Meet Bobby

Meet Bobby

Shirley loves to spoil Bobby with beach walks and buggy rides

Bobby is such a happy, spoilt dog. He loves going for a walk – he gets so excited that he comes up to us with his lead in his mouth, meaning it is time to go. He also likes riding in the pet-mobile (his dog pushchair) if we’re going on a particularly long outing. My daughter has a Chihuahua who keeps Bobby company. We do get some strange looks when we’re pushing them both around!

Bobby is such a happy, spoilt dog

Bobby also enjoys sleep a lot. Nowadays I normally have to carry him up to bed - his days of jumping around are gone. I love cycling with Bobs in the basket along the seafront, and stopping off for a walk on the beach and a paddle in the sea.

It’s been happy days since I got Bobs, he’s my best mate! He’s such a faithful dog and follows me everywhere.