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British Dogs

Meet Chloe

When it comes to who’s in charge, Leigh is under no illusion that it’s her dog Chloe who rules the roost

Chloe lights up my day every day. When I come home from work she’s so happy to see me, it’s almost as though I’ve been gone for months. She’s a very clever dog, so we have to watch what we say around her – for example, she used to get so excited every time she heard us use the word ‘chicken’, we now have to refer to it as ‘cluck’!

A little ray of sunshine

One of her favourite things to do is chase the wildlife living in the garden – that is, when she isn’t playing with her extensive collection of toys. She adores her little stuffed bear, which she’s had since she was tiny. Chloe also loves to snuggle, so every night at around 7pm, she’ll sit and nudge her blanket until you move it onto the sofa for her to cosy up under!

I couldn’t imagine my life without my beautiful dog – she is truly a little ray of sunshine and joy. Even though she’s nearly nine years old now, she’s still a lively little puppy at heart.

Meet Freddie

Alexandra knew that getting a dog might help her, but she could never have predicted how much joy and companionship Freddie would offer

Freddie has saved me. I suffer with anxiety and panic attacks, which got particularly bad last year. I knew getting a dog wouldn’t ‘fix’ me but I also knew that for some people, having a dog can be a source of comfort.

It’s safe to say Freddie has been my saviour – he truly lights up my world every single day. He’s got such a big personality that everyone always comments on how ‘human’ he is.

Freddie has been my saviour

Freddie likes to chat, so he’ll howl at me whenever I talk to him. Every morning and every time I come home after being out, he makes this cute little growl – I’m sure it’s his way of telling me he loves me.


Meet Sandy

William’s job isn’t easy, but he knows he’ll always come home to Sandy’s loving support and affection.

I'm a support worker for the very vulnerable and my dog is the best thing that has happened to me since lockdown began.

She gives me so much love!

I come home every night and she jumps all over me and gives me so much love. She makes my day so much better. She is my alarm clock, and even talks to me in her own special way by licking my face and nudging me when she needs me.

Meet Bix

Michelle’s dog Bix may have been an unexpected addition to the family, but now he’s what makes their house a home

We met Bix in the summer of 2019. As we’d recently lost our beloved dog Hamish, we were too upset to consider adopting another. But, on a trip to the Dog’s Trust to donate some of our items, we saw Bix and fell in love straight away – it was meant to be, and 9 days later he became an official part of our family.

At first he was very timid around us, but now his cheeky character has started to shine through and he is an absolute joy to be around. His funny antics make us laugh every day, and he really does have a beautiful personality.

His cheeky character has started to shine

He loves nothing more than being at home, and upon return to the house will immediately start rolling or running around out of sheer excitement. We tried to tell him he wasn’t allowed to sit on the furniture, but he didn’t listen, and always manages to relax on the sofa and watch TV with us in the evening. He even demands his own pillow to lie on!

Recently, we’ve been video calling my parents every day. Bix insists he makes an appearance on each time, so as soon as he hears their voices he’ll dash into the room and jump in front of the phone screen to say hello.

Meet Denzil

Paula didn’t give up on Denzil, and because of that he found the strength to survive. Now he’s helping other dogs do the same.

Denzil is a Morkie and we bought him from a registered kennel in Wales. His story is very special as he is the only dog to survive severe GME (Meningitis). He has had a research paper done on him by Liverpool University, veterinary hospital.

Problems started just after his first booster at our vets. We thought he was just having a reaction to his injections, then a few days after finishing his medication, he collapsed in our garden! We took him to our vet straight away and luckily one of the vets was from Germany and said that she thought it could be meningitis. They referred us to Liverpool university Wraith animal hospital.

His story is very special

What ensued was 18 months of IV treatment, 32 tablets a day and five 10-hour chemotherapy sessions. I researched the best foods to give him, and I also used aromatherapy massage to help ease the muscles in his spine and he started to respond. Finally, at nearly 3 years old he was given the all clear! Denzil now has his own Facebook page to raise awareness of this terrible disease and to encourage vets to refer immediately.

Meet London

London the dog was the most meaningful gift Verity could have ever received, and she is forever grateful for him

My mum bought London for me in the summer of 2017. I went all the way to Germany to collect him. She was so happy with our new puppy – he was sweet and gentle with all our other dogs. Mum knew that I would enjoy showing him off at dogs shows, talking him for long walks and grooming him.

She also knew that she wouldn’t be with me for much longer. By November, she had passed and I was devastated. But having London gave me the strength to carry on. Just as she’d hoped, I went out for walks and took him to dog shows – he gave me a reason to keep going, day in, day out.

Gave me the strength to carry on

London was patient with my tears, staying by my side throughout everything. Now, slowly and gently, he guides me through life. From the moment I get up in the morning to the moment I arrive home from work, he’s always there for me. Recently, he became a father to a wonderful puppy called Aster, who has been like a shining light of hope for the whole family this year.

My dog London truly is the gift that keeps on giving. He enhances my existence every day, and I couldn’t be without him.


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