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British Dogs

Meet Bernie

Yvonne decided to adopt Bernie after losing her dog, and he’s been making her smile ever since.

Bernie is my fur baby bundle of joy. I lost my dog Lucky who I had for ten years very suddenly, and I swore never to get another dog as the pain losing them is horrendous. But after four months of coming home to an empty house, I decided to adopt.

That’s when I got Bernie and I’m so glad I did. He makes me laugh and cry. We have cuddles and he sleeps by my side, he snores and belches very loudly after every meal or treat! He loves his tennis ball – I sometimes have to throw it in the house for him.

Every dog deserves to be loved

My friend calls him Lamb Chops because he looks like one! He jumps very high when he wants your attention or to go for walk. I just love him to bits as he's helped me through some really bad times. In summer or when weather’s fine, there’s a group of us with dogs and he loves playing with all his friends. It makes you smile knowing they are happy. Every dog deserves to be loved.

Meet Merlin

Merlin may not be an official assistance dog, but he goes above and beyond for Fiona every single day

Merlin is a very friendly and good-natured Black Labrador. He’s also extremely helpful, and likes to assist his Aunt Scatty (our neighbour) clean out the stable. He follows her up and down the paddock whenever she’s going to the trailer, keen to be of use in any way he can.

As my unofficial assistance dog, Merlin helps my husband Darren care for me. He fetches him when he thinks I need a hand and always looks after me when I fall. He loves to be there for me, picking up things when I drop them and carrying my stuff around the house.

Merlin is my companion and my best friend

My medical problems and disabilities mean that I spend a lot of time resting and confined to my bed. You can always find Merlin curled up on the end, keeping me company. Sometimes, he shares the role with Sammy the cat so he can have a break. Merlin is my companion and my best friend. Most importantly, he knows when I’m upset and always gives me extra kisses and cuddles to make me feel better.

Darren is diabetic, and so Merlin likes to look after him too. He’s quicker than we are to pick up on his low blood sugar, and always knows when Darren needs his medicine – often, he’s the one reminding me!

Merlin is very caring and affectionate, but he can also be a little scamp. He loves putting his cold nose in your ear and trying to give you a bath. He also likes to lend a paw whenever he can, and can often be found helping out with DIY jobs around the house. When he’s not assisting us in our day-to-day lives, Merlin enjoys running around outside and playing with his favourite toy, Bertie Bunny.


Meet Nova

Leanne and her partner love their fluffy companion, Nova, who brightens up their lives with her adorable quirks.

Nova came into my life at a moment when I really needed something to give me a boost – and she sure did that! Her energy, playfulness and the love she gives my partner and I is second to none.

When she smiles and her tongue hangs out

She loves to go to the park so much that, even just a mention of it and she does a little hop and a skip, then runs off in search of her lead! In the evenings she does her ‘zoomies’, where she runs around in circles then jumps up onto the sofa and flips all the cushions off, which really makes us giggle.

My favourite thing about her is when she smiles and her tongue hangs out of the side of her mouth. I’ve yet to meet someone who isn’t taken in by Nova’s charms. Affectionate, caring, lovable and at times cheeky, she’s the best companion we could ever have and we absolutely adore her.

Meet Sprocket

Georgina’s dog Sprocket has oodles of energy, and that’s exactly why she loves him so much

Sprocket is the best thing to ever have happened to our family. His endearing quirks never fail to put a smile on our faces. For instance, he always runs with his legs so straight he looks like a cartoon, and in the evening, he huffs and puffs very loudly before dramatically opening his pen, just to let us know he wants to go to bed.

He can sometimes be a bit of a diva

He’s a tiny bundle of energy and always ready to play. I wouldn’t say he’s spoilt, but he is well-loved and so always enjoys – and expects – a cuddle or two in our bed. He can sometimes be bit of a diva, and we often find ourselves having to pause the TV because he’s making a racket by digging around or barking because he wants to go out.

None of this really matters though, because our little pup is such a sweetheart. We love him for all of his funny habits and his adorable personality.

Meet Piper

Ever since rescuing Piper, life’s been all fun and games for owner Samantha and family

We rescued Piper from Bosnia. It took months of stress and heartache to get her and we really thought she was never going to get here.

Since she arrived the day before my birthday (perhaps that was fate) she has brought so much joy into our lives. She's so much fun, so cheeky and compassionate. We could never imagine life without her.

She's too clever for her own good, or ours more to the point!

She's too clever for her own good, or ours more to the point! She's learnt so much since she has been with us. She didn't know how to sit, but now she can sit pretty, as well as roll over and play dead. The list goes on and she absolutely loves training and learning.

"Find it" is her favourite game. Well, almost. I think her real favourite is playing victim and being chased around the house. We always know when she wants to play this – we get a slap from both paws on the backside, then it's game on. I may be very biased, but she's the most amazing puppy in the world!

Meet Fynn

It’s all aboard for Claire and her sailing buddy Fynn, who has a tendency to make his co-sailors a little seasick…

Fynn is our sailing buddy. As a Labrador, he delights in all forms of water!

He splashes through the waves

Since he was a puppy he has come on board with us on our dinghy, and has always enjoyed every moment of it. We love his company as he splashes through the waves, trying his hardest to catch flotsam and jetsam and make other water users smile.

His company is somewhat less enjoyable in our canoe due to his excited dashes from side to side in order to look over into the water. He is indeed a water dog through and through, and a sail would not be the same without him!


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