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British Dogs

Meet Cookie

With his lively personality, Cookie makes Gemma's family laugh and smile every day

Cookie has completely changed our lives for the better.

We welcomed him into our family in September as we have a son with some additional needs and a very anxious daughter. We felt that Cookie would be a positive addition to the family, but I never could’ve predicted how much of a difference he would make!

He’s made such a difference

My son who was dependent on his pushchair now walks everywhere and Cookie knows how to make us all smile and laugh on a daily basis. He is very cheeky, but you can’t help but forgive him, particularly when he’s constantly got a waggy tail!

Meet Daisy

After spending her whole childhood wishing for a dog, Kate finally got Daisy, and she’s brought nothing but love into her life

For my whole life, I wanted a dog but, despite my protests, my parents never gave in. When I went to visit Daisy, the first thing she did was climb onto me and steal my keys. The breeder and I spent ages trying to get them off her but, being the cheeky madam she is, she was not giving in! In that moment I knew the little monster was mine.

I’ve never met anyone who hasn’t fallen for her charm

Daisy is the most loving dog, although she does have an independent streak. She absolutely loves other people – I’ve never met anyone who hasn’t fallen for her charm. When I worked in a girl’s boarding house with children from across the world, she was a lot better at soothing them when they were sad than I was.

Daisy has no dramatic story. She doesn’t know many tricks and she isn’t the most obedient (unless very good treats are on offer!) but I love her to pieces and can’t imagine life without her.

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Meet Nim

Katie know Nim was the dog for her when she was only a four-week-old pup, and since then she’s only continued to prove her right

Nim has only been in my life for 11 months, but I met her on the day she was born. And when she tried to drink some of my gin at four weeks old, I knew that was it – we were best friends for life.

She is the happiest and most trusting little spaniel. She loves a beach walk and digging holes, often barking and growling as she digs as she gets cross when the sand falls back in! She also loves an open field where she leaps like a gazelle through long grass.

My life has never felt more fulfilled

She adores all of the people in her life, and she likes to round everyone up and keep them together. When visiting my mum and dad (her grandparents), she won’t settle down to relax until we’re all squashed onto the same sofa. Otherwise, she spends all night swapping from seat to seat and glaring at whoever dares to sit elsewhere.

She is consistently the reason I get up in the morning, and the reason I travel around the country to visit beautiful places that I think she deserves to see. I work very hard to provide the life for her that she deserves, and my life has never felt more fulfilled than it has since the day she came home.

Meet Lily

After losing one of their dogs a few years ago, Sally and her family have been treasuring every moment with Lily

Lily is the most loyal, faithful Labrador. We’ve had her since she was a pup, along with our Labradoodle Ozzy, who we lost to cancer in April 2020. Lily adored Ozzy and we were afraid she would pine. But thankfully her personality has shone through. She’s very greedy and has emptied bins and hoovered up the flour that we put out to discourage ants.

I can’t bear to think what life would be like without her

She’s struggled with walking long distances lately, so we bought her a large dog buggy for longer trips. She wasn’t keen at first, but now she loves it and prefers riding to walking. She sits just like a princess, enjoying the journeys. She’s never slept on the sofa before, but ever since we’ve had our son and his dog staying with us, she enjoys jumping on the sofa each night after we've gone to bed.

She was also named after the Queen (Lilibet), as she was due to be born on the Queen's birthday. I can’t bear to think what life would be like without our truly adorable Lily, who everyone loves. And she loves them too, especially if they have a treat in their pocket.

Meet Pixie

Raven’s dog Pixie might be getting older, but she’s still got the same zest for life she’s had since she was a puppy

Pixie is a feisty, scruffy little black Border Terrier Miniature Poodle cross. Her well-earned nickname as a puppy was Taz, after the Tasmanian Devil, as she was a whirlwind of destruction. Keeping her well plied with toys saved our own toys and furniture!

Pixie has only ever known love and comfort

She’s a very sweet little dog, who loves everybody, even the family cat. Despite being 15 years old, she’s still very agile and lively with no stiffness. She still loves her favourite toy – a squeaky, startled baked potato that she’s had since she was a puppy.

Pixie has only ever known love and comfort, and she’s a great snuggler at night. She’s family.

Meet Maia

Natalie has always wanted a dog, but Maia has brought her more happiness than she could have ever imagined.

We bought Maia because everything in our life was going so right, and the only thing that was missing was her! We went around and looked at a few litters, but nothing felt right until she climbed into our arms. I was never allowed pets growing up, so to have her in my life now is a love I never knew. She is so loving and loyal. Truly one of a kind, she loves to lie at one end of the room rolling the ball to me and enjoys laying on the sofa with her head in my lap.

One of a kind

She’s the best dog a person could ask for. She pulls us up on our down days and brings us higher on our good ones. A dog is the only thing in life that loves you more than itself.

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