cupboard where her treats are waiting for an exchange!

She makes me laugh out loud many times a day

Beside socks she steals pencils, letters and we have to warn workmen that she will steal tools. In the evening she climbs on my knee so she can be nursed like a baby.

Daisy loves Tasha, our 17-year-old cat, and is always following her round the garden, and if she’s not on my knee she’s next to Tasha on the settee. I’m truly blessed to have a lovely little dog called Daisy.

Meet Skye

Blair has suffered with depression for many years, but since Skye came into her life, things have started to turn around for the better.

Skye is the best thing to ever come into my life. I have suffered with depression since I was 14, I am now 28 but the past four years with her have been a game changer.

Because of my dog, I wake up with a smile on my face every day. She understands when I'm down, comes and gives me a comforting paw and then gives me all of the loose socks around the house. As its socks that make her the happiest, I assume she thinks they will make me happy too. Along with her beaming and infectious smile, they’re enough to turn even the hardest person into a melted puddle.

Skye has changed my life

Skye has changed my perspective so much that I'm able to see the positive side to life nowadays. I can see the simple things that make a dog happy and that has changed the way I think about things. I'm now a happy person who enjoys going out and socializing. I went through periods where I wouldn't leave the house for weeks on end, struggling to deal with my thoughts. Having Skye has given me the strength to be able to leave the house and also engage with people.

She doesn't allow me to avoid people as she is the most sociable dog anyone has ever seen. She loves people so much that it’s rubbed off onto me. Skye has done more for me than I will ever be able to express in words. She is everything to me. Every moment I get to spend with such a beautiful creature is a moment cherished.


Meet Rhubarb

Rhubarb is a family dog through and through, who looks out for Gill and his other humans as much as his fellow four-legged companions.

Rhubarb, our Cocker Spaniel, was born to one of our other Cockers Poppi. Sadly, she only had two pups and Rhubarb was the only one to survive.

Rhubarb became a firm favourite in our household and quickly settled in with his mum and his ‘Uncle Bruce’, another Cocker eight years his senior. He followed Bruce everywhere and loved nothing better than to snuggle up with him. One day, we had gone out and left our daughter asleep in bed, with the back door left open for the dogs to go in and out. Rhubarb started barking and running around our daughter’s room. He wouldn’t stop, so she followed him out to find Bruce in the Koi fish pond! 

Rhubarb had saved his life

The gate had been left open and Bruce had fallen in and couldn’t get out. He was swimming out of his depth and tiring quickly – he was getting old and had poor eyesight, which didn’t help. Luckily, my daughter is a veterinary nurse and she quickly pulled him out and put him in a warm shower. Rhubarb had saved his life.

Thankfully, Bruce suffered no long term consequences from his adventure and lived until he was 13. Rhubarb has continued to be a wonderful friend and constant companion to us all since. He loves playing with his toys and running around the estuary beach near our home. He will always be our little hero.

He’s on the far right in the photo, with his mum on the left and ‘Uncle Bruce’ in the middle.

Meet Sandy

William’s job isn’t easy, but he knows he’ll always come home to Sandy’s loving support and affection.

I'm a support worker for the very vulnerable and my dog is the best thing that has happened to me since lockdown began.

She gives me so much love!

I come home every night and she jumps all over me and gives me so much love. She makes my day so much better. She is my alarm clock, and even talks to me in her own special way by licking my face and nudging me when she needs me.

Meet Dotty and Mo

Johanna thought that life with her dog Dotty couldn’t get any better, but the arrival of Mo proved that you can never have enough puppy love!

We have had Dotty the Cockerpoo since she was eight weeks old, and I can honestly say she has made me laugh daily for 11 years! She is a great guard dog, barking at any potential murderer that might walk past the house (who'd have known little old ladies and postmen were such a threat) even though she would only lick them to death. One tickle of the tummy and she is anyone's! If you approach her when she's lay down she raises her paws for a tummy tickle.

She used to be so fast! I'd let her off her lead and off she'd go! Twice she has walked away from the house unseen and taken herself to the field where I walk her! She's old and poorly now, and is very slow and less agile. But she still 'smiles' when I get in from work and puts her arms round my neck for a cuddle. Her favourite thing is - food!

They complete our family

Dreading when she can no longer have a good life we recently rescued a Romanian dog, Mo. He is so naughty but so cute! He is the only dog Dotty has ever had to compete with, and she is usually jealous of other dogs getting my attention – but not with Mo! He is the cuddliest dog and sits so close to you, if not on you, the whole time. They play together so it's nice company for Dot, and she keeps Mo in his place.

A house is not a home without a dog. When they went to be groomed the house was eerily silent and felt wrong. They complete our family and provide good therapy for my daughter who suffers from extreme anxiety. Dogs give unconditional love and their faces are so expressive. They know if they're being told off, they know what to do to get a treat. They are bonkers, like us, and I would not be without my special little guys.

Meet Mango

Even when the sun isn’t shining, life seems a little brighter when Julia sees Mango clowning around.

Mango has made life in lockdown so much more enjoyable. She loves playing in the garden and is a very fast runner! When there is hot weather, Mango loves jumping around in the water from the hose. She also loves playing with ice cubes filled with treats.

She has been such a loving companion while we work from home

We love her cute snoring and clown-like behaviour. She has been such a loving companion while we work from home. She loves nothing more than playing with other dogs, her food (which she munches down in seconds!) and playing with squeaky toys. We love you Mango – you might be a bit of a clown, but we wouldn’t change a thing!


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