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British Dogs

Meet Juno

Lee couldn’t be without his assistance dog, Juno, who’s as loving andloyal as they come

This is Juno, my husband, Lee's, Hearing Assistance Dog. Lee became Deaf at a young age. He has had many difficulties throughout his life, struggling with things most of us take for granted. When Juno came along two years ago, she changed his world forever.

She changed his world

She was given to us by Hearing Dogs for Deaf People and is trained to help in so many ways. Juno can alert Lee to the doorbell, alarm clock and the smoke alarm amongst other things. She's also a fantastic emotional support and such a loving dog. Of course, that’s not to say she doesn’t have a cheeky side – Juno has a particular fondness for stealing socks and underwear!

When she's not working, she enjoys cuddles and playtime with her favourite tennis ball. We love Juno and would be so lost without her in our lives.

Meet Percy

Owner Paul has always enjoyed listening to Percy’s musical talents, and clearly he is not the only one!

Percy is a singer. He has several favourite tunes, but his go-to is A Kind of Magic by Queen. No matter where he is, he can't control himself, if he hears this song he must sing to it!

Singing at the top of his voice

A couple of years ago, we were on holiday in the south of France, and found a pub we liked to go to every evening. One night, Queen came on the jukebox and Percy was away, singing, or more correctly, howling, at the top of his voice – much to the amusement of the guests.

The bar owner cottoned on to this, so every evening at the same time he would turn on the jukebox and Percy would do his thing. One night, there was a Karaoke competition. Needless to say, Percy took center stage – which was an upside down beer barrel with a microphone placed in front of it – and started singing at the top of his voice. He attracted quite a crowd and won by a mile, and afterwards became somewhat of a local celebrity!


Meet Orrin

Mandy adores the way Orrin takes care of everyone around him

Orrin is my rock. I suffer from panic attacks and whenever I feel one coming on, he’s always there to ground me until I have it under control. He’s also a blood donor and has saved many lives over the years. My dog is so compassionate, he’ll care for anyone who needs him.

One night, we were called to the vets as they needed blood urgently. When we arrived they were very busy, so we sat quietly in a corner and waited. We saw a distressed lady come in with her ill dog. The nurses all rushed to the dog and left the lady alone, so Orrin went up to her and quietly put his head in her lap until she calmed down a little. He came back over to me eventually, but I could tell he was keeping his eye on her the whole time.

He’ll care for anyone who needs him

A little while later, the same thing happened with someone else and again, Orrin made it his mission to make sure they were ok. Everyone in the vets soon started to realise what he was doing and some of the staff even had tears in their eyes.

After he gave blood, he refused to leave until we’d checked on the two people he’d helped. Orrin truly is my very special boy.

Meet Dotty and Mo

Johanna thought that life with her dog Dotty couldn’t get any better, but the arrival of Mo proved that you can never have enough puppy love!

We have had Dotty the Cockerpoo since she was eight weeks old, and I can honestly say she has made me laugh daily for 11 years! She is a great guard dog, barking at any potential murderer that might walk past the house (who'd have known little old ladies and postmen were such a threat) even though she would only lick them to death. One tickle of the tummy and she is anyone's! If you approach her when she's lay down she raises her paws for a tummy tickle.

She used to be so fast! I'd let her off her lead and off she'd go! Twice she has walked away from the house unseen and taken herself to the field where I walk her! She's old and poorly now, and is very slow and less agile. But she still 'smiles' when I get in from work and puts her arms round my neck for a cuddle. Her favourite thing is - food!

They complete our family

Dreading when she can no longer have a good life we recently rescued a Romanian dog, Mo. He is so naughty but so cute! He is the only dog Dotty has ever had to compete with, and she is usually jealous of other dogs getting my attention – but not with Mo! He is the cuddliest dog and sits so close to you, if not on you, the whole time. They play together so it's nice company for Dot, and she keeps Mo in his place.

A house is not a home without a dog. When they went to be groomed the house was eerily silent and felt wrong. They complete our family and provide good therapy for my daughter who suffers from extreme anxiety. Dogs give unconditional love and their faces are so expressive. They know if they're being told off, they know what to do to get a treat. They are bonkers, like us, and I would not be without my special little guys.

Meet Harry

Harry the Cocker Spaniel fills Diane’s days with love and happiness

I used to be my mum’s carer, and after she passed away, I found myself totally lost. Not long after, we adopted Harry from Dogs Trust, and I found my purpose again.

Harry fills my days with fun and laughter

Harry fills my days with fun and laughter. He’s a Cocker Spaniel who is so loving and gentle. Even if I’ve just gone to put the bins out, he greets me as if I’ve beenaway for weeks when I return. He loves being tickled, and stays close by your side if you’re ill or feeling down. He is the loyal companion that I couldn’t be without, and it’s a pleasure waking up to his smiling face every day.

Meet Macy

Lucinda is so proud of the way Macy is helping others to cope during lockdown

Macy is a very special Labrador. She was once an unwanted delinquent puppy, but as soon as I met her, I knew we shared a special connection. She still has issues from her past and can scare easily, but together we’vedeveloped her confidence and now she has a unique way of communicating with me.

I suffer from a debilitating hearing condition called Hyperacusis and it makes everyday life difficult. Macy has learnt to alert me to sounds that she knows will affect me. She stays by my side no matter what.

She’s helped so many people and their pets

Throughout lockdown, Macy has worked with me to provide free training tips and exercises that people can do at home with their dogs. She’s helped so many people and their pets to stay motivated during this time.

At 11 years old, Macy is showing no signs of slowing down. She’s always agreat foster sibling to the rescue dogs we look after and cares deeply not just for her family, but for all those around her.


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