Meet Buzz

Meet Buzz

Buzz the paddle boarding pug has brought Stuart a lot of street cred.

I’ve had my pug Buzz for over three years now, and I couldn’t have wished for a better first dog to have. I live in Brighton with my family so I go to the beach quite often, and he’s slotted in so nicely to our lives. He likes nothing better than to be by the sea, and unusually for a pug, he is obsessed with playing ball. He even comes paddle boarding with me!

He really is one of the coolest dogs in Brighton, and there’s a lot of competition. Not just Brighton though – he comes with us on all our European road trips, so he’s probably seen more in three years than many dogs see in a lifetime.

He really is one of the coolest dogs in Brighton

More than all of his funny habits and family nicknames (Maggot, The Pug), what really makes him special is his personality. He’s so cheerful and cheeky, and he really brings the family together. We all love taking him for walks, and unlike other family members, there are never any arguments with Buzz!

Since getting him at only eight weeks old, it’s just been so great having him in the family. There’s nothing about him that I’d change.