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British Dogs

Meet Archie

Kathryn and her family initially struggled to get Archie’s behaviour under control, but they eventually realised he wasn’t the only one in need of training

Archie is a goofy, lovable and loyal chocolate Labrador, who loves people and food but hates the hoover and water.

In the first six months, he was an absolute angel and no trouble at all. Then things changed and Archie became the craziest, most belligerent whirlwind ever! We got asked to leave training because his disruptive behaviour was disturbing others, and we even contacted a behaviourist for help.

He has taught us so much and brings us so much joy

We thought we’d made a dreadful mistake in getting him, but we eventually started to realise it wasn’t just Archie who needed training, we needed it too!

Gradually with patience, encouragement, praise and love, we have all learnt together and, between us, we have (almost) got there.

Archie’s still got his crazy personality at times, but we have the most loving, loyal dog who has taught us so much and brings us so much joy. Lockdown was made easier thanks to him, and we got through it all as a team. He’s even got a new cocker spaniel sister, Bella, who he’s helping us with – but that’s another story!

Meet Orrin

Mandy adores the way Orrin takes care of everyone around him

Orrin is my rock. I suffer from panic attacks and whenever I feel one coming on, he’s always there to ground me until I have it under control. He’s also a blood donor and has saved many lives over the years. My dog is so compassionate, he’ll care for anyone who needs him.

One night, we were called to the vets as they needed blood urgently. When we arrived they were very busy, so we sat quietly in a corner and waited. We saw a distressed lady come in with her ill dog. The nurses all rushed to the dog and left the lady alone, so Orrin went up to her and quietly put his head in her lap until she calmed down a little. He came back over to me eventually, but I could tell he was keeping his eye on her the whole time.

He’ll care for anyone who needs him

A little while later, the same thing happened with someone else and again, Orrin made it his mission to make sure they were ok. Everyone in the vets soon started to realise what he was doing and some of the staff even had tears in their eyes.

After he gave blood, he refused to leave until we’d checked on the two people he’d helped. Orrin truly is my very special boy.


Meet Mabel

Sharon has a soft spot for Mabel the mischief maker.

Mabel is a blonde bundle of fluffy fun, with a laid-back personality. She loves everyone and she thinks that everyone automatically loves her!

She thinks that everyone automatically loves her!

I love that she is a bit of a monkey, who totally doesn’t care if she has done something wrong. She just looks at you with her big brown eyes as if to say ‘what’s the problem?’

My favourite thing to do is cuddle her, as well as teaching her new tricks. Now she can high-five, beg, give a paw and roll over.

Meet Lazlo

Ruth’s dog Lazlo has helped to bring her family even closer together

When Lazlo came into our life, we had not long adopted our children. He helped them to understand that we were their forever family.

A while later, when I temporarily lost sight in one eye, Lazlo was my loyal companion. He guided me until I was better, always looking out for me to make sure I was ok. He’s such a calming influence and adapts so well to any situation.

Lazlo was my loyal companion

He fits in perfectly with our family and looks after his furry companions as much as his human ones. He has two sister cats, Flossie and Raven, two house rabbits called Harley and Quinn, and this year, he even got a new sister puppy, Lyra.

Lazlo is so protective of us all that he can sometimes get quite ‘barky’ when anyone new approaches us. He may be a dog, but he’s got the heart of a lion!

Meet Mags

Mags has given both Coral and her partner a positive focus during difficult periods in their lives

Mags is our Red Fox Labrador who came to us after a relative could no longer look after her. She's a crazy little bundle of energy who brightens every single day.

She’s given us a new lease of life

I've got generalised anxiety disorder and OCD and she's helped me cope and just let go of things. My partner was also recently made redundant, but she's given him a purpose to get out of bed in the morning. She's given us both a new lease of life.

She loves stealing toilet rolls and chewing books, and she loves a bubble bath. She's so funny and energetic and just a beautiful soul. She loves everyone, including other dogs. She chases leaves and chases her tail – she’s just a bundle of joy.

Meet Ginny

When Richard was at his lowest, he knew a dog could provide companionship – but Ginny has helped him more than he ever could have hoped.

A few years ago, I lost my wife to a battle with cancer. It had always been our dream to get a dog and so the following January, I went to my local rescue centre. My intention had always been to adopt a German Shepherd – but beautiful, brindled Ginny (who’s a Greyhound-Saluki cross) stole my heart. Two weeks later, she came to live with me.

She understands my sorrow

The amount she’s helped me to cope with the bereavement and loneliness is immeasurable. She makes me smile, she understands my sorrow and she makes friends wherever she goes.

She’s been quite the ambassador for rescue dogs, appearing on TV and in magazines as well as newspapers. She’s even been to local schools with me, to talk about pets and emotions. She really is the best companion I could ask for.


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