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British Dogs

Meet Arthur

Arthur came into Sandra’s life as she was recovering from a serious operation, and her health has only continued to improve since his arrival

Arthur is a very sweet but naughty pup. He came to help me get better following a liver and kidney transplant. He arrived at eight-weeks-old and he has taken over our lives. This huge, fluffy, goofball of a puppy came tumbling through the door and we have loved him since the minute he got here.

He’s totally crackers most of the time as he runs around chasing his own feet and tail. He loves everyone he meets instantly, whether it’s people we meet on walks, neighbours, delivery people, or dogs of every size and breed. He’s always a hit at puppy club as he’s too naughty and chases everyone when he should be sitting or waiting.

He’s totally crackers most of the time

He doesn’t like to go in his crate to rest because he might miss something, so he sits in protest and refuses to move. This is hilarious as I watch my other half try to persuade, beg, treat and nudge him in there.

Best of all, he gets me out of the house every day and I walk him in the countryside, on the Sussex downs, by the local duck pond, and in the fields and farms around our home.

My recovery has really rocketed since Arthur arrived and I can’t wait to show him more places and experiences as he gets older, and I get healthier. My doctors are delighted with my recovery, and we couldn’t be happier with Arthur.

Meet Millie

Corrie has so many fantastic memories with dogs Thor and Loki

Loki came to me as a five-month-old pup. Sadly, he needed one of his front legs removing following an accident. Having only three legs has never slowed him down, and his enthusiasm for life is infectious. He has walked up mountains with me, gone camping in Scotland and assisted me in the running of my B&B. Currently, he’s supervising the new patio area we’re creating, which I’m sure he’ll love to sunbathe in!

I sometimes see Loki roll his eyes at Thor

Loki may be small, but he has a large personality and an even bigger heart. He loves our other dog, Thor. They’re so funny together, and I’m sure I sometimes see Loki roll his eyes at Thor when he’s being silly. It’s so adorable to see them snuggled up or enjoying a game of tug and war.

My dogs are my whole world, and I’m so glad Loki found me when he needed my help.


Meet Albert

Albert the St Bernard puppy is such a huge part of Beth’s life that he’s even going to play a role in her wedding.

I lost my dog a few years ago and decided that I was going to wait until my circumstances had changed to get another. I then met my amazing partner and we decided to look for a puppy.

After a lot of discussion, we decided on a St Bernard. We found a wonderful lady in England who had just had a litter and we contacted her and that was it, Albert was booked. He brings us all more joy and happiness then we could imagine and we could not love him more.

Albert makes us laugh every day and brings us together as a family. He will also walk down the aisle with me at our wedding next year. We just can’t wait!

We could not love him more

Meet Misty

With plenty of medals and accolades to her name, Misty has shown Courtney that she’s not just a one-trick pony.

I know it sounds so cliché but my dog Misty really is one in a million. She is so smart and intelligent. Sometimes I think she’s human! I have two young children at home and needed to find something to mentally and physically challenge her, so we took up trick training.

We had no previous experience but by the time she was 11 months old, she’d already achieved her novice, intermediate, advanced and expert trick dog titles. She knows more tricks than I can count! She’s also got her silver good citizen award and is working towards her gold.

Misty stares straight into your soul

She’s such a brilliant family dog. She always knows when I’m down and will nuzzle her face into me to cheer me up. My children were arguing the other day over a toy and she jumped on the sofa, picked up the toy and brought it to me.

I couldn’t imagine my life without her. She brings everyone so much happiness. I know dogs don’t like direct eye contact but Misty stares straight into your soul! She has such mesmerising eyes.

Meet Stag and Harper

It’s double trouble for the Vincents after adopting greyhounds Stag and Harper.

Stag and Harper are both ex-racing greyhounds. We adopted Stag when he was three years old, after he had broken his leg on a racetrack and been put into rescue. He is the perfect doting, quiet and gentle boy.

They are the perfect yin and yang and quietly best buddies!

One year after adopting him, we volunteered at his rescue sanctuary, and were asked to foster another three-year-old greyhound for four days over Christmas until her family could collect her. We agreed, but on Boxing Day her new family never showed up. We had her for months and months but no one would adopt her as she had a tiny limp, which was why she got ‘fired’ from racing after coming last in all six of her only races.

Eventually we gave in and adopted her, becoming failed foster parents. Harper had a tough life being moved from sanctuary to sanctuary and being unsuccessful in finding a home. She is the opposite of Stag – utterly bonkers and needy. But despite her background she is never happier than in the company of any and all humans. They are the perfect yin and yang and quietly best buddies! We’d love to take them away for a little break. Both are super well behaved and a joy to be around.

Meet Scout

Tracey is so proud of her rescue dog Scout, who is always looking out for other people.

Scout is my best friend and my hero. Born with very little sight, he was abandoned on the streets as a young puppy. Narrowly escaping death in a pound, his life was eventually saved by the combined effort of three amazing rescue organisations.

Scout has an enormous zest for life

Scout has an enormous zest for life and enjoys every single day. Fundraiser, much-loved therapy dog and heart-melter, he is living proof that dogs with disabilities can live a full and normal life. Scout has taught me so much and I am a better person because of him.


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