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British Dogs

Meet Bella

The past year has been incredibly difficult for Theresa, but Bella’s been there for her every step of the way

Bella came to us at a very stressful and distressing time. At the end of October 2022, my late mum had a stroke, which sped up her dementia. A couple of weeks later, our dear dog of eight years lay down one night and left us. Whilst reeling from all this, mum and I were determined to share our home with another rescue dog.

As my mum's health deteriorated, Bella never left her side

This was when sweet, gentle Bella came into our lives. She’s a Greyhound cross and the most caring dog. As my mum's health deteriorated, Bella never left her side until she went to bed at night. After that, she would come to me.

Even when mum became totally bed-bound, Bella would sit next to her, close enough for mum to stroke her. Since mum passed, she still enjoys lying in her bedroom and spending the evenings with me.

Meet Miele

Egle’s kind and caring dog Miele is more like a human than a pooch!

People meet Miele and tell us she’s a human. She has this piercing, soulfullook, so when you stare into her eyes you can’t help but think ‘she gets me’. She makes you want to tell her your secrets and talk your heart out. After spending some time with her, people always feel a sense of relief and an overwhelming calmness. She’s therapeutic!

Miele is an old soul

We take Miele with us to work, and people come in just to see her. They even bring their friends! We believe Miele is an old soul and is here to share her wisdom, something we can all benefit from. And, in return, she gets our unconditional love.

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Meet Jasper and Teddie

Nikki’s dogs Jasper and Teddie offer her endless love, laughter and affection

Jasper was our first ever rescue dog. He has so many little quirks and funny habits. He likes to sing – or howl – along to any music he hears. He also tries to eat any post that comes through the letterbox, and can bounce extremely high, like a kangaroo! This is funny because he has no sense of how tiny he actually is. Despite his size, he’s very confident and likes to protect our other dog, Teddie, whenever we’re all out on a walk together.

They’ve kept us going through lockdown

Teddie the Zuchon is boisterous and fast, but also very clumsy. He adores Jasper and spends most of his time either cuddling up to him or pestering the life out of him. Teddie likes to do tricks, such as throwing his toy up in the air and then catching it – though, he’s not always very good, and often Jasper manages to snatch it first.

Both dogs have brought so much love and hilarity into our lives. They’ve kept us going through lockdown, and definitely take care of us as much as we do them.

Meet Mishka

Whether Mishka is stealing clothes or making people smile, she always brightens Samantha’s day

Mishka is my beautiful seven-year-old British Timber Dog. She was the world's naughtiest puppy and managed to destroy three sofas and hundreds of socks in her younger days, but it just made her all the more adorable.

Mishka brings a smile to everyone

Unfortunately, she’s been unwell over the past few years, but she’s still the sweetest, most affectionate girl. Mishka brings a smile to everyone and is adored by her family. When we’re out and about she manages to make friends with strangers, who always seem happy to be greeted with such a cute bundle of fluff.

This last year has been tough for us all, and we’re so proud of the way Mishka has helped people to smile through even the most challenging of times.

Meet Pablo

Yvonne can’t believe how much Pablo has transformed her daughter’s life

My five-year-old daughter, Macy, is registered as Severely Sight Impaired (blind).She has a life-limiting genetic condition called Alstrom Syndrome and has been matched with Pablo by the Guide Dogs charity.

Pablo has helped improve Macy’s confidence

He is her Buddy Dog and has improved her life immeasurably. Buddy Dogs are pups that have been bred by Guide Dogs but couldn’t continue on the training programme. They are then given the opportunity to help a visually impaired child.

Pablo has helped improve Macy’s confidence, given her more independence, and provides her with the constant companionship she needs. They’re totally inseparable, and with him by her side, she can be more active and playful.

Meet Eddie

Eddie the adorable rescue has completed Julie’s happy family

Our daughter had been asking us to get a dog since she was young, and we finally gave in after losing both of our cats. When we got him, Eddie had already been named after the Jack Russell on the show Frasier, and it suited him so much we didn't change it.

He has the same amount of energy as he did when we first got him, always providing us with lots of laughter. His favourite activity is jumping up to catch the bubbles I blow for him. If I go into the cupboard they’re stored in, he gives a high pitched, excited bark and runs into the room. 

When I garden, he copies exactly what I’m doing

When I garden, he copies exactly what I’m doing. If I dig, he digs, which is often really useful, but if I prune, he grabs hold of the plant and pulls it out, which isn’t so ideal! When I’m watering the plants, he always jumps in front of me and tries to drink straight from the hose.

Eddie has so many more funny habits, like the way he barks at animals on the TV. It’s got to the point where I can't watch a nature programme unless he's asleep. He really is a funny, adorable and very unique dog.

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