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British Dogs

Meet Buckley

Sabina’s husband didn’t want a dog, but then Buckley came into their lives and changed everything for the better

After many years of begging my husband for a dog, he finally relented. He always said if we were to get a dog, it would have to be a Jack Russell. I didn't argue! Buckley was like a wrecking ball. He moved in and stole our hearts.

I'm still working full time and my husband is retired. Little did I know what my boys were up to while I was at work. Now, thanks to my dearest husband, Buckley will only eat if he's fed with a fork! When his food is in his bowl, he’ll nudge one of us until we get up and feed him. If we ignore him, he gives us a pretend nip and vocally argues until we feed him. I was furious with my husband, but alas, what’s done is done.

Buckley has brought so much love and fun to our lives. He’s a very active doggy and goes out on adventures four or five times a day. He loves riding in my car and will push his nose out of the window for some fresh air – while strapped to his booster seat, of course.

Buckley also loves the ladies. In fact, he can be very amorous, to the point where most female dogs will run away while he's left howling like a wolf. He also loves mucky puddles, and he’s a regular snorkeler. He blows bubbles in the puddles, then tries to catch them while I stand in the rain, wet through.

I’m a nurse and the last three years have been extremely stressful. I also lost my dad in April last year and was unable to attend the funeral. Buckley has really helped me and my family through these rough times. No matter what I'm feeling on any given day, coming home to him makes everything better. I truly believe he was meant to be ours! And I wouldn't change him for the world.

Coming home to him makes everything better

Meet Toby

Even though Toby sometimes creates a bit of mess, he makes it up to Andrew and his family in so many ways

Toby’s a rescue dog and he makes us laugh every day. We got him a year before lockdown, and he helped us get through it.

He leads a walking group at our local community kitchen where my wife works. He meets and greets everyone, and they all love him.

He makes us laugh every day

He loves to ‘remake’ our bed and waits for us to laugh when we see it in a mess. And he loves doing zoomies at his granny's, where he destroys the lawn – but she loves him so much, it doesn't matter. He also has amazing, gorgeous ears that we call his angel wings.

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Meet Freddie

Alexandra knew that getting a dog might help her, but she could never have predicted how much joy and companionship Freddie would offer

Freddie has saved me. I suffer with anxiety and panic attacks, which got particularly bad last year. I knew getting a dog wouldn’t ‘fix’ me but I also knew that for some people, having a dog can be a source of comfort.

It’s safe to say Freddie has been my saviour – he truly lights up my world every single day. He’s got such a big personality that everyone always comments on how ‘human’ he is.

Freddie has been my saviour

Freddie likes to chat, so he’ll howl at me whenever I talk to him. Every morning and every time I come home after being out, he makes this cute little growl – I’m sure it’s his way of telling me he loves me.

Meet Maisie

Maisie takes it upon herself to look after everyone, her owner Louise and their pet guinea pigs included!

Maisie is a loving, sociable dog. Even though she has doggy dementia, she still adores life and loves long walks, body boarding and rock pooling! I love going with her and watching her snorkel – once she even caught a crab!

She treats our guinea pigs like her puppies

She also loves little kids and treats our guinea pigs like her puppies, grooming them and sharing (or stealing) the veg from their plates as she loves sprouts! She will do a repertoire of tricks if you don’t give her a treat.

She is intelligent, stubborn and intuitive and can identify when my partner is in pain to the point when she will lie against her back and refuse to move when she has a flare up. Maisie has also helped me through tough times, allowing me to gradually get from agoraphobic to being able to go out with her by my side.

Meet Harry

With Tyler’s help, Harry has transformed from a neglected rescue dog to a cheeky little chap, enjoying his senior years

We adopted Harry roughly two months ago from Dogs Trust and, since having him in our life, we feel whole.

Harry hadn’t had the easiest start. When he was first donated to Dogs Trust, he was so matted that they didn’t even know if he was a boy or girl. Our poor baby was known as Harriet for a while, until his matted fur was shaved, and they discovered he was in fact a boy!

We like to think it’s us who saved him, but I think it’s the other way round!

From the first photo we saw of Harry, we knew we had to make him part of our family. It didn’t matter to us that he was an older dog. I think it bothered him more when he had to suffer several hour-long trips back and forth to have six of his teeth removed – he hated the car more than the dentist!

Harry has settled in well at home and he completes our family. He is super cheeky and will do anything for a treat. He’ll jump, walk on two legs, doggy paddle with his paws and occasionally try to sneak food off our plates. Being old, he can’t walk too far, but he gets super excited when his dad comes home from work and zooms around the house like a baby. Often when we do go on walks, he will refuse to walk home and has to be carried like a new-born – I think he definitely weighs more though!

We are so grateful that Harry is part of our family. He has brought happiness and wholesomeness to our hearts. We like to think it’s us who saved him, but I think it’s the other way round!

Meet Hope

Hope goes everywhere with Launa and her partner, even when they spent six months travelling around Spain and Portugal

I lost my job 11 years ago, about the same time Hope was born. My brother gave her to me, so I had a reason to get out of bed in the mornings and she has certainly lived up to her name. Occasionally she is Hopeful or Hopeless too!

She’s the most chilled out dog I’ve ever known and we take her everywhere with us. In 2016, we had the opportunity to go travelling for six months around Spain and Portugal. Hope came too of course.

She’s the most chilled out dog I’ve ever known and we take her everywhere with us

We based ourselves in the Algarve and travelled around via public transport. She was always so well behaved that the train conductor would ask us why we had bought three tickets to travel (you pay for dogs there too). We always had to point her out, chilled or asleep at our feet.

Whenever we played stick or ball by the sea, we would gain a crowd as the locals have a different relationship with their dogs in the Algarve and were not used to them being so playful. Hope has stayed in Airbnbs across Portugal and never a whisper. The above photo is from Lisbon, which we adored, with Hope taking the crowds in her stride.

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