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British Dogs

Meet Arlo

Tori’s mental health has only got better since Arlo came into her life, and she’s helped him overcome some of his own fears in return

Arlo came into my life in October 2019. He's the best little pooch. Before Arlo, I worked in a job that destroyed my mental health, and I had panic attacks most days. When I decided to quit to focus on myself, I thought ‘now would be a good time to get a furry friend'. It was the best decision!

Arlo has changed my life. He's helped my anxiety levels massively and he gives me purpose. He’s my best friend, my companion, my family and I love him dearly. If I'm sad, he's there, and if I'm happy, he's there. He puts the biggest smile on my face and his tail never stops wagging. He's definitely my soul mate.

If I'm sad, he's there, and If I'm happy, he's there

I like to think I've helped him to overcome some worries as well. As a young pup he was attacked by another dog which left him very scared and nervous around both dogs and humans. It's been a long process, but he's made so much progress and I'm so proud of him. He's so kind, even after what happened. I sometimes believe that dogs (and animals in general) are too good for this world. But we have each other, and for that I will forever be grateful.

Arlo’s favourite thing in this world is balls. He will do just about anything for a ball. He loves most toys, in fact. He's a very playful soul and often drops toys in your lap to let you know it's playtime. But nothing beats snuggle time. At any time of the day, Arlo is up for a good cuddle. He lights up the life of anyone who’s lucky enough to know him.

Meet Oslo

Two years after the loss of her family’s first dog, Oslo came bounding into Emmie-Rosa’s life, bringing plenty of love and laughter with him

After the passing of our dearly loved family dog during lockdown, our household was deeply missing a four-legged companion, and all the fun and chaotic energy they bring. In May 2022, we decided that we were ready to bring a new pup into our lives. Little did we know that, less than 48 hours later, we’d be bringing a tiny little eight-week-old Rottsky pup called Oslo home with us.

We all look forward to a long, adventure-filled life with him!

Oslo has bought so much joy to our family in the 4½ months he’s been with us. He’s goofy, mischievous, playful and clever. He will huff and puff when you move him from his fave spot on the sofa, and then pretend to ignore you when you try and make up for it. He has the sweetest nature and so much energy. He loves to join us on every trip, whether it’s to a pub, a castle, a coffee shop or the woods.

Oslo is always by our sides. He loves everyone and everything, from adults and children to dogs and horses. He always wants to say hello. He really has been the missing piece in our family, and we all look forward to a long, adventure-filled life with him!

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Meet Wookie

Elissa’s dog Wookie may be small but, she’s bursting with energy!

Our little Yorkie, Wookie, is the light of our lives. Neither of us had ever had a small dog before, and she has been amazing since the day she came home. Wookie is bold, intelligent, and will walk miles whatever the weather. Even as a tiny, eight-week-old ball of fluff, she immediately wanted to play with our three big cats.

Wookie is truly indefatigable

She will happily wade through the mud or jump into cold water for a swim.Once, she tried to climb a tree to go after a squirrel, and she’s even chased a Muntjac deer – although what she thought would happen if she caught it, I don't know!

Wookie truly is indefatigable. I remember when we went to Mortimer Forest for the day. We walked 11 miles, and when we got home Wookie immediately picked up her ball and wanted to play!

She fills our hearts with happiness every day, and there is nothing better than rambling through the woods with her, watching her sniff, explore andrummage through the hedgerows. It was such a joy to be able to include her in our wedding, back in 2001. She was our ring bearer, and she stole the hearts of everyone there.

Meet Teddy

Teddy provides Victoria-Ellen with support as well as a laugh.

Teddy has a mischievous streak. Last Christmas, my mum made a super trifle. Unfortunately, no one noticed Teddy climb on the chair to reach the table, where he promptly started to eat it! My mum straightened up where he had nibbled and none of us noticed what he had done.

My favourite thing about Teddy is the way he gives me so much love

I had his DNA done, and he is a real mix – he’s part Dachshund, part Yorkshire Terrier and part Shih tzu!

My favourite thing about Teddy is the way he gives me so much love and seems to know how I am feeling. I have a learning disability and Teddy is a fantastic support to me.

Once a month he has a hydro session to help his front legs and ease his arthritis. He really enjoys this swimming and it is nice for him and me to do something together just the two of us.

Meet Annie

Rebecca’s days are always happy when they’re spent with her dog Annie

Annie is my beautiful best buddy. She is loyal, cheeky and always right by my side. Annie spends her days with me and my horse, and we pass manyhappy hours exploring the beautiful Scottish countryside together. Of course, Annie loves to steal the horse’s carrots given half a chance!

We pass many happy hours exploring the Scottish countryside

At night, we retire to the sofa for snuggles, where we’ll usually end up watching her favourite film, the Lion King. I’m so grateful to have her as my best friend.

Meet Broden

Christine has countless precious memories with her charming dog Borden

Broden has been part of our family since he was just eight weeks old. He’sthe kindest, most gentle and handsome dog, but can also be very stubborn and greedy when he wants to be!

He made people smile

He’s travelled with us on boats and trains and has even been on cable cars in the mountains. When he was younger, he became a Pets as Therapy dog, and for five years he visited schools, day centres and care homes where he made people smile and helped children learn how to read.

Since my husband retired, Broden has been his daily walking companion. Although Broden is getting old, they often cover five miles each day, which helps both of them to stay active. Our dog brings us so much joy and he is loved by everyone who meets him.

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