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British Dogs

Meet Carmen

Carmen has been Wendy’s saviour during lockdown, but she hasn’t got the hang of video calls just yet...

Carmen is my Canine Partner, who’s been with me for just over a year now. She’s a beautiful Golden Retriever with the longest fluffy tail.

My dog helps me with tasks around the house. If I stop breathing at night, she wakes my husband by jumping on the bed, and is even trained to use an emergency phone to call an ambulance.

She is extremely caring but also has a wild side

She is extremely caring but also has a wild side and goes crazy on the beach. I think she’s trying to dig her way to Australia! The way she runs and plays, it’s hard to believe she’s the same calm girl that helps me through every day.

Carmen used to be a school reading dog, which she loved. She always looked as though she understood every word the children were saying. Now the reading classes take place over a video call, and Carmen always tries to get behind my laptop to see if the children are actually there behind the screen.

I don’t know how I’d have coped with lockdown without Carmen by my side. She is my angel and I love her to bits.

Meet Bramble

Bramble’s funny antics and endless affection always put a smile on owner Diane’s face

Bramble is such a positive influence in my life. She’s always so happy and loves nothing more than making me laugh. One of her favourite things to play with is her Frisbee, especially when we’re on the beach.

She enjoys keeping me company and is always there to lend a paw. When I’m gardening, for instance, she’ll help me out by putting her ball in the trug. Bramble is also very affectionate, and won’t go to bed until she’s had her nightly kisses and cuddles.

Won’t go to bed until she’s had her nightly kisses

As a very clever dog, she knows exactly when it’s time for her treats in the morning and afternoon. I often find her waiting for me by the cupboard, and she won’t move until I’ve handed them over! Bramble has a love-hate relationship with our cat Alfie. I know she adores him, but he often rejects her with just a flick of his paw – it never seems to deter her from trying though.

Having a dog is great because they always wants to go for a walk. This means that even on the most wet and dismal days, I’m forced to get out and enjoy some fresh air, which really does help to keep me fit. Every day is special with Bramble in my life – she gives me a reason to carry on.


Meet Chester

Chester has helped Sarah-Louise and her husband to stay positive in challenging times

Chester is a two-year-old Pomsky. My husband is a doctor and I’m a nurse,and we decided to get Chester when I was having a particularly hard time at work.We had recently moved to Wales and taking Chester out for walks encouraged me to make new friends with other dog owners.

He melts our stress away

I really believe Chester’s constant happiness and endless love saved me from a dark place. After a long day at work, he’ll always greet us with so much excitement. Both my husband and I feel as though he melts our stress away. Our mental wellbeing has improved greatly since having Chester, and so has our fitness, as he loves to be outside and run around.

One of Chester’s favourite hobbies is helping out in the garden. I’ve started creating new boarders and as soon as I get my spade out, he gets his paws ready and digs wherever you’re digging. He’s truly wonderful.

Meet Nora

Thanks to her dog Nora, Lorna has reclaimed her life and discovered a new sense of happiness

Nora is the dog that saved my life. When I was 27, I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of arthritis and was in constant pain. Small tasks such as putting on my socks became difficult, and had it not been for Nora, I think I would have given up.

Because of my dog, I have a purpose

She was always there for me, helping me through the pain and giving me a reason to carry on. Taking her on walks got me up and out in the morning. It took me almost a year to be officially diagnosed and then another year to get the right medication so that the pain was tolerable. I’ve had to give up so much since then, but Nora has remained by my side throughout it all.

If I’m having a bad pain day she seems to know and will do something silly just to make me smile. On good days, we enjoy going out together and taking in the fresh air. Nora has given me back the dreams I thought I’d lost. Because of my dog, I have a purpose. With her by my side, I can take on any challenge that life throws at me. We’ll get through it together.

Meet Charlie

Whether she’s out in the garden or snuggling up on the sofa, Karen can always rely on her dog Charlie for company

Charlie helps me to keep a work life balance and to stay healthy. I work as a nurse and no matter how exhausted I am, he gives me a reason to get up and make the most of each day

Charlie has encouraged me to get outdoors

Over lockdown, Charlie has encouraged me to get outdoors and to start growing my own vegetables. He loves it, as he gets fed fresh peas, peppers, and other scrumptious home grown produce as a treat when we are gardening. He also gives the best cuddles in the evening when we’re tired from a day of fresh air. Charlie is my best friend and I couldn’t be without him.

Meet Ferdie

Dea’s Doberman Ferdie is proof that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

20-week-old Ferdie was a hard decision to make honestly. We lost our previous dog three years ago and were heartbroken. He had been a rescue dog and no other could replace him. We agreed to wait until we had more time on our hands before we would consider getting another. We occasionally talked about getting a dog but that was as far as it went until we were told about some Doberman puppies. I was very reluctant as I wasn’t used to a large breed of dog and I’d heard some (incorrect) bad press stories about the Doberman dogs. My partner was more enthusiastic than I was but we decided to go and investigate. And, as they say, we never looked back!

He has given us a new lease of life

This charming boy came along at just the right time. He has given us a new lease of life. Like any puppy he’s been hard work, but we’ve been rewarded with the most gentle and soppiest of dogs. There’s not an aggressive bone in his body and he has such a lust for life. In fact, he’s got so little aggression that all his toys remain intact. He has one downfall though – he’s not keen on getting his feet wet and we live right by the sea. Even damp sand causes a disdainful look! He is a regular window ornament and likes nothing more than to lie there and watch the world go by. I have plenty of doggy nose art to clean on a daily basis!


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