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British Dogs

Meet Bear

Bear has taught his owner Trupti how to appreciate life’s simple pleasures

Bear was adopted in 2020 and became my ray of hope during the pandemic.

He’s my inspiration

He’s my inspiration for finding joy in the little things in life, too. For example, he loves rolling in freshly cut grass, jumping in puddles, running into the waves, soaking up the sun, digging holes and burying his favourite toys before forgetting about them.

He’s given me new meaning to the phrase ‘there’s nothing like the present’.

Meet Selma

Katie rescued Selma from Romania, and it’s changed both of their lives for the better

I rescued selma from Romania when she was seven months but everyone in my life will agree that it’s her that did the saving. I was in a really bad place in my life mentally and physically and this little angel on four legs got me up and out every day.

She gives me cuddles and makes me laugh constantly. She was the best decision I could have made for my mental health and continues to be an absolute ray of sunshine in my life. She wakes me up in the morning by literally jumping on me repeatedly and makes the strangest little pigeon noise whenever she wants a walk or food or even just attention.

She wakes me up in the morning by literally jumping on me repeatedly

She is a rascal and cheeky but the little cuddly sheep gets away with it. You know when she’s upset as her curly tail unfurls down to the floor and her very cute ears (one up, one down!) go flat. She’s got zero idea of personal space and loves to intently smell everyone’s mouths to know what they’ve been up to. She’s nothing but a positive influence in my life. The greatest gift that I can’t believe is mine.

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Meet Casper

Casper’s cheerful demeanour and cheeky sense of humour make him a great addition to Kay’s family

Our lovely Casper is 13 in March and this is his and our story so far. We went to meet him and his brothers and sisters and my son said which one should we choose. My son was sat on the floor and Casper had fallen asleep on his knee. We pointed out that Casper had chosen him and us.

A few weeks before we were due to collect Casper we got a call from his breeder saying that he had to have a little op and we didn't have to have him. My son said Casper was definitely ours.

Casper has some lovely traits and everyone who meets him loves him commenting on his gentle friendly manner and his waggy tail. He is very cheeky. For our doorbell we have a plug-in tester inside our house. It has a button on it and it lights up and the bell rings if pressed. When we are not watching Casper presses it with his nose. The bell rings and Casper barks as if someone is at the door and looks towards it. We go to see who is at the door and realise what our cheeky Casper has done. We look around at him and he is wagging his tail!

Casper's favourite place is the beach. He loves a stone being kicked for him so he can chase it, dig a hole around it and lay outstretched in the hole with the stone looking out. He makes us smile and other people on the beach.

I was recently unwell and sitting on the sofa. Casper gently jumped up resting his paws on my knees to comfort me. He is very caring and thoughtful. Casper is 13 next month and just as playful as he was as a puppy. He is so very special.

He is very caring and thoughtful

Meet Jasper

After Christine’s traumatic car accident, Jasper was exactly what she needed during her recovery

I am a strong believer that things happen for a reason. In November 2015, I was driving home on the motorway when, all of a sudden, I was involved in a horrendous accident.

An HGV collided with my car, and I was dragged side-on down the motorway. I was extremely lucky to have walked away without any broken bones. However, I suffered from PTSD and severe anxiety from the trauma.

He helped me to get out the house and overcome my anxiety

Around that time, my partner's dog had a litter of pups. From the get-go, Jasper was drawn to me and I to him – we were like magnets. I loved him so much. He’s so caring and helped me to get out the house and overcome my anxiety.

Today, he’s still my 'cuddle puppy,' and I now also have his daughter. Both of them bring so much joy to my life and I am so grateful to have them.

Meet Hope

Hope goes everywhere with Launa and her partner, even when they spent six months travelling around Spain and Portugal

I lost my job 11 years ago, about the same time Hope was born. My brother gave her to me, so I had a reason to get out of bed in the mornings and she has certainly lived up to her name. Occasionally she is Hopeful or Hopeless too!

She’s the most chilled out dog I’ve ever known and we take her everywhere with us. In 2016, we had the opportunity to go travelling for six months around Spain and Portugal. Hope came too of course.

She’s the most chilled out dog I’ve ever known and we take her everywhere with us

We based ourselves in the Algarve and travelled around via public transport. She was always so well behaved that the train conductor would ask us why we had bought three tickets to travel (you pay for dogs there too). We always had to point her out, chilled or asleep at our feet.

Whenever we played stick or ball by the sea, we would gain a crowd as the locals have a different relationship with their dogs in the Algarve and were not used to them being so playful. Hope has stayed in Airbnbs across Portugal and never a whisper. The above photo is from Lisbon, which we adored, with Hope taking the crowds in her stride.

Meet Bailey

Chloe went to the pub one night and came home with a dog – all because she couldn’t stand watching Bailey suffer at the hands of her former owner

I met Bailey in the local pub when she was brought in by her previous owner. She was a five-month-old purebred Labrador, but she looked about 12 weeks old. She was skin and bone and she looked exhausted. I offered her some chips from my plate and a drink of my water, but her owner told me not to feed her. He said she’d had her weekly feed as she poops in the house otherwise.

She has made me a dog person

Bailey kept coming back to me while we were in the pub. I think she saw me as her safety net. The owner kept grabbing her by her scruff and dragging her back to him, but she kept wanting to cuddle up to me.

I offered to buy her from him as he had mentioned he works 12-hour days and leaves her all day. I bought her then and there, and she came home with me that evening. She’s been mine ever since and she’s made mine and my partner’s lives wonderful.

She’s got such a wicked personality in comparison to the exhausted, malnourished puppy we met in the pub. She’s insanely clever and LOVES eating squares of cheese! She has made me a dog person and I would never be without her. I’m so thankful I went for a drink that night.

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