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British Dogs

Meet Alfie

Amy and her dog Alfie have both faced their own difficulties in life, but now they can always rely on each other for support

My dog Alfie (aka Alfred, Alfie Moo, Moose or Moosey) is my best friend. I was approached by a rescue service who desperately needed an urgent foster for him. After a month, I knew we had the most amazing bond, so I adopted him.

At the time I was getting my life back together after a tricky couple of years and Alfie became such a massive part of that journey. When the country went into lockdown and I was living away from my family, I was so glad to have him with me!

I feel so honoured that I can give him a loving home

He's still a nervous dog, but he's so clever and I feel so honoured that I can give him a loving home. He never lets me lie in, and he insists on walkies first thing in the morning, even on a day off! That is unless it’s raining, when he quickly turns back round for home.

He's grown to trust and love my parents and partner. He's also the biggest cheese fiend and can smell it from a mile away. While he doesn't like the car, he always enjoys our adventures out and about.

I'm proud I get to come home to Moose every day. I don't know what he went through before he came to me (and I don't want to know), but he's an inspiration!

Meet Kita

Kita has supported and protected Savannah in many different ways while she’s been living far away from her family

Kita is truly the best dog out there. She’s the happiest and friendliest dog. She’s never yet met a dog, person, or any other animal that she doesn’t love.

I live in the UK alone as all my family live in a different country, so having her has brought me so much joy and given me a purpose every single day. Not only that, I get so much exercise and am the healthiest I’ve ever been, all thanks to this cheeky girl.

I will forever be thankful to her

One of her fun quirks is that she doesn’t really run, she hops! When she’s excited or she’s found something fun like a stick or sock, she’ll grab it and hop around. And when she greets other dogs, she goes in paws first to hug their faces.

She’s also incredibly dramatic. She loves to yell if she doesn’t get her way and she yells at other dogs when they aren’t giving her enough attention. Her new favourite thing is pill bugs. She doesn’t want to eat them, she just used her paws to play with them.

The most special thing about her is that she saved me one time. Late one evening, we were walking alone in France due to travel delays, and some man was following us and trying to engage with me, despite my attempts to get him to leave. Although she was only eight months at the time, Kita took the hint and just barked her lungs out at him until he left us alone. He tried to return but she scared him off. I will forever be thankful to her for that evening. She really is the best.

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Meet Rex

Rex brought joy back into Gemma’s life after her mental health suffered while she was in the Army

I got Rex at a very low point in my life. I was in the Army, based down south. I felt very alone and was struggling with my mental health and had a silly attempt at taking some pills.

I truly believe he saved my life

I realised the only thing that gave me any joy was the time I spent around dogs. So, I came across someone looking to rehome Rex and I considered whether I could be the person he needed. I believed I was, and it turns out he was exactly what I needed too.

I truly believe Rex saved my life. Four years on, I’m out of the Army and I have a fiancée who has two kids, so me and Rex are now part of their family.

Meet Guiness

When Caroline suffered a bad injury, her dog Guiness was there to nurture her back to health

In 2012, I had a very bad horse riding accident and was hospitalised. When I could return home my little Guiness hadn't seen me in nearly two weeks, so he knew something was wrong.

He wasn't too pushy for fusses or cuddles and wouldn’t get under my feet like he used to. For weeks, he would walk behind me and follow me up the stairs, just to make sure I was always ok. Once, when I did need help, he ran to get my mother by barking at her and leading her towards me.

Guiness has always kept a smile on my face

If he hadn’t looked after me so well and kept me entertained, I don't think I'd have been so quick to recover. I wanted to get better so I could take him for walks again, or even to local dog shows. Guiness has always kept a smile on my face with all his quirks, and I’ll be forever grateful for having a smart and protective companion to look out for me.

Nowadays, I'm all healed and Guiness has turned into a grumpy old man! He has to have a morning nap and be fed on his schedule with no room for lateness – but he’ll always be my best boy, no matter what.

Meet Wookie

Elissa’s dog Wookie may be small but, she’s bursting with energy!

Our little Yorkie, Wookie, is the light of our lives. Neither of us had ever had a small dog before, and she has been amazing since the day she came home. Wookie is bold, intelligent, and will walk miles whatever the weather. Even as a tiny, eight-week-old ball of fluff, she immediately wanted to play with our three big cats.

Wookie is truly indefatigable

She will happily wade through the mud or jump into cold water for a swim.Once, she tried to climb a tree to go after a squirrel, and she’s even chased a Muntjac deer – although what she thought would happen if she caught it, I don't know!

Wookie truly is indefatigable. I remember when we went to Mortimer Forest for the day. We walked 11 miles, and when we got home Wookie immediately picked up her ball and wanted to play!

She fills our hearts with happiness every day, and there is nothing better than rambling through the woods with her, watching her sniff, explore andrummage through the hedgerows. It was such a joy to be able to include her in our wedding, back in 2001. She was our ring bearer, and she stole the hearts of everyone there.

Meet Hopper

Carly created a loving home for Spanish rescue Hopper, and now he has a real spring in his step.

We adopted Hopper six months ago. He is a Galgo from Spain and was rescued just before Christmas last year. He was taken to Galga del Sol, a charity I am involved with. After a visit to the vets, an x-ray revealed that his leg had been broken so badly it would need to be amputated.

He has really come out of his shell!

It was touch and go after the surgery, but with intense nursing and care he turned a corner and started to improve. We adopted him officially at the end of March this year. At first, he was really timid and scared of people but over the last six months he has really come out of his shell!

We fundraise for this charity and he comes along with us – he has become a bit of an ambassador in my local area. He now loves attention from people and has become a gorgeous, goofy hound who makes us laugh every day and does not let the disability of missing a leg hold him back at all!

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