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British Dogs

Meet Bailey

Amy couldn’t be without her dog Bailey, who’s stuck by her side through it all

Bailey is amazing. I have severe mental health issues and last year I underwent some treatment at a hospital. Although this meant Bailey and I had to spend a prolonged period of time apart, he came to visit me regularly. Whenever he came, he’d bounce around and brighten not only my day, but all of my fellow patients’ too.

He came to visit me all the time

When at home, Bailey and I walk for miles, which really helps improve my mental health. He always greets everyone we meet with a huge smile and a waggy tail, and they fall head over heels for him. If I’m going through a low episode, Bailey cuddles me close to let me know he’s there.

Since being out of hospital, my mobility has been limited but Bailey is still just as attentive. He’s so loving, and truly is the best friend anyone could wish for.

Meet Cooper

Cooper may keep Louisa and her family on their toes, but it’s impossible to get mad at him

Cooper came into our lives in December 2019. He is the most laid-back but equally energetic dog I've ever met. A lot of Cooper's development time was spent during lockdown, which was wonderful. He was my little working companion – he would sit on my knee and nap, and now, even though he's almost fully grown, he still does the same! He is a pleasure. He helps to wake up my two young sons every morning. I say: "Go and get the boys", and he runs upstairs and licks them until they get up!

He makes us all smile, every single day

One day, we were practicing recall while on a walk with Cooper. It was going great until he spotted a squirrel and did a complete U-turn and chased after it! Off into the bushes he went. They lead into the woods, so we were all shouting him back, but he didn't come back. The kids were distraught. I retraced the whole of our walk, shouting for him, asking passers-by if they’d seen him. No joy. I headed back to the field and told the kids to go home and wait on the step. I carried on the search, as did my husband, and were both becoming increasingly worried.

My husband called me 30 minutes later. I'd still not found him, nor had he. We both carried on searching, but it was getting dark. Another 20 minutes later my husband called saying, "He's home, he's with the boys". Cooper had come tottering back home, covered in all kinds, with a look on his face as if to say, "Where did you go?". We were over-joyed. We couldn't even be mad at him because of this look he had on his face. He makes us all smile, every single day.


Meet Angus and Will

Always there with endless love, Will and Angus are more than just dogs to owner Anita, they are family

My dogs, Angus and Will, are the reason I get up in the morning. They keep me going when things get difficult, make me smile, keep me sane and convince me life is worth living.

I am an elderly, arthritic, asthmatic widow without neighbours or family, not unlike many pensioners in this country. However, the difference is having Angus and Will in my life – they are my family.

I am honoured (Will) has transferred his love and loyalty to me

Angus is a laid-back, rehomed springer with a joint problem who shadows me all day (and night). Even when I’m gardening, he has to lie down at my feet, covering up all the weeds. In the spring, his waving tail ‘picks’ daffodils to take into the house.

Will is a complex rescued sprollie who had a difficult start in life and desperately wants to be loved. His grin is priceless. He was my husband’s companion, happy to do a bit of gardening or DIY. He stayed with my husband before he died, keeping him company and keeping him warm. Now I am honoured that he has transferred his love and loyalty to me.

Meet Molly

Anita and her husband were finally able to get Molly once they retired, and they haven’t looked back!

Both my husband and I retired and decided we would get our longed-for fur baby now that we had time. Molly is an absolute joy. She loves everyone. Her best times are when any of our 13 grandchildren are around. She is in heaven playing games and giving lots of cuddles.

She is in heaven playing games and giving lots of cuddles

She is so loving and generates happiness! She loves being outdoors and greets everyone and everything with gusto. Her favourite outdoor time is chasing her ball. She always gets attention because she is so friendly.

Many people say she cheers them up as she so obviously loves life and loves being cuddled. She is very mischievous and funny and always keeps us on our toes. I never thought having a dog would be this rewarding.

Meet Sprocket

Sprocket quickly became a treasured member of Carla’s family

Sprocket is our first dog. It took us a while to decide whether getting a dog was for us, but it was without a doubt the best decision we have ever made as a family. Sprocket is such a lovely boy – he's a working Cocker Spaniel so is full of energy and enthusiasm for life. He has a wonderful, sweet temperament and wouldn't hurt a fly. He loves his walks and taking him out in the countryside is an absolute joy.

He joins in with everything we do

As we’ve never had a dog before, we didn't realise just how much they become a part of your family. Sprocket plays a huge role in all our lives, and we couldn't bear to be without him. He joins in with everything we do,from kayaking to camping. He is very funny and has mad moments where he zooms around the house. He also likes to do his ‘happy howl’, which wethink is him telling us how much he’s enjoying life.

Meet Gibson

Carley loves watching how much Gibson helps the children in her care to feel better

I work in a special needs school and regularly do respite work with children who have severe disabilities and autism. Gibson often comes with me because he’s so gentle, and his easy-going nature helps the pupils to feel calmer and more relaxed.

He’ll join us for long walks around the park, and if one of the children his holding the lead he’ll purposely not pull, just so he doesn’t startle them. He knows that he should always stay close and is so perfectly well-behaved every time.

His easy-going nature helps the pupils

Recently, a child in my care became quite distressed and started crying uncontrollably. Gibson looked concerned, grabbed a toy and lay down with this child until they had calmed down. He even allowed them to stroke his paw which he usually doesn’t enjoy, but I think in this case, he knew how much it was helping.

Gibson is my hero, and I couldn’t ask for a better companion.


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