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British Dogs

Meet Bella

Diane has written a poem for her beautiful beagle, Bella

Bella the beagle is a happy soul, eating and sleeping is her main goal.

From first thing in the morning to last thing at night, her beautiful nature is a wonderful sight.

Our love knows no end

If you’re down or sad she’ll be right there, showing you that she’s full of care.

Don’t be fooled by the innocent face, she can scoff chicken meat at a rapid pace.

A perfect pet, our wonderful friend, Our love for Bella knows no end.

Meet Harvey

Zoe’s adorable furry friend Harvey is such a happy-go-lucky lad that even losing his tail didn’t stop him

Harvey came into the family as a brother to Diesel (they both have same parents) and as a wedding present. He soon found his place in the home. The ability to fit under the sofa and charge out at your slippers if he had chance kept us on our toes!

A real Jack the lad character

Unfortunately, he was so happy when we came home that the hallway began looking like a crime scene as his wagging tail split, so it was amputated for his welfare. Nowadays it’s all about playing hide and seek, a routine we have to do when we get up and before bed. He will wait patiently before pouncing round and trying to sniff the toy out when hidden. A real Jack the lad character and whirlwind member of our family.

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Meet Ivy

Ivy has helped Izzy love life again, whether it’s taking on new adventures or simply cuddling up in bed

Ivy in nature is a wild plant that winds its way, gripping onto surfaces it comes into contact with. My Ivy dog is dependable and perseverant, always beside me on my journey, entangled in each other’s lives just like the plant.

Arriving when I had lost all hope, in the depths of mental illness crisis, her dependable companionship provided me with the reassurance and safety I was so desperately seeking. She has helped me feel grounded through continued distress from mental ill health, a constant physical reminder that she needs me.

Sitting cosy in bed sharing some marmalade on toast before we start the day is one of her favourites

She looks back up at me constantly checking in, a calming influence. She aided my return, and her introduction to being active, living and loving outdoor adventures. Biking, paddling, walking, climbing, she’ll go where I go and I feel I’ve lost something when she’s not there. We look out for one another, swimming rapids to help each other.

Having PTSD often means that nights can be filled with colourful lifelike dreams. Ivy sleeps touching me, often a nose or paw in the face as she wriggles to be comfy. Her presence and understanding comforts me. We share many special moments but sitting cosy in bed sharing some marmalade on toast before we start the day is one of her favourites.

She not only helps me but is a companion and presence within a special needs school that we work at together. Ivy is just 16 months of age, but her maturity keeps her steady in temperament and character. I look forward to many more adventures together in the future.

Meet Madge

Madge has become Ruth’s constant companion as she travels all over the UK for her photography project

Madge is quite simply my heart and soul. We understand each other on a level that cannot be described, and she is my constant shadow and best friend.

I have a photography project where I travel around the UK photographing the UK’s rare breeds of ponies. Madge accompanied me on a major expedition to the Outer Hebrides and the Highlands of Scotland. It was just us, meeting wonderful people along the way, and she was that piece of home when it started to feel lonely.

We understand each other on a level that cannot be described

We even went to Snowdonia in Wales on our own, when I wanted to get away from the world and just be with her surrounded by the hills and wildlife.

We also love visiting the sea, where we are starting to paddle board. The first day, when I put the board in the water and went to get on (having never been on before), Madge was at my side with her paw on the board ready to join me. She soon jumped on when I set off and we learned to balance together – she pays close attention to my movements so she knows which way we are going.

Madge loves to be with her family. She always greets me with an excited wag and wants to be cuddled immediately. She loves to do tricks, especially if there is a play or treat involved after. She always knows when I need her to be with me, and she is able to help me relax and de-stress. She is simply perfect and what she means to me cannot be summarised in a paragraph.

Meet Saber

Superhero Saber helps owner John keep going when times get tough

My dog Saber has been the mainstay of my life in total. I am 66 years old and lost my partner of 30 years to Cancer. I was depressed and went inside myself with grief. Then I got the opportunity to get a dog, Saber. He is a cross German Shepherd/Siberian Husky.

Life during lockdown would have been impossible without his companionship

He has brought me out of myself ever since I brought him home. He inspires me to get up and out in the morning, he has taught me how to live in the moment and gave me the inspiration to exercise and get out each day instead of feeling sorry for myself and my situation. Life during lockdown would have been impossible without his companionship.

Meet Rhubarb

Rhubarb is a family dog through and through, who looks out for Gill and his other humans as much as his fellow four-legged companions.

Rhubarb, our Cocker Spaniel, was born to one of our other Cockers Poppi. Sadly, she only had two pups and Rhubarb was the only one to survive.

Rhubarb became a firm favourite in our household and quickly settled in with his mum and his ‘Uncle Bruce’, another Cocker eight years his senior. He followed Bruce everywhere and loved nothing better than to snuggle up with him. One day, we had gone out and left our daughter asleep in bed, with the back door left open for the dogs to go in and out. Rhubarb started barking and running around our daughter’s room. He wouldn’t stop, so she followed him out to find Bruce in the Koi fish pond! 

Rhubarb had saved his life

The gate had been left open and Bruce had fallen in and couldn’t get out. He was swimming out of his depth and tiring quickly – he was getting old and had poor eyesight, which didn’t help. Luckily, my daughter is a veterinary nurse and she quickly pulled him out and put him in a warm shower. Rhubarb had saved his life.

Thankfully, Bruce suffered no long term consequences from his adventure and lived until he was 13. Rhubarb has continued to be a wonderful friend and constant companion to us all since. He loves playing with his toys and running around the estuary beach near our home. He will always be our little hero.

He’s on the far right in the photo, with his mum on the left and ‘Uncle Bruce’ in the middle.

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