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British Dogs

Meet Bernie

Yvonne decided to adopt Bernie after losing her dog, and he’s been making her smile ever since.

Bernie is my fur baby bundle of joy. I lost my dog Lucky who I had for ten years very suddenly, and I swore never to get another dog as the pain losing them is horrendous. But after four months of coming home to an empty house, I decided to adopt.

That’s when I got Bernie and I’m so glad I did. He makes me laugh and cry. We have cuddles and he sleeps by my side, he snores and belches very loudly after every meal or treat! He loves his tennis ball – I sometimes have to throw it in the house for him.

Every dog deserves to be loved

My friend calls him Lamb Chops because he looks like one! He jumps very high when he wants your attention or to go for walk. I just love him to bits as he's helped me through some really bad times. In summer or when weather’s fine, there’s a group of us with dogs and he loves playing with all his friends. It makes you smile knowing they are happy. Every dog deserves to be loved.

Meet Hopper

Carly created a loving home for Spanish rescue Hopper, and now he has a real spring in his step.

We adopted Hopper six months ago. He is a Galgo from Spain and was rescued just before Christmas last year. He was taken to Galga del Sol, a charity I am involved with. After a visit to the vets, an x-ray revealed that his leg had been broken so badly it would need to be amputated.

He has really come out of his shell!

It was touch and go after the surgery, but with intense nursing and care he turned a corner and started to improve. We adopted him officially at the end of March this year. At first, he was really timid and scared of people but over the last six months he has really come out of his shell!

We fundraise for this charity and he comes along with us – he has become a bit of an ambassador in my local area. He now loves attention from people and has become a gorgeous, goofy hound who makes us laugh every day and does not let the disability of missing a leg hold him back at all!


Meet Ginny

When Richard was at his lowest, he knew a dog could provide companionship – but Ginny has helped him more than he ever could have hoped.

A few years ago, I lost my wife to a battle with cancer. It had always been our dream to get a dog and so the following January, I went to my local rescue centre. My intention had always been to adopt a German Shepherd – but beautiful, brindled Ginny (who’s a Greyhound-Saluki cross) stole my heart. Two weeks later, she came to live with me.

She understands my sorrow

The amount she’s helped me to cope with the bereavement and loneliness is immeasurable. She makes me smile, she understands my sorrow and she makes friends wherever she goes.

She’s been quite the ambassador for rescue dogs, appearing on TV and in magazines as well as newspapers. She’s even been to local schools with me, to talk about pets and emotions. She really is the best companion I could ask for.

Meet Ruaridh

Although it hasn’t always been easy, Emily adores Ruaridh and all the positivity he has brought into her life.

Little Ruaridh came into our lives only one month ago but the impact he has made has been substantial. Although extremely hard work, he has already made our little family happier and healthier in every way. From getting us up bright and early (5am!) to getting us out in the fresh air more – he really has improved our wellbeing.

He really has improved our wellbeing

He’s the greediest dog and the loves to explore the world through his mouth. The strangest thing he enjoyed eating was the binmen’s gloves after the binman tried to give him a cuddle.

As he grows, so do Ruaridh’s eyebrows and his long golden hair often glimmers in the sun. We love our little bundle of fluff and would love to spend some quality time away with him on his first holiday.

Meet Amber

Throughout all of Ellie’s suffering Amber was right there beside her, providing her with the emotional support she needed to keep fighting.

My Cockapoo Amber has helped me to stay positive through the toughest times of my life. She came into our family when I was 16 and first started experiencing symptoms of my illness. She was only eight weeks old and quickly became my best friend, as I had to leave school and my life as I knew it began to fall apart.

It was almost two years later I was diagnosed with a life-limiting illness that left me housebound, in constant pain and extremely weak. At my lowest, Amber was the only thing that kept me going and the only thing that would make me smile. Whenever I got upset she would lick my tears away and stay by my side and when I was really unwell, she would scratch and cry at my door or do whatever she could to be with me. She was a constant source of comfort and made me feel so safe and less lonely.

She would lick away my tears

When nurses would come to visit me at home, they would always comment that Amber was always so close to me but she also instinctively knew when she needed to give me and the nurses space (although she was never too far away). They would often tell me that they’d always say they we’re going to see ‘Ellie and Amber’ because she never left my side. I’d spend months in hospital, and she would come and visit me. Having a cuddle and seeing her happy face was a massive boost. My heart would feel lighter whenever she would visit.

Without Amber I wouldn’t be here today. Last year I had surgery that thankfully gave me a second chance at life. I only got to that point because I wanted so desperately to take her for long walks or play with her in the garden again, she’s mad about tennis balls and loves to play fetch. The idea of giving her a happy life and repaying her for all the years of happiness she gave me when I needed it most kept me going. She still supports me when I have bad days but now I take advantage of every opportunity I can to be with her and do something fun.

I honestly don’t think words can really describe just how much I love her and what she means to me, but when I was a little girl I would dream about having a dog like her and I feel so lucky to have her in my life.

Meet Paddington

Joel loves how adventurous his dog Paddington is – she’s always out and about exploring and helping with the farm work.

Paddington love climbing trees, roofs, ladders – basically anything! She was named after Paddington Bear and she definitely lives up to the legacy.

She has her own routine!

She loves spending time on our farm helping with digging or driving the tractors.  She has her own routine of following different people around, depending who needs her help.

We call her a ‘free-range’ dog because she has her own life and we are just here to provide her with treats and food!


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