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British Dogs

Meet Bess

Mell has worked hard to bring her dog Bess out of her shell, and now there’s only one thing that can scare her...

Bess is a rescue Border Collie. We’ve had her for just over two years now. When we first brought her home it was quite difficult, because she wasn’t used to living in a house. She would just hide under the trees in the garden all the time – but now she has fully settled in.

Particularly dislikes the TV show, The Chase

She’s a very gentle dog, and doesn’t bark when you come to the door – rather, she just sits in the hall and waits patiently. She is very afraid of noise and particularly dislikes the TV show, The Chase, and especially Bradley Walsh! I don’t know what it is about him, but every time it comes on she just sits there and shakes.

We’ve bought Bess many toys over the years but she ignores them all, because her favourite thing to play with are flower pots. Bess may have been neglected in the first year of her life, but we make up for it by showering her with endless love and affection every day.

Meet Gracie and Sophie

Julian has learnt a lot from his two dogs Gracie and Sophie, who brighten up his every day

Gracie is a lovely Golden Retriever, who lives with her daughter Sophie. Sophie turned two years old on the first of December, but she didn't take much notice of her birthday celebrations. She was much more interested in chasing the pheasants that roam across the fields near our house – they make a wonderful chucking sound when they leave the ground, and Gracie loves nothing more than to watch her run after them.

Dogs are an example to us all

On one occasion, the pair of them decided to chase after a herd of about 50 deer. Of course, they never manage to catch anything, but it is quite entertaining to watch them try!

Dogs are an example to us all. While we moan and groan, dogs are always positive and happy to be here. In the morning, we have to have a cup of tea or coffee before we can get anything done – but dogs are up with a shake of their head and a wag of their tail, bright and happy whatever the weather and however early it is. We can learn so much from our four-legged best friends.


Meet Storm

Sarah never thought she’d be lucky enough to have a dog like Storm in her life

I’ve always been a huge fan of dogs, but working as a Paramedic means I’m out of the house for long shifts both day and night, so I don’t have the time to look after one. At the start of this year, I began to really struggle, and living alone led me to feel isolated. I was lacking motivation to leave the house, eating rubbish and stressing more than usual.

In February, my mum’s dog passed away unexpectedly. Instead of getting a new dog for herself, she offered to co-parent a pup with me, so I could finally get the four-legged companion I’d wanted for so long. Together, we take care of Storm. She looks after him when I’m at work, and I get to spend time with him when I’m home.

Storm has turned my life around

Storm has turned my life around. I’m happier and out walking every day, losing weight and back to feeling motivated and energised. He’s amazing company both in and out of the house and he brings so much joy to everyone we meet. His floppy ears and cheeky head tilt are enough to melt your heart.

With Storm in my life, I’m so excited to see what adventures the future holds for both of us.

Meet Juno

Lee couldn’t be without his assistance dog, Juno, who’s as loving andloyal as they come

This is Juno, my husband, Lee's, Hearing Assistance Dog. Lee became Deaf at a young age. He has had many difficulties throughout his life, struggling with things most of us take for granted. When Juno came along two years ago, she changed his world forever.

She changed his world

She was given to us by Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and is trained to help in so many ways. Juno can alert Lee to the doorbell, alarm clock and the smoke alarm amongst other things. She's also a fantastic emotional support and such a loving dog. Of course, that’s not to say she doesn’t have a cheeky side – Juno has a particular fondness for stealing socks and underwear!

When she's not working, she enjoys cuddles and playtime with her favourite tennis ball. We love Juno and would be so lost without her in our lives.

Meet Chewy

Tracey loves her dog Chewy for all his adorable – and hilarious – quirks

Chewy came into my life a year ago, back when I really didn’t think I had the room for another pet. At the time, we already had two elderly dogs who have sadly now departed, and if it wasn’t for Chewy, I don’t know how I would have coped.

He is adorable and such a character

I fell in love with Chewy as soon as I saw him. He is adorable and such a character that it didn’t take long before my partner was smitten too. Chewy is very stubborn (apparently this is a common trait amongst bulldogs), and he sulks if you ask him to do something he doesn’t want to do, like go out for a walk when it’s raining. He has a thing about cardboard boxes and loves to tear them to shreds. He is very greedy and will go to any lengths to claim food, even if it’s not something he actually likes!

Chewy is big and solid but still believes he is a lap dog, so loves to curl up on my knee in the evening. He really is a wonderful addition to our family, and I couldn’t have asked for a better lockdown buddy.

Meet Julio

Things were tough for Aamer and her family, but Julio brought them a new lease of life and helped them to smile again.

This past year and a half have been quite hard on me and my mum, as we have lost a lot of family members due to a number of reasons, even our beloved dog Ceaser. Things were very bad, and for the first time I felt depressed and tired of life. But then we brought our beloved puppy, Julio the German shepherd, into our lives, and slowly but surely things changed for the better.

He has been a blessing to us

He helped me make new friends on all of our walks. Ok – he does drag me along rather than walk with me, but even that helps as it’s a great workout and cheers us all up! He has a lot of energy in him, and even though that can tire me out at times, it keeps me on my toes and helps me stay motivated.

He loves my 14-year-old son, and he loves him too and has learnt a sense of responsibility thanks to Julio. In short, he has been a blessing to us – although, our sofa definitely does not feel the same way, as he’s chewed it all up!


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