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British Dogs

Meet Charlie

From morning ‘til night, Charlie brings nothing but joy to every moment of Elizabeth’s day

Charlie is the happiest little Jack Russell, who just loves life. He wakes up at 6:30am every day without fail and spreads such fun from the moment he opens his eyes in the morning.

He likes to dictate the routine by barking, which is his way of telling me to get a jiggle on and eat breakfast so he can get ready for his morning stroll and then settle in for his day.

He spreads such fun from the moment he opens his eyes

He always greets me on my return from work with a huge wagging tail and a happy yap, ready for his next stroll and his evening meal. We then move onto ball playing before settling down for a nice cuddle and telly before bed.

We’re always exhausted and ready for a bedtime snuggle, and he’s a happy boy, all prepped and ready for the next day. Utter joy!

Meet Remus

Remus has worked his magic on Lyndsey, who has fallen into a state of deep puppy love.

We have a new puppy called Remus, named after Remus Lupin from Harry Potter. He’s only been in the family for three weeks but he’s already provided us with many laughs!

His personality is very cheeky

His favourite thing to do is to nip at the children’s toes, or at the slippers he carries around (even though they’re bigger than him!). He’s also very snuggly, and just wants to be with someone all the time.

His personality is very cheeky, and he’s so confident. He has no fear of any other dog at all – in fact, they seem to be scared of him even though he’s tiny!

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Meet Mei

Charlotte had always been scared of dogs, but Mei helped her to overcome her fears

When my parents first came home with a hyperactive Springer Spaniel puppy in their arms, I was sceptical to say the least. I have struggled with a phobia of dogs since I was a child, crossing the road whenever I came within barking distance of a dog, no matter how small they were. So, the day they adopted Mei I sat alone by the backdoor, watching my family interact with this tiny, floppy-eared being rolling in the grass and scampering under the garden furniture.

I stopped flinching at every bark

Eventually, my mother dragged me out into the garden and sat me on a deck chair, in the centre of all the action. Mei immediately bounded over to me, sniffing and biting my shoelaces. It was the closest I had been to a dog my whole life. She must have liked the smell of my shoes because she soon fell asleep on them. While she slept, I felt brave enough to strokeher fur.

Over the coming months, I stopped flinching at every bark, and I even played with her and taught her a few tricks. Now, when I come across a dog in the street or park I react with interest and joy, rather than the fear and anxiety I had always lived with.

Meet Meg

Ever since Anna teamed up with her pride and joy Meg, they’ve helped each other so much

I got Meg when she was about a year old. She was in the worst state – filthy, horrifically skinny and terrified of everything, including me. I was suffering a lot with my mental health at the time. We literally saved each other.

We literally saved each other

She has since then been diagnosed with a serious medical condition called IMHA which can be controlled, but not cured. She is essentially on borrowed time, but I am determined to give her the best time possible, however long she’s with me. I owe her everything.

Thankfully she doesn’t know she’s poorly. She has turned into such a happy little pooch who is far more confident, although I have never been able to get rid of her fear of things that buzz!

Meet Diesel

Maggie is always amazed at how empathetic her dog Diesel is, as he always knows when she’s feeling down, and how to cheer her up.

Diesel is the best dog ever. A few years back, I was really suffering with depression. On one particularly bad day I was in the house on my own feeling very low, and he noticed this and would not leave my side. He has always picked up when I don't feel well physically or mentally, and will never leave my side. It’s like he has to keep an eye on me!

He loves everyone he meets, always throwing himself on the floor at people’s feet. Whenever we go out he always has to have two tennis balls, as he won’t give the ball back unless he has another one to hold!

Will never leave my side

He knows his toys by the name, of "MyMine", which was started when he was a puppy and has just stuck. As soon as we say ‘go get your "MyMine"’ he will run off and come back with something, but it won't always be a toy – sometimes he’ll run off and then come back all excited with nothing in his mouth at all, just what looks like a huge grin!

Our neighbours will often give him a biscuit over the fence, and as soon as he hears them outside, he climbs into one of the flowerpots to make himself taller to make sure they see him. He is caring, loving and a bundle of fun, and everyone that meets him loves him.

Meet Indi

With her appreciation for the finer things in life, Emily’s dog Indi is about as elegant as they come – until food’s involved

Indi is a Weimaraner who we rescued from a dogs’ home four years ago. It immediately became clear that she was a real lady, as she showed a preference for soft carpet and a tendency to sit with her front paws crossed.

We still can’t comprehend how she ended up in a home

She was initially incredibly wary of people and other dogs, but over the years she’s become increasingly social and now loves nothing better than a pack walk. She comes everywhere with us and adores the hospitality of local restaurants and pubs.

Her favourite is doggy tapas (her tastes are quite upmarket). But while she appears a true lady, she has the eating habits of an absolute pig and takes an ‘eat now and ask questions later’ approach.

Indi has brought an incredible amount of joy to our lives, and we still can’t comprehend how she ended up in a home. She is one in a million.

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