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British Dogs

Meet Ace

When Peter first brought him home, Ace was a little uncertain about life with his new family – but he soon settled right in.

We rescued Ace from a British-run dog home out in Cyprus. He was a street dog and had been found by a lovely Cypriot family, after being shot and left for dead by an unknown person. They took him to a vet who had to remove multiple pellets, and it was touch and go for a while. Luckily, he recovered well and they cared for him until he was fit and healthy. Then, they took him to the dog home so that he could find his forever family.

When Ace finally arrived in the UK, he was hungry, tired and scared after his long journey, but bribing him with some cooked chicken helped me to win him over! I brought him home and in the morning he met our two young children for the first time – and he was terrified. It took him a few days to venture out of his dog crate.

He now adores the children and his new home

After a month of being loved and treated like the prince that he is, Ace became braver and started going on walks with my wife and I when the kids were in bed. Almost two years on and he now adores the children and his new home with our family. We take him on lots of walks around the village, as well as further afield. He is a very loving and devoted dog, who likes nothing more than to snuggle on the sofa where he falls asleep instantly, snoring like a freight train!

He was named Ace by our eldest, who’s a six-year-old superhero fan. Apparently, in the original comics, Batman had a rescue dog named Ace! A perfect name for our perfect dog.

Meet Bruno

Cleaning just got a whole lot easier now that Lucie has Bruno in her life!

Bruno was a rescue dog from a family who couldn't give him the love and time he needed. He was born with only one eye – he doesn't let that hold him back though, and he can run as fast as any other dog. He's wary of strangers and new environments, but once he gains your trust, he's the sweetest, most lovable dog I know.

He loves to play games like hide-and-seek and chase. And he loves to learn new tricks, too. He loves to crunch on all fruits and vegetables. As soon as hears the vegetable drawer in the fridge open, he dashes to get a treat!

He's the sweetest, most lovable dog I know

The most amazing thing about him is that if you spill or drop something edible in the kitchen, you just need to shout "clean up team". No matter where he is in the house or garden, he will come dashing in to find you and will lick it up immediately. If he can't see it straight away, just point and he will find it.

He is the most amazing dog I have ever met and my family and I would be lost without him.


Meet Zeus

Zeus has been through so much himself that he knows just how to help Sandra through the dark times.

My boy is amazing. Three years ago, he went for routine op and sadly became very ill and near death. Through all the treatment he had, he survived and stayed loving, and now we have diagnosed a haemophiliac dog.

That dog has saved my life

His life has changed, but he's the most loving, happy dog. Every day, I wake up to him wagging his tail because he’s so pleased to see me. He has helped me during the worst times – I lost my brother during lockdown and also had a heart op, but that dog has saved my life.

The strength he has to be happy and to go through so much being so ill means I couldn't wish for a better dog. He’s my life. Bless him.

Meet Puds

Even though things haven’t always been smooth, Roma knew almost instantly that Puds was going to fit right into her family.

After our beloved Westie sadly died, we knew we needed to get another dog. Having done a lot of research, we decided to give a retired Greyhound a home.

We went to visit the kennels to take some of the resident Greyhounds for a walk. Just as we were leaving, we felt as though we were being watched. Through the bars was this sad face looking at us with huge brown eyes. We couldn’t resist turning back and taking her for a walk.

I feel so proud of her!

As we walked, Puds suddenly stopped in her tracks and wouldn’t go any further. Confused, my daughter and I realised that she was waiting for my disabled husband to catch up. Of course, we knew there and then she was the one.

The lovely people at the kennels said that when we saw her, she had only been back for half an hour after a week’s unsuccessful placement. Talk about it being meant to be!

We brought her home a year ago now, and it hasn’t been plain sailing – it’s taken time to teach her that other dogs aren’t the enemy (or her lunch!) – but I feel so proud of her when she sits calmly and plays with other dogs.

She loves her cuddles, sleeps at the bottom of our daughter’s bed and is a brilliant personal trainer. She has enriched our lives and is a perfect example of how great it can be to give a dog a second home, even if they aren’t a puppy anymore.

Meet Buster

Kirsty didn’t anticipate how much work it would be to take care of Buster – but more importantly, she could never have dreamed of the positive influence he would bring into her life.

We got Buster from a breeder when he was just nine months old. The breeder didn’t warn us of how nervous Buster gets around new dogs and new situations. Being the first time I have looked after a dog on my own this was quite overwhelming but I didn’t want to give up on Buster as he has such a kind heart and so much love to give. He just needed the right guidance in certain situatio

Since we adopted Buster we have worked so hard with him and a trainer to start to get him more confident in these situations. I expected to work hard and I expected there to be highs and lows – but what I never expected was how much I would learn from Buster.

Has taught me patience and perseverance

Buster has taught me patience and perseverance in his training. He has taught me to accept flaws and love unconditionally. Most importantly, he has taught me to take everything one step at a time and to be happy and celebrate the small accomplishments.

Busters favourite thing to do is to play fetch and train with his toys. He is very toy-motivated and will do pretty much anything for a tennis ball! When he’s is at home, he spends his days sitting at the window watching the squirrels or on his back snoozing on the sofa. He absolutely loves human attention and is a sucker for a belly rub!

Buster really is a special dog. He was much more than I bargained for and requires lots of work, but I don’t think I could imagine a world without him anymore. We tackle problems together, and it’s so rewarding watching him overcome his fears.

Meet Blade

Blade the adorable Bullmastiff always makes sure Evan and his fiancé are happy and safe

Blade came into our lives when he was just 17 weeks old. We chose a Bullmastiff because we knew they had a strong character and good temperament, and Blade did not disappoint. He fit right into our little family, offering us endless laughs and slobbery kisses!

Snores like a tractor and eats like a horse

Everyone that meets Blade falls head over heels for him. He has so many funny quirks, like sitting and staring at the security camera we have for our house. When he recognises someone on the screen, he gets so excited that he runs straight to the door so he can greet them with a little dance.

Blade snores like a tractor and eats like a horse, but I wouldn’t change him for the world. He’s so loving and loyal, and loves to shower us with his adorable affection. My husband-to-be suffers with a disorder called Cluster Headaches, which can be distressing for him. Blade is so intuitive, he knows when an attack is imminent and will put his head on my partner’s knee, sitting with him until he’s calmed down. Blade is our very own super hero.


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