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British Dogs

Meet Bob

Abigail got her sassy little Chihuahua Bob as soon as she moved into her first home at the age of 21.

I got Bob from Gumtree, because his old owner said he didn’t get along with her other dogs. At this point he was 18 months old and had never really been on a walk outside, he had always been pushed around in a dog pram because he just refused to walk!

The special thing about Bob is he has three legs, as his front left leg never properly formed. The day he came to live with me I popped him down on the pavement and with no issue at all he started hopping along next to me! He now loves his long walks along the local canal with my grandad, my mum and her dogs, managing about eight miles which is pretty good for a three-legged Chihuahua!

He now loves his long walks

He hasn’t just brightened up my life but also all of my family members lives too. The first thing any of them say to me is always ‘How’s bob doing?’.

This cheeky little monkey loves nothing more than playing fetch, eating lots of treats and receiving lots of belly rubs. His favourite place in the world is the beach, although he thinks he owns the place once he gets there!

He is such an inspiration with how he gets on with his life and adapts to everything in his path no problem. More recently, throughout this pandemic he has been a true star. Things were so strange, but getting out every morning for a long walk with Bob really helped me through it all. I can’t say the same for the poor little guy though, he couldn’t wait for me to stop working from home so he could enjoy his naps uninterrupted!

Meet Bella Bear

Heather has adopted many Miniature Schnauzer’s in her lifetime, but few live up to Bella Bear.

We rescue female Miniature Schnauzer dogs from puppy farms. Over the past 20 years, we’ve rescued 16 – each with their own set of fears, neuroses, strange habits and physical problems after years in the most dreadful environments.

Two years ago, we suddenly lost a very young rescue who had a heart murmur. I looked online and saw that there was a nine-month-old Miniature Schnauzer in a rescue in Wales. On the hottest day of the year, we travelled 300 miles to get her and 300 miles to bring her home. Since that day she has delighted us with her youth, her love for everyone and her exuberance for life.

She is a true joy

She is always happy. She insists on cuddling and playing with the four much older dogs we have and they seem to forget their traumas and woes when they’re around her. She patrols the garden endlessly to ensure no pigeon, jackdaw, or rook lands. But she’ll give robins and blackbirds safe access. She insists on taking out a soft toy every time she goes into the garden. But she always leaves them there. She greets us with squeals of delight even if we’ve only been gone for five minutes. She sleeps between us on her own pillow, never moving, but pressing against my back as though to say ‘I’ve got you’. Everyone loves Bella Bear. Although we don’t seek a reward for rescuing these dogs, I believe she is our reward for looking after all our ‘damaged’ girls over the years. She is a true joy.


Meet Bruno

Cleaning just got a whole lot easier now that Lucie has Bruno in her life!

Bruno was a rescue dog from a family who couldn't give him the love and time he needed. He was born with only one eye – he doesn't let that hold him back though, and he can run as fast as any other dog. He's wary of strangers and new environments, but once he gains your trust, he's the sweetest, most lovable dog I know.

He loves to play games like hide-and-seek and chase. And he loves to learn new tricks, too. He loves to crunch on all fruits and vegetables. As soon as hears the vegetable drawer in the fridge open, he dashes to get a treat!

He's the sweetest, most lovable dog I know

The most amazing thing about him is that if you spill or drop something edible in the kitchen, you just need to shout "clean up team". No matter where he is in the house or garden, he will come dashing in to find you and will lick it up immediately. If he can't see it straight away, just point and he will find it.

He is the most amazing dog I have ever met and my family and I would be lost without him.

Meet Paloma and Kyuss

Orla loves to spoil her two pups Paloma and Kyuss, who enjoy going on long walks with her – even though they have tiny legs!

Our little troublemakers are a pair of long-haired mini dachshunds, who turned our world upside down when they joined us as pups back in 2017.

There are so many funny things that they do, and even on a down day they make us smile. Paloma’s cutest habit Is that every night after dinner, she waits for her dad to lie on the floor so she can rest on him for neck kisses. The truth is that everything she does makes us smile.

They have such short legs!

In 2018, she was diagnosed with lymphoma, and we chose to treat her with chemo as she is so young and has so much fight in her. We needed to give it a shot. Almost 18 months on and she is still beating cancer. Everything she does is special to us – as you can imagine she is so spoiled, even more than she was before she got ill!

Kyuss is a food obsessed mummy’s boy. We know it’s very naughty but his endless tricks to get more treats makes us laugh. We love to take them both out on long walks, which I’m not sure we’d do without them. The longest walk we have done is 10 miles – not bad considering they have such short legs! They love our country walks and always stay close by, not down to good training but because they’re total wimps!

Kyuss and Paloma bring so much joy into our home – or, their home rather, because let’s face it, we’re just here to provide treats and kisses!

Meet Dexter

Dexter has perked up Elaine’s home life with his cheeky grin and outdoor escapades.

After losing my previous Labrador after 13 and a half years, life was far too quiet. Enter Dexter to shake it up again – a loveable, cheeky, friendly puppy who’s now seven months old now. He's very loyal, loves to please and will do anything for a hot dog sausage. He loves to play ball, chase the birds, collect sticks and run in the fields. Then its home for a bath and some chill out time on his sun lounger. With Dexter, life is now rich again and far from quiet!

With Dexter, life is rich again and far from quiet!

Meet Max and Millie

Max and Millie might be chalk and cheese, but they are the perfect pair and together they’ve brightened up Charli’s life.

We had not long moved into our first home, and decided to adopt a rescue dog from the local rescue centre. After looking at a couple, we eventually went to Birmingham dogs home where we set our eyes upon Max. He looked so sad in his kennel, he had no name and apparently, he was a stray. After getting him out of the kennel into the exercise area, he loved being outside and running around. He gave us that ‘feeling’ and four days later we brought him home.

We noticed an instant change

It was the start of a journey — he was scared of everything. However as soon as you let him off his lead, his half-greyhound side comes out and boy does he love to run! The woods are his favourite place to explore and chase the squirrels and rabbits. Although we had made progress with him, it was clear he needed a friend so we were advised to get another dog— and this is where we welcome Millie!

From the same rescue home, Millie was six when she came home with us. We noticed an instant change in Max. He was more confident, not so scared of the big wide world. As Millie likes to socialise with other dogs (typical Labrador trait) we started to meet with other dog owners in the local park, and now at least once a week we meet up and let the dogs play.


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