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British Dogs

Meet Billy

Billy was a scaredy cat when he first met his owner Rachel, but now he’s gone through a complete transformation

We rescued Billy when he was seven months old and were already his third owners.

Due to being kept in a cage, he smelled pretty bad when we first met him. But now, he’s gone from being frightened of everything (even the wind!) to being a lovely, funny and confident little boy who brings us great pleasure.

Who needs slippers?

He’s such a clever little thing and he’s a delight to train. In fact, he can do lots of tricks! I love nothing more than settling down for the evening with him lying on my feet, because who needs slippers?

This picture is one of my favourites. Here, he’s just had a good brushing and his ears are full of static!

Meet Freya

Freya had to spend a lot of time in adoption kennels, but it was worth the wait, as she ended up living with Holly and her partner, who absolutely adore her.

Freya turned one this week, but she has already had a lot of upheaval in her first year. She was born a stray in Cyprus, and taken in by a charity over there who brought her to England at just a couple of months old. Once here, she was adopted by a young owner – we don’t know much about him other than he sadly passed away very suddenly soon after adopting Freya.

We couldn’t be more pleased

She ended up in adoption kennels, and shockingly was there for months. Several families came to meet her, but each time they decided she was just too big and lively to be the right fit for them. Although it’s sad that Freya was in kennels for so long as a young pup still developing, it was great news for myself and my partner who eventually found her and took her home.

Staff at the kennels warned she was a bit wild, strong on the lead and over-excitable. We couldn’t be more pleased, this didn’t put us off. Freya is the most peaceful, loving, intelligent dog we could imagine. We’ve had her for three months now, and a day hasn’t gone by where we haven’t been flabbergasted by how lucky we are to have her in our lives. We now love cosying up in front of the fire with her every night, and wandering through the countryside and along the coast with her at the weekends. We can’t imagine life without her.

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Meet Archer

Rach fell under Archer’s love spell as soon as she set sight on him, and now he is a happy part of her family.

We wanted a dog to share our adventures with and to explore new places. We had our heart set on a blue Great Dane, and when we met him as a puppy, we knew he was the one for us. With an arrowhead shaped white patch on his chest, we called him Archer and he’s been a fantastic addition to our furry family.

We knew he was the one for us

He shares his sofa with his feline brother and sister and shows his gentle side with them. He helped me through a mental breakdown and gave me something to focus on during my recovery. He really is a gentle giant, and always gets showered with attention wherever he goes, putting on the charm and snuffling out snuggles with everyone he meets.

Meet Ringo

Ringo is a very clever dog, and he’s always there to lend Vikki a helping paw

My Ringo isn't just any dog, although I'm sure every dog owner says that! Ringo is actually my dual-purpose guide dog, which means he is trained as both my guide dog and my hearing dog, as I am visually and hearing impaired. There aren't many dual-purpose guide dogs in the UK because it involves so much learning and training that not all dogs are able to do it.

Trained as both my guide dog and my hearing dog

I've had Ringo for 14 months now and what amazes me about him is that he still grows and learns every single day. For example, I drop things on a regular basis, and he's learnt to pick them up and put them in my hand without any training. He's also a very strong dog – I have poor balance because of my ears, so when I start to feel wobbly on my feet, Ringo will stand still and help me until I’m surefooted again. He also knows how to alert me if my phone rings or the doorbell goes, in case I haven’t heard them.

Ringo may only be three years old, but he’s got a very wise head on his young shoulders. That being said, he’s also got a playful side, and when he’s not helping me he acts more like a puppy! We spend nearly every waking moment together, and I adore him more than words can say. He's loyal, faithful, happy and loves me unconditionally.

Meet Vincent

Emma’s dog Vincent is a caring companion to all creatures great and small!

Vincent is a Kelpie Hunteraway cross. He’s extremely loving and is always happy to meet new people, even if he does put them off with his barking! He enjoys singing too, and will happily howl along to any tune he hears on TV. He may not be the most talented, but he certainly makes up for it with his determination and the joy he brings us all.

He has many jobs around the house, his latest of which is to keep an eye on our pet rabbits. Vincent reminds us to let them out first thing in the morning, and won’t stop pestering us until we do. You can often find him keeping a watchful eye over them throughout the day.

He happily goes off to fetch any strays

Another of his responsibilities is to round up the chickens and put them to bed in the evening, and he takes this very seriously. He happily goes off to fetch any strays, and sometimes even brings his feathered friends into the house to say hello!

His main job is just to be himself and be a part of our family. He’s been there with us through some difficult times over the past couple of years, and is always there for a hug and a stroke, which will never fail to put a smile back on your face.

Meet Lenny

Emma had always been scared of dogs, but Lenny quickly changed all of that. Now, you’ll find them snuggled up on the sofa together.

We rescued Lenny from an animal sanctuary when he was 16-weeks-old. He had been born there and was adopted at 10 weeks, but the family eventually brought him back.

I have always been frightened of dogs, but my husband and children absolutely love animals. We initially went to the sanctuary to adopt a cat, to see how I would get on with my first pet. But instead, we came home with Lenny.

Loves being a part of the family

Lenny is a 32kg Lurcher cross, who thinks he is the size of a Jack Russell! Our nickname for him is ‘little Lenny longlegs’. He spends most of his time cuddling and dozing on the sofa – he loves being a part of the family. He has no concept of personal space, and often just jumps up onto your lap. He also enjoys playing with the kids in the garden and going for long walks in the forest, where he spends his time looking for squirrels.

Not long after he joined our family, we found out my husband’s friend had rehomed Lenny’s mum a few months before. This means Lenny is able to visit her on a regular basis.

He’s so loved and has brought a lot of joy into our family life. He’s soft and affectionate with all of us, and it’s safe to say I’m now a converted fan of dogs! You’ll often find me sat on the sofa, enjoying a long cuddle with Lenny.

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