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British Dogs

Meet Mac

Mac is constantly making his owner Grace laugh with his hilarious antics

Mac is a two-year-old Golden Retriever and he is the most wonderful boy. He loves toys, especially stuffed animals. His favourites include a shark, a teddy bear, two hedgehogs, two sheep plus many more.

He loves toys, especially stuffed animals

Whenever someone comes to our front door, Mac always greets them witha toy, regardless of whether they want it or not. He’s got such a friendly nature that he insists we say hello to all of the dogs and people we see on our walks. He also adores running, sliding and rolling around outside, particularly when it’s snowy or if he’s near the water.

Working from home has been a strange adjustment but having Mac around has made it so much easier, and he gives me the motivation I need to carry on each day. It’s amazing the difference a happy dog can make to your life. Mac is a bundle of joy.

Meet Dougie

With her hilarious dog Dougie in tow, Sophie can’t get away with much!

Dougie is a young pup in an old dog’s body. If he doesn’t get his way, he goes in a huff and digs up his bed. He also sits and frowns if we stay up later than his bedtime, at which point he’ll try and nudge us upstairs. Then, he’ll follow us into our bedroom and make sure we’re tucked in on our own sides of the bed, before finally retiring to his own!

He goes in a huff

He may have some funny habits, but Dougie is the friendliest dog you’ll ever meet. There’s a stray cat that lives in our area and the two of them have become best friends, which is great as it means we can keep an eye on her and gain her trust.

Dougie can be best described as a good friend, a loyal pup and a massive bed head!


Meet Gibson

Carley loves watching how much Gibson helps the children in her care to feel better

I work in a special needs school and regularly do respite work with children who have severe disabilities and autism. Gibson often comes with me because he’s so gentle, and his easy-going nature helps the pupils to feel calmer and more relaxed.

He’ll join us for long walks around the park, and if one of the children his holding the lead he’ll purposely not pull, just so he doesn’t startle them. He knows that he should always stay close and is so perfectly well-behaved every time.

His easy-going nature helps the pupils

Recently, a child in my care became quite distressed and started crying uncontrollably. Gibson looked concerned, grabbed a toy and lay down with this child until they had calmed down. He even allowed them to stroke his paw which he usually doesn’t enjoy, but I think in this case, he knew how much it was helping.

Gibson is my hero, and I couldn’t ask for a better companion.

Meet Charlie

Kelly wasn’t sure she was ready for another dog – that is, until Charlie bounded into her life.

Charlie came into our lives unexpectedly, after a text came through from a family member who knew how upset I was after losing my dog Bella. Lockdown was tough enough and without my sidekick, I was struggling.

Cute and cheeky Charlie

A change of circumstances meant Charlie faced the prospect of going back to the kennels, which was unideal seeing as he’d been through rescue centre twice already. He came for a visit one Friday night, just for a trial run – and he hasn't left since!

Initially we didn’t feel ready for another dog, but as soon as we saw him, we knew instantly that cute and cheeky Charlie was meant to be a part of our family. He’s so full of love and character, and such a happy dog.

Meet Bryn

Bryn came into Amy’s life when she needed him most, and now she can’t imagine even a day without him

We have a long, emotional story, but I will try to keep it short. I got Bryn when I was going through a bad time personally. My whole world fell apart – job, house and marriage – and he really did keep me living. We soon became inseparable and I began to find myself again. He kept me on my toes with his mischievous ways and made me laugh every day.

Living our best life

In 2015 Bryn was diagnosed with epilepsy (a strange coincidence, as I also have epilepsy). At first I thought I was going to lose him, but after a few weeks of meds, I started to see the old Bryn return. Since then, we’ve been living our best life, climbing mountains, moving out of our old town and eventually getting my dream job working with animals (Bryn comes to work with me!).

In the last couple of years Bryn’s condition has got worse, but I have been so lucky to be able to take him to work with me so I don’t worry about leaving him alone. I very rarely go anywhere without him.

Meet Bibi

Bibi has a hard start in life, but that doesn’t stop her being a ray of sunshine for owner Lisa.

My husband was on Facebook when he came across a post that had been shared about rescue dogs. We saw a picture of Bibi who was found under a bush with seven puppies.

Some kind lady brought her to a shelter in Bulgaria where Bibi nearly died as she was so weak from looking after her puppies. I messaged them to find out if she had found her forever home, which she hadn’t, and then that was it – she was coming to the UK to be loved and cared for with us and our other dog Gunner.

Bibi was like she had been sent from an angel above

Unfortunately we lost Gunner to leukaemia over two years ago but having Bibi was like she had been sent from an angel above! She is absolutely beautiful. She has the most loving personality and has helped me so much with losing my other dog. She loves cuddles and wants to stroked all the time. She is so happy and is amazing considering what she went through.

Only a couple of weeks ago we rescued another gorgeous dog from Bulgaria where we got Bibi from to give her a play friend, which she loves. He was found chained by a wire around his neck and his fur was so long he was unrecognisable. He is now safe with us and Bibi has a play mate!


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