Meet Rudy

Meet Rudy

India’s Border Terrier Rudy is an old soul with a sociable side – and a special gift.

Rudolph is a little Border Terrier with the personality of an old man! He loves to play, but also loves a cuddle and sleep. My first dog, Buffy, was his best friend and sadly, after Buffy passed at the long old age of 16, Rudy became depressed and we had to gave him plenty of extra love to rehabilitate him.

Rudy loves to smile and stick his tongue out

Rudy pretends he doesn’t like our cats but when they’re alone, all they do is cuddle. He has also made friends with some dogs I walk called Boris and Hamish, who he loves to play with.

Rudy loves to smile and stick his tongue out. He also has an amazing ability to help out with my brother’s epilepsy by showing signs as to when he may have a seizure. He has been a great help to me through my life, with the stress of exams and family issues.

Rudy is always there to talk to, play with or cuddle. He is my world.