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British Dogs

Meet Lola

After being told that Lola would be too difficult to train, Alannah proved everyone wrong by transforming her into a fully qualified performer

I adopted Lola nine years ago. She was rescued from an Irish puppy farm. Now, she is 11/12 and I adore her.

When I was meeting with the adoption charity, they said I wouldn’t be able to do much with her as she was a beagle. But Lola is now more qualified than I am. She competed at flyball and currently holds the most points for a beagle in the UK. She has completed her Gold Kennel Club. She has certificates for scent detection, tracking and man trailing, but her best skills are tricks. She loves to perform!

She’s more qualified than I am

Lola is totally motivated by food. She will often tell me when she deserves a treat when we are out. She also loves to wrap up under the duvet and at least two blankets. She adores people, especially my dad. This can be embarrassing due to the noise she makes when she sees him, and afterwards she’ll wee with excitement.

Lola is awesome. She has supported me through so much and knows many of my secrets. My relationship broke down just before the pandemic and having Lola made things better.

Meet Bonnie

Patrizia and her sister may not know Bonnie’s history, but one thingthey are sure of is her wonderful personality

My twin sister and I already had two dogs in our family when we recently decided to foster another. She’s called Bonnie and she’s just seven months old. We got her from a charity called Underdog, who rescued her from Romania.

Loves making new friends

We don’t know her breed but whenever we go out people love to guess. Most seem to think she’s some sort of Husky, Lurcher and Terrier mix, but the jury’s still out on that one!

Bonnie has something of a sheepdog mentality, and always tries to herd other dogs together. She’s so sociable and loves making new friends. During the day she’s crazy and energetic, but as soon as it gets dark, she loves nothing more than crashing out and curling up on our laps.


Meet Dudley

With Dudley around, Caroline knows life could never be boring!

Dudley is clever, funny and loves nothing more than to be in the garden with me. Once, he tried to open my green house to run away with the plant pots, which have no chance of surviving if he gets his paws on them.He also has a habit of chewing all my flower heads off!

Run away with the plant pots

He is very affectionate and loves to go on walks, especially with my grandsons, who he is very gentle with. He also enjoys stealing laundry from the washing machine and using it as a chew toy. Dudley has captured our hearts, and always makes everyone around him smile.

Meet Millie

Nick might have rescued Mille from a shelter, but the favour has more than been returned.

Millie came to us from a rescue shelter based in Romania. She's been a positive influence in our lives in from the day we got her, which seems fitting seeing as she was a gift for my wife to celebrate six months of sobriety.

Mille has been my motivation

I live with a chronic illness called Fibromyalgia. Since diagnosis, my general health and mobility has been declining due to pain and fatigue. Millie has been my motivation to become more active and get out of the house every day. It's such a joy to see her having fun, and she's even enabled me to forge new friendships.

My illness isn't going away, but thanks to Millie, my quality of life has improved immeasurably. She's a rescue dog, but really, she rescued me.

Meet Forrest

Forrest picked Danielle up when she was feeling low and transformed her life, even if he does give her a run for her money sometimes…

I had hit rock bottom before I picked up Forest. I felt like I had no purpose in life and he completely saved me. I have never felt a love like it. Getting up and walking with him each morning has been incredible for my mental health and I have loved taking him to all my favourite National Trust spots.

The most loving dog

He loves his walks but is a little bit of a diva in this weather and manages to skirt his way around all the mud and puddles. I love the way he lies down when he sees other dogs coming almost as if he’s ready to pounce and play with them, and also his little squeaks every time he yawns. His walk has been described as more of a strut – cute and he knows it!

His name came from my favourite film, Forrest Gump, and we have had many a laugh shouting ‘run Forrest run!’ while working on his off-the-lead training.

He’s very foxy looking and it’s been so funny hearing everyone walk past him and gasp about how much he looks like one. He’s the best thing to every happen to me. Without a doubt he saved my life and I’m already so excited to take him on many more adventures.

Meet Minnie

Despite her difficult start in life, Minnie has continued to thrive ever since Debby rescued her from Romania

My little dog is such a brave star and quite deservedly has a big fan club of schoolchildren. They can't wait to gather round and fuss her when I go to our village school to collect my five-year-old grandson.

She sits like a little angel and patiently enjoys all the stroking and oohs and aahs from the boys and girls. One mum was thrilled when her little girl stroked Minnie as she usually has a terrible fear of dogs, so well done to Minnie for being so lovely!

Minnie learned to be brave as a tiny puppy as she was born at the side of a motorway and one of her siblings was actually killed by the traffic. Fortunately, Minnie and her mum were saved and taken to a rescue shelter in Romania, which was safe but rather bleak and cold.

She was born at the side of a motorway

I had been considering a rescue dog for a while and I just knew this little pup was the one for me. Once again, Minnie had to be brave as she spent three days travelling in a small crate from Romania to the UK in January. It must have been gruelling despite the love and care from the marvellous volunteers at the charity.

Since her ordeal, Minnie has blossomed into the sweet, cuddly, gentle, funny and friendly little darling that she is now. She is so funny when she is on her sock-stealing missions. She thinks she’s so clever but she just looks hilarious as she dashes away on her tiny little Queen Anne legs with a pair of socks flapping in her mouth!

She has also started spinning round and round at 100 miles an hour, trying to catch her bushy squirrel tail! And yes, she is a funny shape – a bit of a hairy sausage with stumpy legs and the fluffiest curly tail. But she is a bundle of love and the best little friend anyone could ever want.


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