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British Dogs

Meet Bourneville

Tihany’s four-legged companion and best friend, Bourneville, is always around to make her smile

Bourneville is the best thing to ever happen to me. Every morning when I’m baking, he sits patiently waiting for a crumb to fall or for me to give him my leftover ingredients. He’s so funny and very clumsy, and he’s always tripping over his own paws.

He’s so funny and very clumsy

He considers every dog he meets his friend, no matter who they are. Not only is Bourneville the most affectionate dog there is, but he’s also stunning, thanks to his beautiful brown fur. We named him after chocolateof the same colour!

Meet Ace

When Peter first brought him home, Ace was a little uncertain about life with his new family – but he soon settled right in.

We rescued Ace from a British-run dog home out in Cyprus. He was a street dog and had been found by a lovely Cypriot family, after being shot and left for dead by an unknown person. They took him to a vet who had to remove multiple pellets, and it was touch and go for a while. Luckily, he recovered well and they cared for him until he was fit and healthy. Then, they took him to the dog home so that he could find his forever family.

When Ace finally arrived in the UK, he was hungry, tired and scared after his long journey, but bribing him with some cooked chicken helped me to win him over! I brought him home and in the morning he met our two young children for the first time – and he was terrified. It took him a few days to venture out of his dog crate.

He now adores the children and his new home

After a month of being loved and treated like the prince that he is, Ace became braver and started going on walks with my wife and I when the kids were in bed. Almost two years on and he now adores the children and his new home with our family. We take him on lots of walks around the village, as well as further afield. He is a very loving and devoted dog, who likes nothing more than to snuggle on the sofa where he falls asleep instantly, snoring like a freight train!

He was named Ace by our eldest, who’s a six-year-old superhero fan. Apparently, in the original comics, Batman had a rescue dog named Ace! A perfect name for our perfect dog.


Meet Dobby

Mark’s dog Dobby has many quirky habits that bring his family endless joy

Dobby is a Whippet and Italian greyhound cross who always makes us laugh. He enjoys stealing people’s socks, running very fast around Chesterracecourse and pinching our toast, but what he loves most is climbing intothe basket of warm washing after it has been tumble dried.

He enjoys stealing people’s socks

He has made a real difference to our family life during the pandemic. My daughter has always wanted a dog and he has provided her so much comfort over the last six months, helping her to get out and exercise and stay positive. He can be a little over enthusiastic at times, but that’s just part of his charm.

Meet Wolfie

Wolfie has brightened up Tatiana’s life with his playfulness and friendliness, and he has even helped her to make the office a happier place!

We rescued Wolfie six months ago, and since then he has made our life so much better and happier. Wolfie is perfectly trained, super intelligent and has managed to learn six new tricks even though he is an old dog! He is sensational at the park and we often get stopped because people want to say hello and take pictures of him. He even comes with me to work and is our office pet.

Everyone that meets him loves him

He also has the cheekiest but funniest personality. You would never guess that he’s 10 years old, and everyone that meets him loves him. He adores playing with all dogs in the park and sometimes forgets how big he is – it’s so funny seeing him play with a tiny puppy!

He is affectionate and loves children, and has made our little family so much happier.

Meet Bowie

Bowie has a huge heart and a kind soul, and the effect he’s had on Carina’s life is nothing short of transformative.

Bowie is a ‘Huskador’ – his mum was a Siberian Husky and his dad was a chocolate Labrador. Bowie has chocolate fur with a Husky tail and ruff around his neck and chest. He also has one brown eye and one blue eye!

I got him after my daughter took her puppy, who had been living with me, back to live with her after the first lockdown. There was a huge empty space in our lives, which Bowie has filled for us all.

Has even learned to kiss on command

He has quite the fan club going in the village where we live. It’s not surprising, given he has so many adorable traits – like when he barks and it sounds like he’s shouting 'Hello' at us and our cat! He’s got such a gentle nature that he never barks at other dogs, doesn't chase cats and has even learned to kiss on command.

I’ve had two spinal surgeries, and this in addition to lockdown meant I stopped going on walks. Since Bowie is always keen to go out and explore, he’s succeeded in getting me out for walks up to three times a day!

Meet Pickle

Pickle has helped Haelee through a tough time, bringing laughter into her life and even into her office!

Pickle was the last one in her litter, but even if we had an option we would always have gone for her. She is absolutely the one!

She has never left my side

She has brought a life to the family and she makes home ‘home’. She recently has helped me to go through the loss of my dad. She has never left my side and has always been the bouncy social butterfly jumpy Pickle.

We can also take her to the office, where she is helping me to get through this difficult time with my colleagues. I cannot love her enough!


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