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British Dogs

Meet Blossom

Blossom’s overbite meant she was no longer valuable to breeders, but their loss was Lyndsey’s gain as the pair have now formed an unbreakable bond

Blossom is originally from Ireland where she was used for breeding. It wasn’t long before they realised that she was passing on her overbite, reducing the value of her puppies. They no longer wanted her, so she went to Many Tears rescue centre in Wales.

From there she went to a foster home, before being adopted by a family. Sadly, this didn’t last long due to a marriage breakdown, so it was back to Many Tears, into another foster home, and then we met her and she came home with us. This was all before she was five years old.

We’ve now had Blossom for three years and it’s like she’s always been here. It took her about a year before she would let us rub her belly, and she’s still not 100% sure about my husband. But she’s my shadow and will follow me wherever I go. It’s a bond I’ve never had with any other dog I’ve owned and it’s so special. She’s been my jogging buddy, my marathon-walking buddy, my isolation buddy, and everything in between.

We absolutely adore every little hair on her

To see her character come out over the years has been absolutely beautiful. Watching her enjoying walks, trips in the car, days out as a family, scratches and her spectacular zoomies around our garden truly warms my heart. She is fantastic with both my daughters, and she even loves the guinea pigs!

There isn’t a bad bone in this dog’s body, which astounds me as she had such a rubbish start to her life. She is so patient and kind to our little puppy who joined the family in December, although she could do with being a bit firmer with him as he’s running rings around her!

Honestly, the love that our whole family has for this little ‘potato gremlin’ is immense. She’s our funky little monkey and we absolutely ADORE every little hair on her (though it would be nice if they stayed on her and didn’t stick to everything she touches!).

Meet Fergus

Lorna just couldn’t be without her furry best friend, Fergus

Fergus has been an absolute blessing during the last year. I’ve had to shield, and he’s been by my side the whole way through.

We’ve passed away the days away together, and he’s been a great help to me in the garden. Fergus loves nothing more than to dig holes, although I often catch him digging in places he really shouldn’t!

He’s been by my side the whole way through

He’s such a loving and friendly dog, and with him to look after, I have a reason to get up early in the morning – although usually, it’s because he’s jumping on my head in an attempt to tell me he’s ready for his breakfast.

Fergus, along with his big brother Henry, have their own social media page and have kept hundreds of followers entertained with their antics during lockdown. I would be lost without my constant companion.


Meet Sasha

Laura didn’t know she needed Sasha in her life, but now the two of them are inseparable.

Sasha is my side-kick, my plus one, my absolute everything. I have grown up with Spaniels all my life, but when I lost my last boy Louis, I didn’t think I’d be able to ever get another one. Then, along came Sasha and she stole my heart from the moment I met her.

She stole my heart

She is the most sociable, friendly, loving dog I have ever known. It’s been just the two of us through lockdown and she has got me through it, getting me out and about on our walks every day and spending time in the garden with me.

Everyone needs a Sasha in their life.

Meet Wolfie

Wolfie has brightened up Tatiana’s life with his playfulness and friendliness, and he has even helped her to make the office a happier place!

We rescued Wolfie six months ago, and since then he has made our life so much better and happier. Wolfie is perfectly trained, super intelligent and has managed to learn six new tricks even though he is an old dog!

He is sensational at the park and we often get stopped because people want to say hello and take pictures of him. He even comes with me to work and is our office pet.

Everyone that meets him loves him

He also has the cheekiest but funniest personality. You would never guess that he’s 10 years old, and everyone that meets him loves him. He adores playing with all dogs in the park and sometimes forgets how big he is – it’s so funny seeing him play with a tiny puppy!

He is affectionate and loves children, and has made our little family so much happier.

Meet Maxi

Sandra will be forever grateful to her dog Maxi, who gave her daughter Ella a reason to smile again

Maxi became a member of our family when she was just six months old. We’d decided to get a dog as my daughter Ella was being bullied at school, and as an only child we knew she needed a new type of best friend. We found Maxi in a rescue centre. She was gentle and adorable with Ella from the moment they met, and so full of fun. The way Ella’s facelights up whenever she sees Maxi brings us endless joy.

She was gentle and adorable with Ella

Maxi loves food, especially roast chicken, but she also grazes the grass like a sheep. She is a dream off the lead, and although she’s friendly with all the other dogs and people she meets, she sees squirrels and are cats as her nemesis! She came into our lives at a perfect time, and we all love her to pieces. She helped Ella’s confidence to grow, and for that we will always be grateful.

Meet Jessie

Jessie the cockapoo has brought endless laughs, cuddles and happy wiggles to Kirsty’s family

Jessie is our first dog and she really has changed our lives for the better. She’s a three-year-old cockapoo and she has a real ability to make us smile no matter what. She always greets us with enthusiasm and pure joy, and her energetic wiggles and happy spins are always bound to make us beam!

She makes us smile no matter what

She loves adventure and exploring, and she has a real zest for life. She’s been such a positive influence, getting us out and about in the great outdoors. We love nothing more than a walk in the woods with Jessie. She has been described as ‘a cocker spaniel in cockapoo clothing’ so her nose is often on the ground, following the trail of something exciting.

But above all, the best thing about Jessie is her cuddles. I’ve never known such a cuddly dog and she loves to be as close to you as possible – personal space isn’t a thing to Jessie! But we don’t mind because we know her time here won’t be forever, so we will happily embrace all the cuddles, wiggles, spins, happiness and love every day.


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