Meet Greg Rutherford, Murphy and Gus

Meet Greg Rutherford, Murphy and Gus

Hi there! You might know me from my Super Saturday exploits at London 2012, when I long jumped my way to Olympic gold – or from the Strictly dancefloor! What you might not know about me is my love of dogs, particularly my two buddies Murphy the labrador and Gus the husky.

I first got Murphy and his brother Dexter, who is sadly no longer with us, back in 2007. My career wasn’t going particularly well then, but I’d come home from a hard day’s training and they were always happy to see me no matter what. If you've had a really bad day and all you’ve got is this soppy-looking, waggy-tailed dog in front of you, it really can lift your mood.

It was the same six years later. After having such a great year in 2012, 2013 went really badly for me, and funnily enough it coincided with me getting Gus. I’d ruptured one of my hamstrings, so I decided I was going to get a new dog. Straight away I just felt better. It was just little things like training the dogs helped me with. Whenever I trained in the woods, they were there and they’d run with me. I’m one of those dog owners who has conversations with them. I bounce ideas off them and always get the same response, which is a kind of blank look, and at times you need that!

For me, having
dogs creates the
perfect family

Having the dogs has also really benefitted my two young sons growing up. Things like learning how to care for an animal, and feeding and walking them, are really important from a young age. I think all those little life lessons are really useful when growing up. With Gussy in particular, my oldest loves throwing a ball for him. They both absolutely love the dogs, especially giving them strokes and carrots. My children are half feral now anyway, and often you can see Gus trotting next to them in the garden – the dogs are so patient with the kids.

For me, having dogs creates the perfect family. It’s what I always wanted. I’ve also got cats, ducks and chickens. Gus likes to chase one of the cats because she always tells him off, but he never bothers the ducks!

That’s my dog story, so why not tell us yours!