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British Dogs

Meet Blade

Blade the adorable Bullmastiff always makes sure Evan and his fiancé are happy and safe

Blade came into our lives when he was just 17 weeks old. We chose a Bullmastiff because we knew they had a strong character and good temperament, and Blade did not disappoint. He fit right into our little family, offering us endless laughs and slobbery kisses!

Snores like a tractor and eats like a horse

Everyone that meets Blade falls head over heels for him. He has so many funny quirks, like sitting and staring at the security camera we have for our house. When he recognises someone on the screen, he gets so excited that he runs straight to the door so he can greet them with a little dance.

Blade snores like a tractor and eats like a horse, but I wouldn’t change him for the world. He’s so loving and loyal, and loves to shower us with his adorable affection. My husband-to-be suffers with a disorder called Cluster Headaches, which can be distressing for him. Blade is so intuitive, he knows when an attack is imminent and will put his head on my partner’s knee, sitting with him until he’s calmed down. Blade is our very own super hero.

Meet Cody

Cody has helped Helen to come out of a dark place feeling happier and more hopeful

I was only 20 when I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, which was a really tough period of my life. At the time, I told my parents how much I’d love to have a dog to keep me company, but I never thought they’d actually agree to get one.

After returning home from a trip one day, I went upstairs to chat to my mum and found the sweetest, most cuddly looking dog sat on her bed! That was the first time I met Cody and I haven’t looked back since.

I haven’t looked back since

At first, getting woken up at all hours of the night and having to share my bed with an ever-growing Rottweiler was a bit of a shock. But Cody truly saw me through the darkest time of my life and for that I’ll be forever grateful. He has helped me in ways I can’t even put into words.

Eight years later and our bond is still going strong. Now, he’s much bigger and manages to scare away most delivery drivers and all the postmen – but really, he’s a big softie at heart. All he wants is a belly rub and for you to hold is paw.


Meet Luna

When things get a bit overwhelming for Michelle, Luna knows exactly how to brighten up her day.

Luna is a very bouncy, barking-mad bundle of joy. I suffer from anxiety quite badly. Luna is my support and my comfort. She makes me smile with her antics, and having her around makes me go outside. When I walk with Luna, it relaxes me, improves my mood and my health. When she senses I'm upset – or even if I cough or stub my toe – she comes running, jumps up to me and licks my face to make sure I'm okay.

When I look at Luna, I feel so much love and happiness, my heart is full

She is a very quirky dog, as most Doodles are. She likes to sleep upside down a lot, she dashes around the house and jumps from sofa to sofa in wild excitement. She barks at animals on the telly even when they are cartoon ones. She will often bounce down the road on her back legs like a kangaroo, she wants to say hello to everyone and everything. She is incredibly nosy and watch people if they are painting their fence or gardening. She is loyal and loving. When I look at Luna, I feel so much love and happiness, my heart is full.

Meet Cooper

Cooper may keep Louisa and her family on their toes, but it’s impossible to get mad at him

Cooper came into our lives in December 2019. He is the most laid-back but equally energetic dog I've ever met. A lot of Cooper's development time was spent during lockdown, which was wonderful. He was my little working companion – he would sit on my knee and nap, and now, even though he's almost fully grown, he still does the same! He is a pleasure. He helps to wake up my two young sons every morning. I say: "Go and get the boys", and he runs upstairs and licks them until they get up!

He makes us all smile, every single day

One day, we were practicing recall while on a walk with Cooper. It was going great until he spotted a squirrel and did a complete U-turn and chased after it! Off into the bushes he went. They lead into the woods, so we were all shouting him back, but he didn't come back. The kids were distraught. I retraced the whole of our walk, shouting for him, asking passers-by if they’d seen him. No joy. I headed back to the field and told the kids to go home and wait on the step. I carried on the search, as did my husband, and were both becoming increasingly worried.

My husband called me 30 minutes later. I'd still not found him, nor had he. We both carried on searching, but it was getting dark. Another 20 minutes later my husband called saying, "He's home, he's with the boys". Cooper had come tottering back home, covered in all kinds, with a look on his face as if to say, "Where did you go?". We were over-joyed. We couldn't even be mad at him because of this look he had on his face. He makes us all smile, every single day.

Meet Stag and Harper

It’s double trouble for the Vincents after adopting greyhounds Stag and Harper.

Stag and Harper are both ex-racing greyhounds. We adopted Stag when he was three years old, after he had broken his leg on a racetrack and been put into rescue. He is the perfect doting, quiet and gentle boy.

They are the perfect yin and yang and quietly best buddies!

One year after adopting him, we volunteered at his rescue sanctuary, and were asked to foster another three-year-old greyhound for four days over Christmas until her family could collect her. We agreed, but on Boxing Day her new family never showed up. We had her for months and months but no one would adopt her as she had a tiny limp, which was why she got ‘fired’ from racing after coming last in all six of her only races.

Eventually we gave in and adopted her, becoming failed foster parents. Harper had a tough life being moved from sanctuary to sanctuary and being unsuccessful in finding a home. She is the opposite of Stag – utterly bonkers and needy. But despite her background she is never happier than in the company of any and all humans. They are the perfect yin and yang and quietly best buddies! We’d love to take them away for a little break. Both are super well behaved and a joy to be around.

Meet Charlie

Kelly wasn’t sure she was ready for another dog – that is, until Charlie bounded into her life.

Charlie came into our lives unexpectedly, after a text came through from a family member who knew how upset I was after losing my dog Bella. Lockdown was tough enough and without my sidekick, I was struggling.

Cute and cheeky Charlie

A change of circumstances meant Charlie faced the prospect of going back to the kennels, which was unideal seeing as he’d been through rescue centre twice already. He came for a visit one Friday night, just for a trial run – and he hasn't left since!

Initially we didn’t feel ready for another dog, but as soon as we saw him, we knew instantly that cute and cheeky Charlie was meant to be a part of our family. He’s so full of love and character, and such a happy dog.


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