Meet Wilfred

Meet Wilfred

Angela is crazy in love with her irreplaceable dog Wilfred.

Wilfred is a howler. If he hears TV theme tunes, anyone clapping or cheering, or basically any music, he’ll start to howl along to it. It all started when he heard the song ‘Single Ladies’ – he sang along and it has just grown from there. Now we only have to say the words ‘single ladies’ and that starts him off!

We only, have to say the words 'single ladies'

His personality is very cheeky – he knows how to wangle a treat out of me and always has the best puppy eyes when food is involved. He’s so friendly, he loves everyone and every other dog.

My favourite thing to do is taking long walks with him. He loves the seaside and visiting new places, and I love to play with him wherever we go.