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British Dogs

Meet Chance

Eleven months ago, Chance and his siblings were found abandoned in a park, but the love and care of Lauren and her colleagues has transformed him into a happy, healthy pup!

Chance was found in a park with his four litter mates at just a day old. They were dumped in a cardboard box and left for dead!

A lovely member of the public brought them in to the vets where I work, and the whole team rallied together to hand-rear the five puppies. This involved lots of feeds, throughout the day and night, whilst also doing our jobs.

He was found in a park with his four litter mates at just a day old

It was touch and go as to whether they would survive or grow into normal dogs as they didn’t have the influence of their mum, who would normally teach them a lot of life lessons.

But Chance is 11 months old now and he’s absolutely huge. He’s coming on so well with his training! He has lots of little quirks, like he has to bring something to show you when he greets you. He LOVES people and dogs, especially children, and he knows quite a few party tricks, including ‘commando’ where he crawls along the floor like an army man.

Meet Lola

Gill is so proud of how kind and intuitive her dog Lola is, especially around those who need her most

Lola, a white and black Staffie, burst into our lives in 2018 as a seven-year-old rescue dog. Our other dogs had died that year and Lola was the bundle of joy we all needed. She came on a visit from the Rescue centre and never left.

She gets super excited every time she sees an adult and always greets them with enthusiasm. When she sees children, however, she’s much calmer and more relaxed. Lola is our granddaughter’s best friend.

Lola is our granddaughter’s best friend

Once, a little lamb found its way into our garden and got its head stuck in the fence. Lola stayed beside the lamb and started to bark until I came to find her. She helped me to save that small creature’s life, which is just another example of how loving and sensitive she is.


Meet Max and Millie

Max and Millie might be chalk and cheese, but they are the perfect pair and together they’ve brightened up Charli’s life.

We had not long moved into our first home, and decided to adopt a rescue dog from the local rescue centre. After looking at a couple, we eventually went to Birmingham dogs home where we set our eyes upon Max. He looked so sad in his kennel, he had no name and apparently, he was a stray. After getting him out of the kennel into the exercise area, he loved being outside and running around. He gave us that ‘feeling’ and four days later we brought him home.

We noticed an instant change

It was the start of a journey — he was scared of everything. However as soon as you let him off his lead, his half-greyhound side comes out and boy does he love to run! The woods are his favourite place to explore and chase the squirrels and rabbits. Although we had made progress with him, it was clear he needed a friend so we were advised to get another dog— and this is where we welcome Millie!

From the same rescue home, Millie was six when she came home with us. We noticed an instant change in Max. He was more confident, not so scared of the big wide world. As Millie likes to socialise with other dogs (typical Labrador trait) we started to meet with other dog owners in the local park, and now at least once a week we meet up and let the dogs play.

Meet Diesel

Maggie is always amazed at how empathetic her dog Diesel is, as he always knows when she’s feeling down, and how to cheer her up.

Diesel is the best dog ever. A few years back, I was really suffering with depression. On one particularly bad day I was in the house on my own feeling very low, and he noticed this and would not leave my side. He has always picked up when I don't feel well physically or mentally, and will never leave my side. It’s like he has to keep an eye on me!

He loves everyone he meets, always throwing himself on the floor at people’s feet. Whenever we go out he always has to have two tennis balls, as he won’t give the ball back unless he has another one to hold!

Will never leave my side

He knows his toys by the name, of "MyMine", which was started when he was a puppy and has just stuck. As soon as we say ‘go get your "MyMine"’ he will run off and come back with something, but it won't always be a toy – sometimes he’ll run off and then come back all excited with nothing in his mouth at all, just what looks like a huge grin!

Our neighbours will often give him a biscuit over the fence, and as soon as he hears them outside, he climbs into one of the flowerpots to make himself taller to make sure they see him. He is caring, loving and a bundle of fun, and everyone that meets him loves him.

Meet Princess Peggy

Pat’s dog Princess Peggy is beautiful inside and out, thanks to her kind and friendly nature

My son has Aspergers, and when he lost our very old Chihuahua, Princess Peggy was there to help him through his grief. Although he was a young man, my son really struggled to cope with the loss, but she offered him a reason to smile every day. Now, he’s much older and married, but his love for Peggy remains strong –he’s even passed it on to his children, who love to teach her new tricks.

Finds a way to brighten everyone’s day

Peggy is a very calming and positive influence, and is known around our local area for helping children to overcome their fear of dogs. When children approach her, Peggy sits very still and allows them to stroke her without barking or moving around. They always go away with a spring in their step, which is a joy to see. It’s not just children she helps either – Peggy also loves to visit our lonely, elderly neighbours, and they absolutely love her. She always finds a way to brighten everyone’s day.

There are many things that make Peggy so unique. She adores her food and she also loves to be pampered, which is just as well because her beautiful coat needs brushing every day. She even lets me clean her teeth and take the tarter away – not many dogs would put up with that!

Meet Koda

Misha’s playful dog, Koda, makes the world a brighter place with his funny antics

I got my dog from a shelter in Macedonia. He was funny and quirky from the first day I met him, which is what drew me towards him. Koda is like a human – he sighs and gives the perfect side-eye stare when he’s annoyed.He also constantly wants to play and is obsessed with belly rubs. He’ll try and get one from every person he sees, even if they’re a total stranger.

He’s a large dog but a complete baby

Koda adores cats but sadly for him, the affection isn’t usually reciprocated. He’s a large dog but a complete baby, with a phobia of tiny pups! He’s so loving, funny and inquisitive, and I can’t imagine my life without him.


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