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British Dogs

Meet Cisco

Ever since Elaine adopted Cisco a couple of years ago, he has grown from a nervous rescue into a loving, playful dog

Cisco is an Ibizan Hound cross. He was in a rescue centre in Spain, where he was handed in by a hunter, and then he was moved here to the UK. He was very fearful to begin with, and he still often gets unsettled by people he doesn't know.

It has been an honour to build a bond with Cisco

It has been an honour to build a bond with Cisco and gain his trust over the two years since we adopted him. He loves cuddles and lying against us. His personality has blossomed, and he’s become a goofy character at times. He pads his paws on the spot when he’s excited and can appear like a cartoon character.

He still finds the world scary sometimes, but he has shown so much resilience. He’s also always been a gentle boy and never reacted in an aggressive way, even when he’s frightened.

Meet Rufus

When Deb and her husband were struggling to conceive, their fur baby Rufus joined the family and helped them through the toughest few years of their lives

Myself and my husband had been together since 2002. In 2008, we bought our home, and in 2009 we got married and very quickly decided we wanted to have a baby.

Little did we know, life was going to throw us a massive curve ball and our journey wasn’t going to be that simple. So, 2011-2013 came and went with no joy of a baby. We’d had a round of fertility treatment and it failed, and my mental health was taking a bashing.

Then, in March 2014, we decided to get our fur baby Rufus and he literally saved me for the next two years. He was my confidant, my best friend, my shoulder to cry on and my strength to get up every morning.

He knows everything about me – the good, the bad and the ugly

He got me through so much, and still does. He knows when I’m upset, or when I need time and hugs. He knows everything about me – the good, the bad and the ugly.

Then, in 2016, our journey as human parents finally began, and Rufus is exactly the same with his human brother. He’s by his side forever and always and loves us all unconditionally.

I share my story as I feel like we sometimes don’t give our doggos enough credit for what they do for us. Just this month we added another furry friend to our brood and, again, Rufus has taken to him so well. I’m proud of my boyo and he will forever be my first baby.

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Meet Obi

Life hasn’t been easy for Abbie, but since Obi came along, he’s made every day feel that little bit brighter

I have a chronic illness, so I suffer daily with chronic pain and fatigue. For a long time, I was depressed and really not enjoying life. But then I got Obi...

He’s the absolute light of my life. My rock. My therapist. My best friend. I couldn't be without him. I knew getting a crazy Border Collie was going to be a challenge alongside living with a chronic illness, but he's been the best decision I've ever made. He gives me purpose. He gives me a reason to get out of bed on a morning. The minute I see his little face waiting for me downstairs, I feel a little less tired and a little less sore.

He gives me a reason to get out of bed on a morning

He's helped me meet so many lovely people in the village where we live, some who have become great friends. I love our long walks through the countryside, our trips to the beach (followed by ice cream, of course) and snuggling on the sofa when the weather isn't so great.

I love his craziness, his will to live, the way he shakes his butt when he gets scratches. His long tongue that he can't keep in his mouth, his cheeky smile, his one-up one-down ears, his beautiful eyes. His 'taps' when you're eating something that he really wants, the way he bounces up and down waiting for me to throw his ball, his wrestling sessions with his best friend Yoshi, his obsession with water and mud (usually the two mixed together), the way he sits and laps up the attention when the village kids come to give him cuddles. I love all of this and more.

He's my gentle giant. Always along for the ride – the highs and the lows. He makes me laugh, brings me joy, teaches me how to live freely and love unconditionally. I don't own him, he owns me.

Meet Charlie

Kelly wasn’t sure she was ready for another dog – that is, until Charlie bounded into her life.

Charlie came into our lives unexpectedly, after a text came through from a family member who knew how upset I was after losing my dog Bella. Lockdown was tough enough and without my sidekick, I was struggling.

Cute and cheeky Charlie

A change of circumstances meant Charlie faced the prospect of going back to the kennels, which was unideal seeing as he’d been through rescue centre twice already. He came for a visit one Friday night, just for a trial run – and he hasn't left since!

Initially we didn’t feel ready for another dog, but as soon as we saw him, we knew instantly that cute and cheeky Charlie was meant to be a part of our family. He’s so full of love and character, and such a happy dog.

Meet Bob

Sally was told Bob couldn’t survive his cancer, but now he’s seven years old and still thriving

Bob had to have one of his rear legs amputated at the age of three, following an osteosarcoma. He then underwent chemotherapy, and we were told that at best he would have 12-18 months. Bob didn’t hear that though. He is the most amazing dog with the most amazing zest for life.

He makes us laugh with his antics every day. On his daily walks with his mum, granny, great-uncle and nephew, he gambols like a lamb and throws himself down on the ground, rolling just for the fun of it.

He seems to know if we are down and will come and place his beautiful head on our laps, looking at us with his wonderful deep eyes. It’s as though he knows we helped him when he needed us and now, following my cancer diagnosis, he’s helping me, too.

He adores everyone he meets, and they adore him, often not noticing he only has three legs. He has been an inspiration to owners of other dogs with the same condition, some of whom have made it like him and others who haven’t. Life with Bob is a better life.

Life with Bob is a better life

Meet Sully

Sully is the most loyal of dogs and likes to accompany Paul everywhere – he won’t even eat a biscuit without him!

Deep down Sully is a big softie at heart, very loyal to my wife and I. He gets nervous when out and likes to cuddle his teddy – in fact, he is so attached to it that he’s been known to carry it around with him on his walks!

He loves to go fishing with me

We do walk together a lot, but he loves to go fishing with me. He goes mad when I catch a fish, watching my line until I bring it in. He sits there for hours with me. We also go to watch my daughter play football, and he’ll sit on my lap while the game is going on.

If my wife gives him a biscuit in the morning before going out, he won’t eat it until he has shown it to me when I come home in the afternoon. All it takes for us is to say to him ‘where’s the cat?’ and he’ll go up the garden barking like mad, even though there is no cat!

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