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British Dogs

Meet Clyde

Jenny loves Clyde for many reasons, especially the way he takes care of her mum

Clyde is 12 years old, but he’s been part of our family ever since he was a little ball of fur. My dad passed away nearly 2 years ago now, and Clyde has been the most loyal and loving companion for my mum. I don’t know what she’d do without him.

He loves the rain, playing with his favourite ball and eating yummy snacks. He has arthritis in his legs and so he falls down sometimes, but while his body may be getting old, he still has the mind of a puppy. He’s constantly wagging his tail and ready to play, he’s such a happy boy.

He’s such a happy boy

Clyde enjoys nothing more than stealing your spot on the sofa as soon as you get up. If you leave even for a second, he’ll be lying there waiting for you when you come back. He’s also not keen on getting his photo taken, though he’s really photogenic, and we all utterly adore him. I think he still has the same puppy dog eyes we fell in love with all those years ago.

Meet Lacie

Vivienne and Lacie share a close bond and an optimistic outlook on life

Lacie is our beautiful Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. She’s such a gentlesoul who brings my family and I so much joy. She was born with hip dysplasia and has undergone several knee operations to correct this. It can’t have been easy but she soldiers on, with her beautiful smile and waggy tail.

She’s my sunshine dog

As I suffer from an ankle disability, it feels like Lacie and I were meant to be. We both take life in our stride and at our own pace. She’s my sunshine dog, and everyone who meets her instantly falls in love. Lacie is truly one of a kind.


Meet Bonnie

Patrizia and her sister may not know Bonnie’s history, but one thingthey are sure of is her wonderful personality

My twin sister and I already had two dogs in our family when we recently decided to foster another. She’s called Bonnie and she’s just seven months old. We got her from a charity called Underdog, who rescued her from Romania.

Loves making new friends

We don’t know her breed but whenever we go out people love to guess. Most seem to think she’s some sort of Husky, Lurcher and Terrier mix, but the jury’s still out on that one!

Bonnie has something of a sheepdog mentality, and always tries to herd other dogs together. She’s so sociable and loves making new friends. During the day she’s crazy and energetic, but as soon as it gets dark, she loves nothing more than crashing out and curling up on our laps.

Meet Etta

Lynn adopted Etta on the premise that she was trouble, but really, the opposite couldn’t be more true.

Etta used to live with her sister and another family, but they couldn’t cope when the two dogs started to fight. Luckily for me, that meant I got to take her on, and she’s been absolutely amazing.

She’s done everything I’ve asked of her and been a fantastic companion. I can’t bend down easily because of a bad hip, so she helps me around the house by picking up things I drop.

She helps me around the house

She’s even competed and won at HTM (dog dancing) and has learnt all sorts of tricks. She now does scent-work and is enjoying competing at that. She’s also no stranger to the screen, and has been in an episode of Doc Martin, as well as a German and an Australian film.

Best of all, Etta loves long walks and going for a swim. Her love of life has got me through lockdown and her companionship has truly kept me sane.

Meet Wish

Diane is doing everything she can to help Wish enjoy the happy life she deserves

Wish came into our lives after she retired. We've always had Collies, and had been without one for nearly five years after losing my last. Wish has some funny habits, like how she won’t eat her morning biscuits until we allsit down. She also gives you a disapproving look, like you're being told off,when you've been out and left her at home!

Wish has some funny habits

She loves her ears being tickled and often rests her head against your knees to tell you that’s what she wants. Wish makes our home a happy place, and we can only hope we’re helping her to enjoy her retirement years.

Meet Buddy

Laura couldn’t wait to get her first dog, and as soon as she saw Buddy she knew it was meant to be.

Earlier this year my partner and I moved into our own home, and I couldn’t wait to rescue a furry friend to join us. I am a massive dog lover and was never allowed one as a child. We searched local dog homes for months to no avail, the dogs were always reserved. I was then informed about a charity which rescues street dogs from Cyprus. The first picture I saw on their Facebook page was Buddy! It was love at first sight – his eyes just capture your heart.

His eyes just capture your heart

When he arrived in the UK he was very nervous, but such a sweetie who just wanted to be loved. A few months down the line and I couldn’t imagine life without him! He is my best friend, making each day brighter. You would never know he had a hard start to life. He’s so friendly and gentle (he’s never even barked) and makes friends wherever he goes! He also loves going on adventures, especially the beach.


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