Meet Coco

Meet Coco

Maureen couldn’t be prouder of her labradoodle Coco, who does so much good at school.

In addition to being at the heart of our family, Coco also has an important role to play at the school for children with special needs. A pupil may be having a bad day and she will sit quietly while they perhaps read to her.

She knows instinctively if someone is hurt or upset

After break, she lines up with the children when they queue to return to class, but occasionally if she feels she is not ready she will remain firmly seated. Nothing is guaranteed to reduce the class to laughter more than to see their teacher to manually pick up Coco and march her back into school.

One of her favourite games is 'piggy in the middle', the only problem being the return of the ball if she is 'piggy' and catches it, she has her own set of rules! She knows instinctively if someone is hurt or upset and will sit by them and offer a few licks of comfort. On a recent visit to an elderly neighbour who had had a stroke she never left his side, but every so often would gently touch his knee with her paw. It wasn’t until we stood to leave that I noticed the plate of biscuits left untouched by his chair... She is very special.