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British Dogs

Meet Daisy Mae

Rosemary took Daisy Mae in when she was left without an owner, and in return she’s helped her heal from the loss of her previous dog

Daisy Mae lost her owner a few months ago. He had dementia, so she’s now overweight due to overfeeding and lack of exercise. Her owner’s son found me through a rescue centre, and she came straight to me.

She's a failed foster, as I'm adopting her!

She's been through a lot, but she has a lovely temperament and is ever so good. She's my fourth dog, as my last furbaby died nearly two years ago from serious heart disease, which left me heartbroken. But Daisy Mae has mended my heart and brought me such joy.

She's a great companion, and she’s a Staffy, so she’s full of happy wags and lots of kisses and smiles. I live on my own, so she also helps with any feelings of loneliness. And now, she's a failed foster, as I'm adopting her!

Meet Bailey

Despite everything he’s been through, Bailey will always be able to make owner Serena laugh

Bailey is the most amazing little best friend. He is a very cheeky chap and very quirky indeed. He has the craziest fun personality.

He has defied the odds and been a little hero

He has a heart murmur, has had 18 teeth pulled in one op and only last year decided to swallow a fisherman's hook, bait and line. But he has defied all odds and been the little hero throughout. He is also very talented and has a party piece of ringing the service bell for a treat. He makes us laugh, makes us smile but most of all he is full of endless love.

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Meet Remus

Remus has worked his magic on Lyndsey, who has fallen into a state of deep puppy love.

We have a new puppy called Remus, named after Remus Lupin from Harry Potter. He’s only been in the family for three weeks but he’s already provided us with many laughs!

His personality is very cheeky

His favourite thing to do is to nip at the children’s toes, or at the slippers he carries around (even though they’re bigger than him!). He’s also very snuggly, and just wants to be with someone all the time.

His personality is very cheeky, and he’s so confident. He has no fear of any other dog at all – in fact, they seem to be scared of him even though he’s tiny!

Meet Ellie

Ellie completes Margaret’s family, and she is always there for them like they are for her.

Ellie has been with us since she was nine weeks old. She was an RSPCA rescue dog. She is a Staffie Cross, the smallest of five puppies who we fell in love with on first seeing. She isn’t a pet to us, she is our family member.

She is our family member

She has helped me personally through many difficult times — on bad days after losing my precious dad, and when I was diagnosed with breast cancer she never left my side from start to finish of my treatment. She understands our every thought and makes us laugh every day. We always say that she doesn’t think she is a dog!

She has many medical problems herself to overcome but we have always been there for her, like she has us. Life would just not be the same without her.

Meet Buckley

Sabina’s husband didn’t want a dog, but then Buckley came into their lives and changed everything for the better

After many years of begging my husband for a dog, he finally relented. He always said if we were to get a dog, it would have to be a Jack Russell. I didn't argue! Buckley was like a wrecking ball. He moved in and stole our hearts.

I'm still working full time and my husband is retired. Little did I know what my boys were up to while I was at work. Now, thanks to my dearest husband, Buckley will only eat if he's fed with a fork! When his food is in his bowl, he’ll nudge one of us until we get up and feed him. If we ignore him, he gives us a pretend nip and vocally argues until we feed him. I was furious with my husband, but alas, what’s done is done.

Buckley has brought so much love and fun to our lives. He’s a very active doggy and goes out on adventures four or five times a day. He loves riding in my car and will push his nose out of the window for some fresh air – while strapped to his booster seat, of course.

Buckley also loves the ladies. In fact, he can be very amorous, to the point where most female dogs will run away while he's left howling like a wolf. He also loves mucky puddles, and he’s a regular snorkeler. He blows bubbles in the puddles, then tries to catch them while I stand in the rain, wet through.

I’m a nurse and the last three years have been extremely stressful. I also lost my dad in April last year and was unable to attend the funeral. Buckley has really helped me and my family through these rough times. No matter what I'm feeling on any given day, coming home to him makes everything better. I truly believe he was meant to be ours! And I wouldn't change him for the world.

Coming home to him makes everything better

Meet Roscoe

Roscoe the hilarious dog is a cherished member of Katrina’s family

We’ve had Roscoe since he was 10 weeks old. He is a bundle of fun and trouble all rolled into one! He’s chewed pretty much everything in my house, but every time I look into his big, brown eyes I can’t stay angry for long.

A bundle of fun and trouble all rolled into one

Throughout lockdown he has kept our family entertained by learning new tricks and just being his happy self. If you’re sad, he comes over and sits on your lap to cheer you up, even though he’s a huge Labrador!

Roscoe is a ball of energy and jumps from the chair to the sofa doing zoomies, knocking over anything and everything in his path. He loves his ball and also enjoys going for a swim. Our dog is a hugely important member of our family, and everyone who meets him wants to keep him.

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